Next update Alpha 9 46 41 Overhaul feature system 9 1 Start off renting 81 8 Overhaul plot system 1 Revenue cut for licensed software 75 4 Multiple roles per employee 4 1 Save breaking updates ^ 17 8 Control subsidiary releases 5 Area picker 110 12 Balance construction costs and bills 24 12 Alpha 10 25 33 Conferences 127 9 Crowdfunding 130 4 Software release expectancy 67 2 Updates/Expansions 164 15 Product subscription service 94 10 More employee interaction 56 4 Quality addition and license price from a need should depend on time 53 3 High priority Discounts 63 8 Hack events 161 25 Ability to move wall corners after the room is built 48 1 Blend employee walk and idle animation based on mood 21 2 Steam integration 101 1/4 8 Dynamic software popularity 35 4 Any role if necessary 66 6 Add static content to mods 21 Humility 43 6 Employee fame 71 8 Employee experience with software type should have bonus effect 59 1 Scenario descriptions and mod meta 12 Add snoring 18 Modable wall and floor textures 25 1 Meeting/leader tutorial 47 2 Multiple founders 86 8 Player outsourcing deals 52 2 Mentors 47 DRM on servers 75 11 Multiselect actions for own releases 11 Project successes should affect employee pay demands 33 4 Switch to ordered hashsets for thoughts 3 Finish localization system 26 3/6 2 Put market settings window in new game screen 18 2 Work item boost dilemmas 13 3 Dust and trash 42 4 Medium priority Make overall product stat window 52 1 Overhaul savegame window 17 2 Event company action, e.g. go bankrupt, buyout company X, etc. 67 5 Thunder and rain 49 14 Small tasks for rewards 24 4 Special roles 73 10 Use decimal for money 34 2 OS exclusivity 75 4 Low priority Add footstep sfx 16 1 Mod package editor 34 Software and company editor 52 5 Random name editor 18 1 Personality editor 21 Event editor 18 Save your company and replay 58 8 UML minigame in design document 45 3 1 Done Add environment audio slider 14 Subsidiaries 59 11 Development, support, marketing and review overhaul 77 15/15 18 Physical distribution for player 36 5 Fix distribution channels 63 16 Use in-development operating systems 50 5 Alpha 8 21 5 Set employee nickname 32 3 Value tooltip when hovering over chart knot 2 Overhaul parking and cars 50 6/6 11 Furniture modding 34 8 Implement canteen 88 9/9 6 Cubicle wall 42 4 Birds 11 Building import/export 23 2 Give leaders a boost if they have their own office 55 8 Update tutorials 5 3/3 1 Expand on software and features 62 18 More control over HR management 57 4/4 6 Copy furniture arrangement 6 Outdoor areas 12 Software porting 88 8 Feature patents and research 24 15/15 3 Add panel to furniture build buttons 4 3 Remember original IP inventor 6 2 Make needs depend on features 18 4/4 3 Alpha 7 13 11 Design and dev phase mini games 10 5/5 4 Software categories 18 14/14 2 Rename software before release 7 2/2 5 Reputation split 3 9/9 Role specific computers addons 20 4/4 Set custom price 46 3/3 12 Work item priority 4 Cloud opacity based on camera proximity 3 Software hype 5 1 More teams per work item 38 5/5 6 Switch to calculating actual numbers sold 21 5/5 2 Boost sales at christmas 33 3 Alpha 6 Central heating and AC 18 11/11 1 Alpha 6 cleanup 5 5/5 2 Hidden dropdow below money 3 Revamp hiring mechanic 2 8/8 Keep track of used words in name generator 7 Ability to rotate/mirror cloned rooms 13 1 Time period based quality on computers 10 Revamp building system 7 17/17 Alpha 5 1 Different map themes 8 4/4 4 Info window for autodev work items 6 3 Auto post marketing for autodev 4 Fallback server system 11 5 Sequels for autodev 10 2 Close all open windows 3 1 Ability to see products in development 5 1 Save window sizes 13 1 Work item filter 1 Get mac version on Steam 10 3 Reception for deals/contracts/resumes 10 5/5 1 Popularity of products released on an OS should have an effect on its popularity 15 Completely overhaul stocks 6 5/5 2 Simulated company dev time should depend on quality 2 2 Alpha 4 2 Redo complaint dialog 4 Fix staff issues 5 3/3 1 Assign staff to rooms 4 3 Add employee portraits 5 Handle contract age period and features better 2 Make people wait at bus stop 4 Car pooling 1 Room cloning 6 2 Put back contract result breakdown 1 Fix quality calculation 2 Try to speed up grid pathfinding using an array 1 Fix scope 1 1 Decrease releases 6 Rebalance bugs 1 3 Furniture aura 1 Bookshelves Waiting chairs Wall screen TV 2 Wall lamp 5 Couch 4 1 Enable multiple users for one piece of furniture Enable furniture that doesn't fit in a single cell 1 Fix pathfinding 1 Localization 1 Time slider 4 More liberal room support algorithm Servers should heat up room 4 Grey out unused specialization in chart Add hint box to fast forward button on first day Pause after loading a save game 2 Visualize employee effectiveness affectors Employee thought bubbles 1 Build mode shortcut Youtube evaluation 1 10/10 Fix customization screen Contract time should begin once work has begun 1 Disable ondestroy for all objects on application exit level close Update before Steam Drag to change plot size Limit bus passengers Expand on coffee mechanic Table plant Bigger floor plant Table lamp Last car fixes Alpha 3 Update build mode 1 4/4 Road building and parking 2 13/13 1 Alpha 2 Update tutorials 5/5 Add mod correctness handling Override flag for software type Specializations 10/10 Remove ability system Make reputation system discrete Content lock Ability to take products off the market Option to throw away current autodev project 1 Disable making sequels to products there are already sequels to 3 Make vital option for features Set static simulation date and enable changing start date Overhaul message system More advanced finance overview for own company 1 Add exception handling and messages to mod loading code Wage negotiation window every year Save newspaper history Randomize vacation a bit 1 Alpha 1 Allow server selection for auto dev Update all tutorials Use icons for right click menu 5/5 Balance server needs Newspaper 8/8 1 Separate screens into quads for computers Furniture to boundary Bug check ramp up time Don't wire servers if mouse is over UI Basement 3/3 2 Add fancy UI for furniture Add expected team size to design document Pre-alpha 10 Add difficulty setting Ramp-up time when employee works on something for the first time depending on how far along it is Server models Physical servers 1 16/16 1 Change main menu Build mode hints in bottom left corner Balance post marketing Distribution channels 9/9 Random usability 3/3 Enable people to use toilets even if it means walking through other team's rooms Add new employees to default team Delegate HR to leaders Normalize top cashflow bar Set volume to zero instead of pausing Use built in outline shader Add save/load error messages Limit furniture for demo Fix hilarious bug where UI the clock is 24 hours Pre-alpha 9 Update to Unity 5 Overhauled UI design Redesign work items Custom default room/individual furniture style Unify style button for rooms Put expected salary in details window Make icons for new furniture Quality limitation by skill should be absolute not relative Fix dev timing More money options for freeplay Fix car sound pop-in More things should boost satisfaction Car SFX Add environment SFX Update product list continuously based on filters Merge some of the furniture textures Improve select type in room Keep marketing throughout software dev cycle Leader skill should have more control over autodev quality Add indicators to workitems Hologram computer Floor lamp Wall clock Glass table Furniture colorization Disable light that is not close to the edge of a room if not on same floor Disable lights on floors above current floor Add tooltips to options menu Shadows for all lights Switch to deferred rendering Add tooltip on how to enable automation Pre-alpha 8 Sweet spot of amount of workers on a project Designate rooms as lounge Allow rooms to be role specific Autodev polish Ground mesh optimization Fix room segment reparenting code Merge ground mesh and control color with UV Add skill and education explanation tooltips Come up with new abilities Nerf reputation from bug fixing Company reputation should determine ability to trade stocks Cars on the roads Add stretch control to chart and make axis labels Make legends toggleable Ability to orient chairs towards other tables Chairs aren't loaded with the correct table parent. Put measurements on screen when building room Employee design skill should control intelligent rate of quality addition More design document info 1 Select connected buildings Disable selection when building Sort room by floor before destroying Add more currencies Test, especially save games, on other platforms 3/3 Screen rotation speed should not depend on FPS FPS in gfx options Use color on work items Default colors to color dialog Being in a room with another team should decrease effectiveness Warning if product name has not been changed Change elevator column color to red if it is not connected Pre-alpha 7 Update all tutorials 3/3 Tutorial arrows don't move Support work has ID as name rather than product name Hide work items when building Wrong room prioritization when looking for furniture Toggle team names over rooms Finalize features and limit AI feature dev Lerp data overlay color Add feature filter combo to product window Bloom Advanced tooltips 7/7 Change quality stat to be more qualitative Elevator pathfinding still buggy Scrolling problems for UI elements with tooltip Remove data overlay when window closes Limit choice of OS for some software Operating Systems should be backwards compatible Add features to all software types 12/12 Chair should face table when building Ability to change camera sensivity Realign wall UV maps Fix mod bugs Switch to xml for data and mods 3/3 Use merged children mesh for BuildObject when building furniture Remember furniture rotation when building Add A LOT of non-infringing names to the name generators Auto continue tutorial Disallow placing rooms in midair Use panel to block interaction rather than hide it Pre-alpha 6 Replace character model 6/6 1 Auto development work item 5/5 If actors are removed while employee window is closed, selected list isn't updated properly Balance AI companies and employee needs Calculate product loss for AI companies Darkness value sometimes doesn't update Educate should add level up Level up is reset completely, not taking into account subsequent experience Licenses should be factored into income and product revenue List of products using Add more buttons to employee window Make abilities role specific and change to single tier level up for all roles Detail view of product Can't build wall furniture on walls facing other rooms Add team compatibility dropdown to hire window Fix building prices Contract take percentage of earnings if low quality Add pine trees Optimize employees Hire window interview panel isn't updated when first activated Elevator path is janky Move mods out of streaming assets and into external folder Keep windows inside screen Cheat -> debug menu 4 2 Pre-alpha 5 Redo all tutorials and arrow coordinates Rework base HUD to canvas 11/11 Clouds Put new FX in options menu 3/3 Can't pathfind when destination is blocked Smooth walk paths Reimplement pathfinding Employee floor calculation incorect for the third time Too much employee complaining Optimize tree removal Room expand code stopped working Loading indication Room memory leak Turn off lights in empty rooms 1 Add various post effects 3/3 Upgrade to Unity Pro Main button panel redesign Polish new windows Rework all GUI windows using canvas 22/22 Combobox on top Implement custom controls in canvas 2/2 Implement windows in canvas Upgrade charts to new GUI system 3/3 Employee productivity warnings Port to Unity 4.6 Pre-alpha 4 Goto button for employees to move camera Bring back delete key functionality Insurance policies 10/10 Redesign main menu Add zzz and noisiness to people who have no work or are loitering Use room floor and wall color as data overlay 6/6 Warmth in room with radiators and ventilation 4/4 Water bill 3/3 Wall furniture 5/5 Pre-alpha 3 Simulate noisiness of environment 5/5 Female meeting/whispering voice Limit contract tier to your level as with other software Only hide darkness when walls are down AND in build mode Handle AM/PM or 24 1 More bugs and delay Add employee age 6/6 Identify work items by uint Better info on work items Translate behavior state names in GUI Clean up status info Notify actor when selling furniture and reset state Missing toggle camera key and edge scroll in options Staff not facing furniture Make team management window 3/3 Note employee salaries and marketing cost to estimate total cost of developing a product Base quality should have bigger impact Pre-alpha 2 Make personality choice dropdown menus Remove compiler from design document 5/5 Add in-house to disable use of product for other companies 4/4 Loan or auto-sell stock before bankruptcy Change character in main menu Ability to merge rooms Ability to split and expand rooms Parent order can keep rooms from sharing segments Add team and role change and fire buttons to employee window Skill and education tabs in employee window Use hash and duplicate counter to avoid duplicate error logs Can't buy above 50% stock Loan window not updated properly Can sell 100% of own stock Game missing Game Engine need Loan window too narrow Null exception when destroying employee on a team Loan limit isn't enforced New employee mesh with seperate clothes meshes 6/6 Database error logging for the web version of Unity Exception when showing multi select window with 0 options Having no teams causes crash when day finishes Fix animation/speed problem Add more variation to character model 5/5 Employees are still taking the scenic route if coming from inside 1 Distribute dirt better Initial balancing 3/3 Add age to employee window Team compatibility bug maxes value at 100% Can choose sequels from other companies Work item overlaps with time controls on narrow screens Change weighting of employee effectiveness affectors Credits Tutorial blink when text changes 3/3 Cleaning staff will walk into table to clean Keep right click menu inside view Make employee dissatisfaction decrease over time Only employees currently sitting at table should talk at meetings Employees get exhausted too quickly Forgot to actually apply style to founder... Holdable items and face sometimes stay visible when despawned Room corners not added when room is one block away or when destroying connected room Sliding through floor bug start grouping audio by menu/sfx/music 1 6/6 Color picker has trouble determining saturation Ability to switch columns in employee window Add initial tutorials 11/11 Can't Esc out of pause menu Check latest version in menu Make leave color vary from branch to branch Personality effects 5/5 Remove ability to choose incompatible personality traits Make seasons have bigger impact on visuals 3/3 Everywhere you input currency, it needs to be converted Casting float to int bugs Keep track of which room an employee is in Ability to change keybindings 5/5 Elevator not being destroyed Particle fx when building Fix DateTime class 2/2 Actors sometimes don't face the direction they are going Improve color picker 4/4 Source control Find a way to bounce back from missing names Disperse eating/toilet times Lower walls 3/3 Ability to make sequels, so that IP matters and is worth buying 7/7 More windows and doors 4/4 Nerf loan 2/2 Elevator position indicators when placing new elevator Add sfx when placing buildings/furniture Actors pathfind through floor instead of using elevator Change bubbles to a bunch of ones and zeroes Make web version Top bar screwed on older gfx cards AA and general quality seems to be wrong when starting game Bug fix progress not showing correctly (Ironically) Create demo build 9/9 Several options for starting money Simple win/lose window with continue option Add goal expiration and losing conditions Rebalance electricity Implement loans 4/4 Add important/error messages 6/6 Warning pop ups Tutorial 13/13 Rework GUI 9/9 Holdable items 6/6 Add proper animations to staff 5/5 Make unwalkable behind door Personality traits 7/7 Attract dirt outside and add less and less to floor during the day Disable walking through furniture unless it is the target Add turning animation with behavior function in walkpath Merge random name generators from mods Add abilities to employee detail window Add timestamp to thoughts so they aren't added every milisecond Slow down animation/bubble speed when fast forwarding Bind mods to individual games 1 1 Founder/new game customization screen 7/7 Limit bug fix to code experience Balance early game 3/3 Color picker buttons are default skin Heads are wrong during meeting... again Research 4/4 Extend popup message system 6/6 Tooltip Rebalance skill/education points completely overhaul marketing 4/4 Actors keep working when computer is broken For some reason, the sun gets fast forwarded when loading a game, even though it explicitly shouldn't Right clicking on object in room will select room Can skip day even though staff is still on the job Companies aren't updated after loading a game Make product quality harder to attain 2/2 Let degradable furniture quality have effect on employee stats 3/3 Make day cycle tween so that skipping time still looks smooth Furniture should have a reference to its upgrade 6/6 Employee courses 3/3 Implement IT Keep track of licensed software to avoid paying twice Stock trading 9/9 Redesign character model 6/6 Simulated companies can take name before event based company has a chance Cache product quality calculations each month to avoid the huge performance hit after 30 or so years Picking team working hours has problems when trying to move end time below start time Fix elevator 6/6 Make staff contract window 5/5 Automatically assign proceeding work item to same team Change work item display 4/4 Implement employee demands and thoughts 6/6 Make public toilets unusable Mutiple work items per team Change staff selection actions Employee status, working, off, sick, vacation, fired Fired employees should stay the month Walk across road when spawned Allow staff in to any room Right click select actions menu like the sims Back from vacation in Rome Implement cleaning Merge tree trunks into one mesh Cache X tree meshes, reuse them and add way more to map Roof color not being set if invisible Implement janitors Ability to see through walls Disable marketing contract work Ability to buy/expand owned land 2/2 Separate AI into interface 4/4 Procedurally generated blocky trees SaveGameManager buttons are default skin Furniture and structure cost 2/2 Vacation and sickness 2/2 Selection outline shader Implement maintenance for toilets and lamps Problems with resolution, not the correct default resolution and resolution combo should be in front Dialog window Options window 10/10 Main menu 8/8 Broken toggle on degradable furniture with smoke particle effect 2/2 Pause menu 5/5 Save game manager 3/3 Add tabbed control Press delete to sell/destroy Randomize hunger/bladder/energy loss Three levels of table reservation Dirt on floor Find empty table to sit at when loitering Make seperate child interaction objects with information on animation and transform Implement sorting algorithm that sorts rooms depending on door-to-door distance from current room Sometimes employees go home just when they meet or never go home Make all models rectangle Changed to very minimalist style Add doors Change window/door placement to be on edge rather than in the middle of grid Rebalance company reputation points Scenarios 3/3 Disable build arrow for non directional objects Implement events 3/3 Patch room corner holes Simulated companies should make open source software sometimes Add scrollbar to combobox Add company window with overview over other companies 2/2 Save company categorized cashflows and make overview window 3/3 Replace cashflow with chart 1/1 Ability to skip unused time Add bank transactions with categories and make money read-only Add visual FX above employee heads to show how effectively they are working, like bubbles Custom currency rate 2/2 Modding packages 1 3/3 Move all modable game data to its own class 2/2 Separate modable elements into files rather than one CSV Un-singleton the gamesettings class Reduce meeting length Use money instead of time when searching for employees Degradable furniture should only degrade on use Make hire window a pausing window Game pause mode 3/3 Make room walls appear on edges rather than in the middle of the grid Add 5 years to presimulation 1/1 Delete build object when a new one is instantiated and disallow building room when building anything else Limit random name length to avoid infinite loop Show general employee effectiveness instead of stats like hunger/energy/bladder 1 Make simulated companies have expenses depending on quality and tier If you change role of a lead in a meeting, the meeting will never end 1 Add SFX for toilets 1 Content ideas Stool 24 3 Whiteboard 109 9 Add sink and mirror 65 9 Doormats 51 5 Hamster cage, aquarium, etc. 30 2 Expand on paintings 48 2 Luxury items 40 3 Outdoor furniture 37 3/5 12 Brainstorm Bundle software with OS 161 11 Rent out rooms 102 14 On-site activites 72 12 Charity for business reputation 55 7 Publishers 31 3 In-depth Lawsuits 76 6 Thieves 48 18 Company website 184 38 Strikes 40 10 Employee salary spending 54 8 Car modding 33 2 Reverb based on room size and amount of furniture 8 2 Procedural logo 81 8 Multiplayer (Extremely unlikely) 34 17