In Progress Performance & Security Improvements Privacy features Up Next Add ORCID account linking to settings page Implement redesign of article landing page RW Add ORCID of authors/depositors to metadata record EK Add facet for license to CORE EK Implement typeahead in facets so that users don't have to keep clicking through them. Allow users to embed items deposited in CORE on their blog / web site Allow users to deposit content they add elsewhere on the Commons (blog posts etc.) to CORE. 2 Suggest groups for sharing to user based on subject categories with which they tag their deposit Implement fuller integration with ORCID so that profiles are auto-filled with publications from ORCID record Custom lifecycle notifications On Deck Work towards open-source theme based on BP Nouveau Allow users to log in with institutional e-mail (InCommon) Enable sending of monthly e-mail with download statistics to CORE depositors Use the SHERPA/ROMEO API to incorporate automatic lookup of a journal/publisher during deposit process. Begin upgrade to Fedora 4 Investigate possibility of journal publishing with CORE Streamline the groups interface Done Upgrade to SOLR 6 and create full-text extraction Jul 17 Implement Elastic Search on and networks Jul 31 Finalize preparation of CAA Commons Aug 4 Create editor and translator metadata fields Jun 30 Show Notes field on Item page in CORE Jun 30 Allow society members and HC members on a case-by-case basis to add iframes to their sites to embed content. Aug 15 Add CV upload to profile Oct 31 Add convention groups for CAA, ASEEES Nov 10 Add additional society Commons (private beta) Nov 15 Suggest groups, members, and material in CORE to users based on academic interests Nov 30 RW Allow users to reply to posts on the Commons by e-mail Nov 30 RW Improve UX in forums Nov 30 Improve e-mail digests Dec 15 Allow users to search within forums 1 Dec 15 Allow users to edit CORE metadata after submission Dec 15 EK Add social sharing options to deposit confirmation page Dec 15