About This Roadmap READ THIS FIRST 1 Join the forum, ask any question! 3 Start hacking with us! 1 Our fame comes from your social presence! 2 Near Term (next 3 months) Historical energy usage overview 7 Integration with Homey 14 1 1 1/3 Positioning of wearables using information from multiple Crownstones and sending it through the mesh to the Crownstone cloud server. 5 Incorporating location of smartphones and wearables within the same app. 3 Medium Term (next 6-9 months) Integration with IFTTT 16 Integration with Google Home 7 Integration with Nest 7 Integration with Arduino 4 1 Integration with Bluetooth Low Energy thermostatic radiator valves to achieve zoned heating. 1 1 A beautiful separate (free) app to easily make any light a wakeup light 2 Long term Integration with MQTT 5 1 Integration with Philips Hue 11 Integration with Apple Homekit 12 Integration with OpenHAB 6 Integration with Domoticz 10 Integration with Harmony Hub 1 Integration with HomeWizard 1 Integration with Eclipse SmartHome 1 Integration with EnOcean wireless switches. Can be put anywhere and does not need a battery! 2 1 1 Developer-driven Features As developers we have also a list of features we like to have. Vote here for the pet projects and pet peeves of Alex, Bart, Dominik, Marc, Peet, and Anne! Improved indoor localization: quicker, more accurate and less battery usage! 8 Link devices together for if this, then that for crownstones without even needing your phone in between! 6 Presets to quickly set the mood! Introduce the option to not use a Cloud at all but run everything from a phone! 2 Introduce an user choice between responsiveness and battery consumption 1 Make sure new users in your sphere do not need to train the room level localization! 1 Integration with the LoPy to bridge to LoRa and WiFi simultaneously. 1 Done (or in staging) Making positioning better and better, using all means available, even the Ubertooth. 2 1 Use the Crownstone as a timer (tijdschakelaar) 6 Sending a notification message depending on someone's position 2 Leave fun messages in particular rooms for your loved ones to receive as soon as they enter! 1 Dimming lights! 6 Improve battery life! 1 Integration with Alexa 4 1 Integration with Toon (will be done with Olisto) 3