Ideas/Wanted Co-op mode for multiplayer Make the starting building more interesting Make the empty space more interesting in the map Particles Lighting Mac Support Global Wall Toggle Achievements Translation support Naming staff Make steamworks optional Readd fullscreen mode Planned Female office worker model Female janitor model More control over student spawning Room Settings Registration Filtering More Flowers Student class animations Mod loading Speed options Campaign Mode More Music Research Notification Improvements Show on room tooltips if the room is understaffed Add more detailed spending stats Show what objects are blocking a building from being removed Move placement errors to a tooltip Show news posts in-game Cloud Saving Implement button prompts for actions Bugs BUG: Cafe doesn't sync plates when loading in BUG: Unused texture unloading Working on Improve models in general 1 Make it easier to tell Staff and Students apart Scheduling Completed for Next Update BUG: Inner walls with path inside them break on reload Completed UI Improvements BUG: Fullscreen mode is generally buggy, think about removing in favor of borderless mode. Improve handling of idle tasks e.g. toilets Idle rooms no longer warn about missing staff Editing an idle room breaks it until a reload BUG: FXAA is broken on Intel Windows drivers BUG: Possible for doors to jump walls on load and cause a crash Cafe/Snack stops give too much money Moving staff out of the staff room doesn't free space in the room In-Game clock/time 1 Show on rooms what staff are required 1 Make notifications more noticable 1 Warn when a room doesn't have the required staff 1 Move the edit room option from right click 2 1 BUG: Staff won't ask for raises more than once BUG: The hire price of staff is wrong during placement Pause screen effect 1 UI Scaling options 1 Focus the room being edited better 1 Theme building related UI differently to the rest 1 Label Inspectors/VIPs/etc in game 1 BUG: Doors don't highlight in edit mode BUG: Missing staff notifications should disappear if the room gets a staff member BUG: Crash reports tend to overwrite each other Tag builds with the steam buildID Move stats over to using the new vars system Should use wrapping math for integers in the rule system Entity Properties/State aren't cleared for idle scripts Rooms don't save entities in the right order Dropping and cleaning trash 1 Student random events BUG: Some students seem to miss all lessons BUG: Students seem to be leaving early when a save is loaded 1 BUG: No way to cleanly shutdown the dedicated server Improve door types 1 Optimize memory allocations