Hi There! Balena's public roadmap 1 Send us ideas and feature requests! Ideas & Requests Feel free to send your ideas to hello@balena.io ! SAML Single Sign On Support for the Dashboard 6 Enable volume/data backups of devices in balenaCloud 1 git submodules 5 1 Auto-mount external USB storage drives in OS if they have a specific label 3 Support "env_file" directive in docker-compose.yml 6 Integration with AWS IoT 5 Microcontroller support 5 Remote Network (re)Configuration from Dashboard 4 Preload containers in OS images in the cloud 2 Integration with Google IoT 2 Integration with Azure IoT 3 app store 4 Update Download Strategies 3 Signed Containers 2 Signed Boot 2 HostOS service that allows for easy configuration of network 5 Persistent volume on the builder per user. Improve build cache 2 Add wifi connect as a service on OS host 1 balenaOS on servers (EC2) balenaOS on servers (GCP) 1 preloaded testing container supervisor API to determine the update payload size 1 Committed Notifications & Webhooks 14 release experimental "nightly" OS builds for all device types. 1 Optional increase of Log Retention 2 Make balenaCloud an Oauth Provider. 1 Fleet Metrics 6 CVE vulnerability scanning on releases 3 Preload unmanaged balenaOS HostApp 9 multi-App 3 Configure Networking at Download 2 Audit Logging of Users and Devices 2 Batch applying Env Vars 4 Scoped API keys Watchdog for GSM modems 1 Configurable 7th partition on the OS Dependent Devices 2 Soft delete devices 1 update lock for HostOS updates In Progress (Code) ESR: Extended Support Release OS Deploy from a Github repository 2 Online Device status that is independent of VPN connectivity 2 Automatic OS rollbacks on failure 6 2 Custom domains for device URLs 8 Organisation and Team Management 2 1 2/5 Balena Deltas as default 1 Generate deltas during build 6 hostOS updates for "development" images 1 Released Self service account deletion Release Management UI 12 1 4/4 Cross Platform CLI installer 1 Build secrets and variables 10 1 `balena push` command 1 4/4 Enable builder to pull from users private registries 9 supervisor API v2 Local Mode development for Multicontainer applications 7 Allow the addition of custom udev rules to the hostOS 1 openBalena (open source server) 4 Automated Device and User Billing OS unification Jun 30 1 Group HostOS updates Balena Fin Jun 30 Inactive Devices 4 Samsung ARTIK 530s and 533s Jun 30 Release tags Jun 11 1 Architecture specific Applications. Allowing mixing of device types in an app Jun 11 1 Banana Pi M1 4/4 OrangePi Plus2 board May 21