1.2.0 (LIVE at 10AM PST) PS4/PC Crossplay 21 11 Launch Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish 2v2 crashes Community Balance Activity indicator, post to read-only discord channel 2 Working On... Manually Set Story Mode Seeds 1 Find Japanese Localization volunteers Soon Crowdsource Story Mode Standard Seeds, add New Game+ that randomizes levels 7 3 Make Editor Maps playable in offline lobbies Structure Healing Outside of Territory Fix blocked tiles around campfire Make input delay dynamic 1 More stats 3 1 SP Rules in Unranked Joining an unranked lobby, that is closed shortly after, leaves you joining indefinitely. SP Bug: Food on rocks? Long Term Missing targeting outline in 3+ player matches Split ranked vs mp data Simplify usage of mods 1 Workshop support for Cosmetics 8 3 Switch Port 34 3 DLC: Co-op Campaign 33 7 New/Alt Units 22 25 Blocked button in ranked Option To Store Save Games and Replays in a My Games Folder instead of hidden away in %AppData% 3 2 Show who you are redplugging on Leaderboards for single player 5 2 Make building pigs and moles be units not structures 3 Adjust Barbed Wire mechanic to encourage walling 3 1 Allow commander to trigger landmine by burrowing into it An actually "easier" Bot AI Ranked: Limited Time Ranked Ruleset Events 2 Difficulty Levels for SP 5 2 UI - Make a news pop-up when you are in the main menu to announce important things. 3 1 Mute sound on blur 1 Tooth and Tail on WeGame Guest Requests UI: In Options activatable Playernames in 1v1 and Ranked. 2 Spectator mode: Add button to hide UI 2 3 Skunk gas slow 6 5 Match history 10 2 Rebind PS4 buttons Ping Counter(s) next to player names/icons in top right of 2v2 so you can tell where lag is coming from/who should host in future games 7 3 Show White Square (same size as coloured commander square)on mini-map for Center of Screen Location when Spectating/Observing 3 2 Option to override faction music for Multiplayer 2 Give gristmils high ground vision. 5 1 Make it easier to replay/view level list after beating campaign 3 2 1 "Food Lost" graph 5 1 Basic Multiplayer Emoticons 5 1 2v2 Ranked 35 7 Faster way to scroll through replay list with controller 1 Militarized Sugar in multiplayer Spoiler-free replay timer option for streamers casting replays Discord RP Mac/Linux Mapgen 1 Not Gonna Happen Why is my suggestion here!? 2 1 Android, iOS, Vita, N64 4 3v3 3 1 New Factions/Commanders 26 10 "Delete Replay Button" in the aftermatch menu if the option to save all replays is set. 1 Let skunks gas hit air. 2 3 Don't auto-sell units with the warren 2 In the hourly standings, show a rolling hour instead of the current hour 2 2 1 Change video settings without restart 1 Change splitscreen mode after players are eliminated 1 Same commanders different colours 2 Plus-shaped AOE when appropriate UI - QoL: Save decks/unit compositions for easy selections. 9 Add replay compatibility 1 4 Allow 'more info' on units even when 6/6 units selected. 3 Let a player know his opponent actual rank during a ranked game 13 2 Next Page/Advanced button on How to Play screen that describes Attack Move, Focus Fire, selling Warrens to sell their units, Territory regen, and pig farm decay and starvation. 3 Cloud sync campaign progress 6 1 Option to play a game with visible/partially visible deck Make it so player set grouping hotkeys via the menu works for a controller. 1 2 Choose deck during game 3 Volunteers Att listed as 2 instead of 0 1 1 Explain traits like "Poison" in the in-game Encyclopedia 17 Cross-platform leaderboards 1 1 Better Focus Fire explanation in Bonepit Riots 2 Pause/Resume Production Key 3 8 Replay forward/ rewind 3 2 Make passive heal be % of HP 3