Welcome to the Monzo Extraordinary Ideas Board! About This Board 1 Join the Community Forum 2 1 Send Us Your Extraordinary Ideas! 6 Connect with us on Social Media A Bit of Work Dark mode in the app 🦇 35 'Squish' transactions 🖐 24 A separate tab for incoming payments 18 Glow in the dark cards 🕯 55 The ability to copy full card number from the app 23 When a regular payment is made a few times, ask if they would like to setup a standing order 88 "We posted your new card" feed item 59 Rename "current account" to something more Monzo-esque 73 Let people ⭐️ merchants. 43 1 Random famous quote/song line generator for the new KYC process 🎶 3 Show store info (phone number, opening hours, etc.) on the transaction in-app 152 Taking a picture of a receipt should automatically place that particular transaction in the expense category 38 When you update your phone number in the app, choose whether your contacts get the updated number automagically or not 18 Get some sort of message or badge when you are the first person to use Monzo at a new merchant 159 If you can prove you are going on holiday in the next few days you jump the queue so you get a Monzo card before your trip 26 Show my average daily spend based on historical spending data for the last 12 months 48 Happy Birthday Message 🎉 37 Increased Notification Options 19 On "active card check" feed items, show an "?" next to the "x" with additional information for context. 15 In app travel map to show spending across the globe 27 Blur out spent today and balance display 12 Lock screen notifications: hide the amount spent in push notification off 10 Automatically adjust bill split amount 14 Identify Contactless Transactions 37 Monthly spending review should be judged payday to payday. Not start / end of each month 177 2 Option to only show funds available for discretionary spending 91 Ask for confirmation before standing order is paid 47 Monzo app icon changes colour depending on balance 27 Automatically add note to recurring transactions 13 Automatically save notes made offline 11 A Hot Chip sticker pack for iMessage 21 1 A Fair Amount of Work Goals for pots - track your saving progress! 🍯 17 Show you your credit score 👀 186 1 Monzo for teenagers 58 'Get emergency cash' feature 🆘 20 Shared notifications on joint accounts with partners or children 65 Drunk Mode 🍻 36 Special themed wedding monzo.me page 8 Offline receipt/photo upload. Hold photo in storage until network connection is established. 23 Sacrificial Savings Pots 18 Monzo QR-style codes to receive money 73 1 Get a card shipped to your current address before you move to the UK 🚤 12 Let people send and receive money before their card arrives 16 Enhance international trip report to cover UK based trips away from home 33 Notify me when a new device logs into my account 155 Autocrop receipts 43 When a merchant is hacked, notify customers who have spent at that merchant to change their passwords 130 Give preloaded Monzo cards to family and friends as Christmas gifts 48 "Donate spare change" button 38 Create a PDF or print expense report for selected time frame with added photos of receipts 💼 25 Block contacts: hide sender name & reference, and no push notification, when a ‘blocked’ contact P2Ps you. 1 Recyclable or biodegradable cards 23 Monzo Rule Builder - Set actions when certain things occur. 33 Splitting any individual transactions into multiple categories 5 Tons of Work A dashboard to manage third party API permissions on your account 10 Flatshare expense manager 29 Publish your Targets to your Facebook/Whatsapp status 3 1 Refund claims for delayed trains with one click 158 Make Monzo.me soooo fast and simple that small merchants can use it to charge their customers 💨 80 Offer Section 75 (or equivalent) protection, removing that barrier to switching from credit cards 34 Split expenses over months (water bill paid for 6 months in advance) 84 Allow customers to delegate use of their account to someone else 12 1 Send money to friends by letting them withdraw cash from a cashpoint 💷🏃 34 Use the API to help me decide cheapest way to travel monthly with TFL 20 Help me to make charity donations 14 3 Forex cards for visitors to the UK 6 OCR receipts and add the text to the metadata so it can be searched or extracted for expense reporting 88 "Your replacement card is on its way and we've already sent your new card details to Netflix and Github so you won't miss any subscription payments 🎉" 166 Single use cards for dodgy websites 🕵🔒 185 1 Done (If possible) Predict how much you will have at the end of the month if you continue spending as you're going 92 Round up button: takes your pennies and puts them into a Pot so you always have a round number 314 Highlight people near you when trying to pay someone 58 Referral counter 10 Location based splitting 9 Collect "preferred name" during signup in addition to "legal name" 112