Doing Bringing ren-c to parity with Rebol2. 8/12 1 GC GL Port PowerMezz to R3 Get list of DNS properties in the Rebol community 1 Move contents to Github or similar 7/10 2 GC Improve redis:// scheme 2 Create multi-line console based on R3GUI 3 Create a module to contain commonly used bitsets 3 GC Create Rebol grammar for Google Code Prettify (GCP) 3/4 6 Update Liquid to R3 6 Create low-level timer device for R3 Implement Timer Scheme 3 Port the Rebol 2 PostgreSQL client library to Rebol 3 Enhance the Rebol editor for Rebol 3 GC Enhance Prot-http for added functionality 1 GC MySQL/MariaDB client library 1 SL4A with Rebol Arm cli 3 GL Move from EC2 to Digital Ocean 18/21 9 Citation tool written in Rebol3. GC Wishes Migration tool to allow R2 code to run under R3 3 Turnkey web encapper => DL page 2 Port IOS to R3 1 Port UniServe & Cheyenne to R3 1 Port of RR Diagram Generator (pending review) 1 Flash Mob to get Rebol FAQ into StackOverflow Questions Outreach to individuals and groups sympathetic to Rebol [and Red] philosophy 3 Create web tools either as module or in core. e.g. url-encode, form-encode etc. 2 Investigate using linenoise library for `readline` 1 Investigate pekr's idea of the greb tool - grep using parse Document Cheyenne config for Build a corpus of Rebol code for statistical analysis of language usage Online Bootstrap Generator To Do Form Committee to manage the Rebol GitHub repositories 9 AS GC Create roadmap for a Rebol3 beta release Standardize syntax for Rebol and Red 1 Convert Graham's Netrexx JDBC bridge to Groovy, running on vert.x 1 AS Create Screencasts for Rebolbot 3 AS Mod_Rebol R3/Backward TRANSCODE into PARSE test "Reblis" (Redis + Rebol C sources) 4 Extend core-tests test coverage for curecode bugs Port PostgreSQL driver to rebol 3 and red ReCode conference in Philadelphia 2014 Current Snapshot compatible scripts/modules Paused Port QM to R3 Get List of DNS Properties formerly used for Rebol related sites, but now lost 3 REPL.IT build and online tutorial 1 3 AS Port the R3GUI demo from Carl to curent GUI system 15/22 4 GC Rebol package for Sublime Text 5 AS Improve twitter code 2 SMTP Protocol GC SL4A Network Scheme Document(s) 3 GC Create Rebol Style Guide 3 Collaborating Rebol 3 GUI based SO chat client 1 GC Done R3 Script Encapper 1 Create redis:// scheme 1 7/7 2 Update rgchris's twitter.r to R3 1 6/6 5 Move Rebolbot to JohnK's server 5/5 3 AS GC Switch running Rebolbot to latest version 5 GC CALL 5 5 Automated builds of community branch binaries 1 Launch ReCode Conference Web Site 1 4 May 29 Create a new Ec2 instance to run the bot 2 GC AS Porting R3 to Android 1 Install QM on John's EC2 instance 4/4 8 GC Update Brett's parse introduction 3 R3 Serial Port Support 2 JS Mustache templates renderer 1