Important Info about this Board What is this all about? 4 1 The Voting System 6 Why is my issue not listed? 1 What do the colored bars mean? Helpful Links for Reporting 3 Back Log Companions unresponsive outside PvP window 23 Investigate limiting building dismantling to specific clan ranks 5 For Prioritization When it rains, floors and placeables inside buildings look slick and wet (Needs further investigation) 138 1 Player model will enter jumping animation when walking over foundations 56 Pets and thralls may die after the player teleports (out of a dungeon, for instance). 41 The Abysmal Remnant will sometimes glitch out during its special attack 31 Blood stains doesn't go away from pet when it has full health 29 Long range pet aggro: Pets who are defending at home base will come out to join fights far away 27 Crafting thralls are sometimes naked when added to crafting stations 18 Invisible sandstorm 17 Exile NPCs inside The Well of Skelos may wander outside to hazardous lava 14 It is possible to get stuck in chairs sometimes. 14 Admin panel fixes for console single-player 12 It's possible to prevent NPCs from spawning under certain conditions 11 Ping Limit warning appears while loading into a server, getting the player stuck in the loading screen until forcing the game to close. 11 Thralls stopped moving, teleporting instead. 11 Dead enemies get stuck in a T-Pose after dying 7 Thralls moving the Greater Wheel of Pain are invisible 4 In single-player, your character cannot aim up or down (the "hatchet" bug) 3 In single-player, sometimes it's impossible to knock out thralls using a truncheon, killing them instead 1 Look into alternative for scavenging decayed bases in PvE 4 No voice clips are played when using some female voice presets. 1 Spear’s first heavy attack has incorrect animation in first person view, hitting to the left In Development Companions aren't consistently attacking, even when attacked by an enemy 70 Cases where after a server restart, health bar is halved when logging in. 64 Multiple mobs will sometimes spawn in the same location 55 Inconsistent clothes physics 50 Thrall Pot may not working as intended, with thralls not getting food as they should 35 [PS4] Crash Issues 24 Slaves disappeared from the wheel of pain 17 Block and Mute buttons not working as intended 12 Updated Documentation for Admin Settings and Rcon commands. 9 StarvationTimeInMinutes in admin settings does not save properly 8 Cannot close loot boxes using the "E" button. Current work around is to put at least 1 item in there, then try again. 8 CraftingCostMultiplier not working as intended. 7 Stability values on pillars are incorrect after a server restart 8 Nudity settings revert back to their default values 7 [XBOX] Dashboarding issues 6 [PS4] Save Game Loss for Single Player 4 Invisibility command no longer works. 1 Ritual of Protection does not disappear after altar has been dismantled Patched Issues Thrall/AI Improvements 132 Enemy NPCs and creatures will follow you into water. Vitality 50 perk does not work as intended. 1 Flawless Khitan Shield (epic) not craftable with thralls 2 Rotating items while in building mode causes character to attack while using a controller. 31 Journey step CH9 STEP10 not awarded on completion 3 Melee thralls do not attack elephants or mammoths. 3 Navigating the Feat GUI with a controller isn't working as intended 5 Thralls no longer do weapon combos 7 Red and green dragons do not drop Dragon Horns. Only hatchlings do. 7 Avatar shields do not go away 9 Avatar Balancing 14 NPCs can become immobile when lured into water. 19 Vines cannot be harvested. 23 XP not being awarded when crafting items and building pieces 29 Character can be pushed by Camel Pet and get stuck inside its mesh 33 Player's dead body disappears, making it impossible to retrieve your gear. 41 Undermeshing 39 Can't bring captured thralls onto elevators 42 Purge Meter is behaving weirdly/won't increase on player activity 44 1 Improved VoiP 106 1 General Purge Improvements 94 Thralls and creatures fall through foundations 69 The crafting queue gets wiped when you finish crafting a stack of DLC items 50 Human Purge NPCs are naked when attacking 48 Corpse isn't in the place the player died 31 1 Issues where Starmetal Shells don't crack properly 27 1 Players can get trapped inside Rhino meshes 23 Named NPC Spawnrate Adjustments 24 Severe lag spike on player's death. "Death lag" 18 Game stuttering, lag spikes. 17 Unable to gather resources or damage enemies during certain times in online servers. 17 Companions can, and will, die from fall damage 17 Fighter thralls inventory fill with ‘XX_Unarmed Left’ item occasionally. 16 T4 Thralls lost their recipes 13 Javelin Stamina Bug 10 Inconsistent pet behavior 8 Even if you disable thrall hunger, the hunger timer will still tick down. Your thralls won't die, but it's still scary 7 The player model will shake and stutter when activating Walk mode (Backspace) 7 Wells/beehives, fishtraps don't re-fill after server restart 7 Pet dying despite having food 6 Performance issues when retrieving inventory items from server 6 Quick Loot does not work with the Tanner's Workbench 3 Golden Lotus Potion does not provide health regeneration 3 1 Bearer Thralls have no more than 5 inventory slots 1 Repairing items with stacks of specific sizes causes the whole stack of resources to disappear 1 Thralls hunger timer seems to reset when server restarts 1 There's a gap in the level geometry in the Swamp that players can fall into Jhebbal Sag Claws lose decay time if a modification Kit is being used on them. 1 Too dark light setting for Halloween Event Possible to walk through T2 Doors Corpse disappears when dying under water Assorted Event Log issues Pets have hidden armor slots Missing 'Loot all' option for loot bags after destroying containers. Some pets don't have names when removed from pens and cannot be killed, even in admin mode 16 Water container can't be filled from Large Wells 45