Ongoing XenoBot Bugs & Suggestions 2 5 Travel Routes 2 9/18 Yalahar 3 1 23/23 Liberty Bay 13/13 Svargrond 2 12/12 Darashia 4 1 15/15 Ankrahmun 2 2 15/15 Edron 13/13 Venore 2 16/16 Port Hope 1 1 13/13 Thais 9/11 Last Door Ideas Dropping Vials & Gold 3 Loot checking optimizations 2 Add a "Equip Always" option to rings. Deposit loot before logging out Handle logout options on start HUD milestone 3 1 Add a way to re-reach the shop in-case you were pushed away. Haste while refilling /reload Anti Kill-Steal 7 2 Dynamic Supply Checking Config option for loot backpacks Screenshots & Alarms 2.0 Compile a new monster loot list 1 Gray Island 2 Zao 2 1/15 Rathleton Carlin Gnome Base Kazordoon Ab'dendriel Yalahar 2.0 2 Bug Reports huntcheck labels are taking a very long time, usually takes 5-20 minutes to begin doing this When withdrawing potions from the depot, we never sell/depot flasks so we have enough capacity to do so. There's an issue with withdrawing spears from the depot .. equipping as many as your capacity will allow, no cap remaining to buy supplies HUD stops recording data after 10-20 minutes Replace all travel route stands with variable stands (boat captain is on the exact stand) Depositor bugged when reaching a container "Returning to town" is posted to the user each huntcheck, even if we already posted the message to the user. Edron Vampire Crypt, buying GFBs in Venore, gets stuck at Venore NPC Getting roped out of Port Hope Swamp Trolls Next Up Lion's Rock Teleporter Screenshots & Alarms Weapon Switcher Finish remaining things for the daisy chains 1/4 HUD milestone 2 5