Kata / Open Practices: Explore The "Explore" column contains practices and resources that might be useful to explore for future experimentation. 1 Agreement-based Governance @ Enspiral 2 Clarify decision types: policy vs. local rules Liberating Structures Separate tensions, drivers, proposals and agreements 1 Psychological Safety More stuff from sociocracy 1 A deep dive into dialogue Some practices from the Reinventing Orgs Wiki Evolutionary purpose August public method library Sitra Er├Ątauko / Dialogi YLE Lean culture toolkit 1 Self-organization constitution S3 Canvases 2 App: Holaspirit 1 Enspiral Handbook 1 Enspiral synchronous & asynchronous Board Meeting 2 12 Patterns for Decentralized Organizing 3 Beyond budgeting 2 3 Kata / Open Practices: Try The "Try" column contains practices that are simple and possibly useful for experimentation. 1 Define Agreements 2 1 Define what is required and expected of different groups of members 1 1 Layered, peer-to-peer conflict resolution 1 Local rules (for projects/teams) 1 1 Emergent Agenda Ground rules for dialogue 1 Brown bag lunch Parking lot 1 Consider the right size of the discussion audience (oppennes may silence some people) Weekly turns in hosting Slack or Twitter 1 Kata / Open Practices: In use The "In use" column should contain practices that have been tested and are deemed good enough to be used in any meeting or meetup. 1 Sacred "free speech" time in the meetings 2 The sociocratic meeting format and decision-making 2 Delegate Agreements to Roles and Circles 2 1 Open collaboration stack 3 Rounds 1 Consent over Consensus in Decision-Making 1 1 Retrospectives (starfish) 1 1 Low-bureaucracy Microgrants 1 Stop counterproductive behaviour - "Kekkonen" 1 Running memo in projects 1 Nametags in events 1 Discard The "Discard" column contains practices that have been tested but have been discarded for some reason. 1 Board Development Ideas How do you make this into a pull system? 1 Add tensions to Vision/purpose/values? Vision, Purpose, Values "Vision, purpose & values" column seek to explain why we want to promote this type of board in OKFI. 1 1 VISION: Channeling our whole selves though open collaboration PURPOSE: Make it engaging to anyone to take part, bring together a group with shared intent, apply for and work in projects. VALUE: Diversity in Viewpoints, Distributed (Doing) VALUE: Proactiveness & Grassroots Agency Mantra / Desired Impact Mantra: "An often repeated word, formula, or phrase, often a truism". This column seeks to create an understanding on what it is the "Desired Impact" behind the practices that we wish to promote. 1 Be mindful of others and embrace dialogue Default to Action Be Effective in Creating Decisions/Agreements Resolve Conflicts Effectively