ROADMAP GUIDELINES ------------READ THIS FIRST!------------- Thank you for visiting the Astroneer Development Roadmap! Even though 1.0 is live, we remain committed to offering as much transparency as we can into our current development priorities and future ideas. To have the best possible experience, please read the following guidelines: This is a development roadmap, not a release roadmap. As often as possible we will list updates in the order we intend to release them, but timelines are subject to the realities of game development. We will strive to update you as much as possible when things change. Everything to the left of the "Potential Future Updates" column are features and improvements that we are actively designing and developing. However, the columns will not list every single thing contained in that update. We want to leave room for surprises! The "Potential Future Updates" column lists some ideas that we are interested in pursuing in the future as well as ideas we've heard from you, the players! This is a living document! Things will be moved, removed, and timing adjusted as development progresses. Post 1.0 Patch Priorities Network Performance Improvements Tether System Optimizations Crash Fixes to improve overall stability Bug: Players are launched into space if Use button is pressed multiple times when entering a seat Bug: Sometimes vehicles will remain stationary despite being powered Bug: Objects may fall through the terrain when Players move far away from them Bug: "Delve Greedily and Deep" Achievement is not unlocked when reaching the Mantle layer of a planet The Wanderer Update New Adventure New Suit & Palettes Horns for Vehicles EXO Dynamics Personal Mobility Object The Multiplayer Update Dedicated Servers Cross play between Steam and Xbox via Dedicated Servers In-game server browsing & favorites Server management and moderation The Creative Update Standalone Creative Mode New Terrain Brushes Creative Mode Suit TrueFlat 2.0 Usability and Accessibility Improvements Potential Future Updates Automation Items New Base Building Items and Modules New Size Tier of Objects New Resources New Vehicles and Shuttles Interactive and non-interactive decor Player Inventory Management New Suits & Palettes Player Sharing and Trading Cartography and Discovery Objects Storms and Weather Events Space Snails New Features Released in 1.0 Terrain 2.0 technology 7 Terrain 2.0 Planets New Introductory Planet with all new Tutorial Experience Wind Refactor 6 New Vehicles and Shuttles 12 New Items and Modules Update to movement of objects and modules The Big Purple System New Points of Interests, EXO wrecks, and other discoveries Puzzle System and 3 new puzzle types 6 New Hazard Types Platform Achievements for Steam and Xbox One / Windows 10 Player Customization System 7 new suits, 15 new color palettes, 3 new visor colors 12 New Dances / Emotes Update of out-of-game UI Updates Released During Early Access Crafting and Resource Matrix New Resource Types & Distribution Updated standalone Tutorial Experience Update of In-game UI Harvestable research items Multiplayer Player Persistence Xbox Sign-on for Dedicated Servers Dedicated Server Player Persistence Directional Vehicle Steering Vehicle Friction Model Updated Vehicle Auxiliary Slot Controls Unreal Engine version upgrade In-game Performance Improvements Load Time Performance Improvements HDR Support for Xbox One X and Xbox One S New Base Building Paradigm Streaming Power System Directed Power Management Splitter Base Expansion from Landing Zone Movable Base pieces and new Printer types Vehicle-mounted Base Modules Vehicle Power Usage Update Vehicle Visual Update Vehicle Physics Update Interaction Refactor (controller & keyboard) Contextual Use Verbs (Interaction Refactor cont'd) Use and Examine input functionality Variable Research Timelines Point-based Research System Catalog of researchable items and unlocks Continuous power research module Mineral Extraction Hydrazine Refining Fall Damage Refactor Boost Mod Alignment Mod Worklight Crash reporting on Xbox and Steam Basic telemetry