Issue Raised Bylaws updates 1 JB NU miscellaneous comms issues Inform older students about the ability to have preferred name on email address 2 Student Council URM representation Student Council unconscious bias training Student lounge maintenance oversight 1 Picnic tables outside west lobby of annenberg Student award for best study materials uploaded to cloud 3 Why do fire alarms raised throughout Annenberg trigger the alarm on 11th floor library? Build Consensus Leveraging new connection b/w Wellness and Student Council 3 Approach Administration Student Financial Aid survey 6 Bug screens in Aron Hall rooms 15 Restructuring student input for curriculum changes via SC 7 Grad school course eval data open to all students 3 Close the Loop SC Awards - Spring Awards Ceremony 3 Well-Being Task Force: Culture Change 2 NP YV Well-Being Task Force: Wellness and Resilience 3 KL Well-Being Task Force: Access to Mental Health Services 1 JM Spring elections Increase flexibility of student organization funding 3 Student Space on campus 8 Aron Hall improvements - Marc/Matt/Ian 6 Library/Maintenance problems 3 What is going on with Aron hall? Increased security, lots of fire alarms going off with no explanation or warning, no hot water (to name top things) 10 Fix back door in student lounge + make swipe access 7 Resolved or Tabled New ping pong and foosball table 4 TM New CLR/Portal rep + Master's steering rep 4 Restructure budget so it is an annual instead of semesterly budget, starting in Fall 2017 5 Comprehensive survey results 2 NP Walk with a Doc 2 January Budget issues 2 November Communications Plan Nov 4 1 4 6/6 New groups Nov 2016 1 1 Melisa Best: Marni Goldstein and/or Laura Werle 1 Students for Civic Engagement 1 FAQ, Poll of Students on Confidential Topic 3 Social Update 1 Fall Budget → FMT 3 Treasurer's update/orientation at GB 8 New reps for 1st years/GS; certify election 2 5/5 September Communications Plan 1 2 6/6 New student orgs Sept 2016 1 Retreat for Student Council 2 Improvement for Student Activities Fair 3 MS1 class reps extra tasks 3/3 Special elections for MS4s, clerkship reps MS3s, B&B course rep May 18 3 3/3 Class Cruise in June 3 Health insurance — smooth communication w/ enrollment 4 Aron Hall Printer 1 2 Communications team long term vision for next year 1 Grad school budget allocations 1 New student groups for May 2 May Communications Plan 1 5/5 Solicit/Present feedback on 2016 Commencement June Communications Plan 1 6/6 August Communications Plan Aug 12 1 5/6