Hotfix Chinese players disconnecting frequently Pawulon disconnecting frequently winning on ranked on ps4 gives error np-32037-5 (Bloocoon) GOG/PS4 builds Random Environment broken PS4 ranked leaderboards showing best score Using discord as launcher for Steam TnT throw error about path being null in TextureAtlas load Hotfix done Single player water healing broken Single player campfire sprite offset No meat on campfire in editor maps No binding for 10th unit type Campfire burning sound Neutral Chameleons stealth 1.5 TODO Remove Ranked Achievements Backlog Don't send match_end on draw Make "video: off" actually work PS4 disconnect at 4:00 Workshop support for Cosmetics 9 3 ⚔ Season 3 ⚔ Split ranked vs mp data 1 Option To Store Save Games and Replays in a My Games Folder instead of hidden away in %AppData% 3 2 Won't Be Implemented Why is my suggestion here!? 2 1 Android, iOS, Vita, N64 4 3v3 3 1 New Factions/Commanders 26 10 "Delete Replay Button" in the aftermatch menu if the option to save all replays is set. 1 Let skunks gas hit air. 2 3 Don't auto-sell units with the warren 2 In the hourly standings, show a rolling hour instead of the current hour 3 2 1 Change video settings without restart 1 Change splitscreen mode after players are eliminated 1 Same commanders different colours 2 Plus-shaped AOE when appropriate UI - QoL: Save decks/unit compositions for easy selections. 9 Add replay compatibility 1 4 Allow 'more info' on units even when 6/6 units selected. 3 Let a player know his opponent actual rank during a ranked game 15 2 Next Page/Advanced button on How to Play screen that describes Attack Move, Focus Fire, selling Warrens to sell their units, Territory regen, and pig farm decay and starvation. 3 Make it so player set grouping hotkeys via the menu works for a controller. 1 3 Cloud sync campaign progress 6 2 Option to play a game with visible/partially visible deck Choose deck during game 3 Volunteers Att listed as 2 instead of 0 1 1 Explain traits like "Poison" in the in-game Encyclopedia 17 Cross-platform leaderboards 1 1 Better Focus Fire explanation in Bonepit Riots 2 Pause/Resume Production Key 3 8 Replay forward/ rewind 3 2 Make it easier to replay/view level list after beating campaign 4 2 1 Make passive heal be % of HP 2 2v2 Ranked 35 7 Basic Multiplayer Emoticons 5 1 "Food Lost" graph 5 1 Option to override faction music for Multiplayer 2 Rebind PS4 buttons Suggestions Trigger or allow lossless match end if (ranked) game lagged too much