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Kitsun - Simple Mode Basic Decks - Render everything at once in table? Basic Decks - Table view for managing cards in a easy way Basic Decks - Streamline deck creation with a basic toggle Basic Decks - Choose subject during creations Basic Decks - Generate a template per deck with preset fields based on the subject of the deck Basic Decks - Generate Layout based on amount of table columns (fakeName values) Basic Decks - Reorder based on Index Simple popup for creating a new deck Subs2Kitsun Video card generation: drag and drop Video card generation: videoplayer Video card generation: parse subs Video card generation: make subs clickable and jump to point in video Video card generation: extract image from video Video card generation: scroll the captions wrapper to the current caption when needed Video card generation: show two subtitle tracks Video card generation: Upload the image to kitsun before creating the card Video card generation: search jisho for vocab definition Video card generation: make second subtitle track optional Video card generation: generate sentence flashcard Video card generation: generate vocab flashcard Audio recording -> show visual representation Audio recording -> go back to start of that sub & stop playing Priority features Layouts editor - parse existing card into the layout preview Mass hibernate/awake by search query rather than by selection email validation process terms of use - popup for older user accounts setting for showing end of lessons/reviews popups match template fields to csv fields if the names are the same @ advancedcsvimport Sync decks to automatically hibernate duplicates Feedback system - show notification if proposed changes are accepted & increase accepted count better searching - tags better searching - explicit values better searching - "main" values Card levels & unlock system Custom flashcards - Kanji fetch new card after hibernating a lesson whitelist div span HTML tags & class attribute for field values use puppeteer to create screenshots/thumbnails of layouts show all layouts @ store sample cards layouts community centre - New Section layouts community centre - Publish layouts community centre - Update layouts community centre - Get layouts add "sentence" field to jisho flashcard generation popup Priority bugs single reading is multiline @ default cards - Oshin - OSX + Safari only? PWA shortcut not working on android - ryouki transparancy for PWA icon Select three layouts -> save -> returns to default but still visually selected two layouts - Gavia Incorrect amount of lessons bug (after answering wrong?) - Gavia front audio not playing for first quiz review scroll up delay upon keyboard popup? timeline bugs out @ 00:00 & start of month Missing SRSLevels in cards overview - Gatchamann 10K Deck update creating new templates/layouts if/or replacement is setting the "first content" twice (when using the same if/or statement twice in one layout) "More time popup" results in incorrect quiz amount - alseca notification count is off (previously learned item -> demote to 0 -> add as manual lesson) - jp show button doesnt show up during selfstudy session - hine current deck not being set after clicking the shortcuts (proposals not working etC) - JP Click notification on mobile -> chinese kanji characters instead of japanese Flip button is gone during selfstudy Feature backlog Community Decks - Random sampling in the store frontpage payment system implementations payment info / subscription pages trial accounts (limitations: 50 own cards, 1 deck, 2 custom layouts, 1 custom template, X amount of time to try) Random order method needs to be truly random. Nesting Folders - On Hold: No decksettings to store the parentIds for folders.. Make tutorial tours triggerable with help icons on each page tablet (or ios specific?) query which enlarges the buttons low resolution optimalization activate the tutorials for new users :) card/deck unlocks based on other cards/decks (this card unlocks card a, b, c etc) show user synonyms/notes @ edit card page Community Decks - Private link deck sharing split layouts during card creation timezone setting for daily lesson unlocks make lesson done calls async in the background while the user continues the session reorder cards by dragging (make a new "order" field) next/previous card buttons @ card edit Do all reviews within X hours now option create a maintenance mode remember previously used tags per deck -> show in dropdown when creating cards Sidemenu cookie Time limit option Make leech list more relevant (recent items first-ish) Random layout @ reviews -> answer correct -> srs rank up (aka 1 random layout to be reviewed) Auto restart @ memory full -> Quality of life - low prio ability to create a new deck from the advanced csv import popup add card button @ all cards page (both views) Add a new action which adds a synonym (based on the wrong answer) -> marks card right display # of results @ search functions add to lessons from the all cards page flip arrow upside down @ advanced search expansion add "go to deck" button @ publishing page Delete community deck description needs adjustment - Sean General todos JLPT Decks Implement artwork (bg, srs level ranks etc) Gamification - Show story with fox type upon FIRST rank up (per rank) Set up Feature Voting section on the forums automated backups email styling/layout Promo material - PDF Promo material - Email Social networks Manual Insert Images Special Functionality - Combined Answers Deck - Settings Quickstart Guide Import options - CSV Import options - Anki Import options - Advanced CSV General functionality - Accepted html in card values General functionality - Layouts tags whitelist Layouts - HTML/CSS Template - Basic Special functionality - Styling based on current screen (lessons / quiz / reviews ) & current state (correct_card) Trial - Restrictions Subscriptions - Payment Info / Refunds etc Privacy Policy ToA/ToS Special Functionality - Expand button (show/hide content) highlighting field list field wrap up toggle click field touch controls layout filtering dictionary functionality (insta flashcards) Settings - turn animations off Settings - Themes Cards sorting options {{first:fieldname}} {{usernotes}} {{usersynonyms}} {{rest:fieldname}} parantheses in answer validation color layout field type propose changes custom dictionary flashcards leeches feedback system - creators flipcard buttons for input cards export + reimport {{enteredanswer}} field type selfstudy feature dictionary instant search url clickedanswer class for multiplechoice card styling reorder functionality new search actions/sorting kanji dictionary flashcards splitting answers on ; and 、(fullwidth) Change template of existing card Spellcheck as decksetting wrap up functionality Deck counter shortcuts Feature requests Anki deck progress import Self study mode Offline mode... Ability to add more SRS Ranks (will stay as firefox) firefox items automatic kickback after X time create icon next to selected template (tooltip stating it has linked layouts) community decks- requests system tooltip field (show tooltip on fieldhover) Add description per field @ templates (to make it easy for others to understand what it's for) Cloze fields save user tags allow srslevel input with different timeunits (hours, days, months) Allow the user to specify their default interval in a setting. Warning on non increasing SRS interval save Social account logins Define custom penalty for wrong items hint field + invalid answers field for layouts Have a general review timer that enforces batches fixed amount of firefox reviews per month Timer for review sessions (total) Transfer/Copy cards to other decks max lessons cap do reviews of all decks in one big session Dashboard for all decks in one. Different display field for lessons which havent been completed yet Collaborators for community decks JP Buddy system for sharing stats reorder template fields Anki Import into default layouts easy - normal - hard buttons as user setting (for non-input cards) Split answer value based on fullwidth commas ignore fullwidth parentheses as well save completed session items (results page) in cookies for X hours rounds setting for the quiz part of lessons (e.g. 2 rounds -> 2x all items per quiz) Cards overview - create selectboxes on the cards view (not table view) & allow actions Community Deck Banners ('Work in Progress' etc) Community Deck Changelog field Auto-submit correct answers (check while inputting) 'takeover synonyms from layout X' button for sharing synonyms easily Cards during lessons without reviews - acm Bugs - On indefinite hold iphone - audio autoplay doesnt work Add Card - pressing tab at tags cycles through the buttons instead of input fields Media (audio) becoming corrupt in cache? stacked timeline height Infinite scroll request delay on chrome/opera - stackoverflow topic here: Features - Indefinite hold notifications - Apple ctrl+click in cards table view rating reviews - author feedback message system upon upload/delete media, write storage size to user document. Check it upon next upload. change urls into unique slugs (no more IDs) Navigate away during editing -> ask for confirmation Release 2019-06-10 spellcheck deck setting wrap up review functionality Change existing card template -> rematch fields deck counter shortcuts -> lessons & reviews ask new users to introduce themselves on the forums double audio @backside Furigana not always working correctly - Zucky Propose changes not working for some cards Synonyms not working anymore New layouts @ community deck update -> enable in "active layouts" for all settings! Feedback system not working for very old decks (template field ids don't match..) - N4&N5 pressing R triggers multiple audio players @ 10k deck New template fields not showing up in approval popup Release 2019-05-05 splitting answers on ; and 、(fullwidth) Font fallback / unicode range issues random -> manual lesson -> not in front during lessons 2019-05-01 Add meanings to kanji dictionary results change store icons Adding indexes for the new fields - make search faster by utilizing a text index for cardfields.value styling changes font reorder - keep siblings together option -> checkbox to toggle srslevel sometimes shows as "0" upon rank down - jp hibernated/manual lesson/awaken etc don't change status after taking action - jpr 2019-04-21 Enable gzip for api calls Cards -demote Cards - wake up Test - Search hibernated card cards - get call projections (layouts/progress) select only the values needed - lessons create conversion script cards - check if progress doc is needed or not cards - get cards - rehaul the call in general Test - Search cards level 1 + 2 Test - Search cards level 0 + 1 + 2 Test - Search cards normal values Test - Search cards no values Test - Search hibernated card + level 1 + 2 Test - Search hibernated card + level 0 Test - Search hibernated card + level 0 + 1 cards - get cards - add srslevel 0 option decks - timeline? cards - get cards - implement sorting options cards - get cards - adjust amount to 100 Tests - Mark review correct Tests - Mark Lesson correct without prog doc Tests - Wake up card with lessonCompleted or hibernated or filtered Tests - Get Lessons without queued lessons Tests - FIlter new layout - retain prog general - reviews/correct Tests - Get Lessons with queued lessons Tests - Nested deck removal Tests - Deck removal Tests - FIlter new layout - new prog Tests - FIlter layouts - delete prog doc Tests - Filter layouts - retain prog doc Tests - Add card as manual lesson with progress doc Tests - Add card as manual lesson without progress doc Tests - Wake up card without lessonCompleted general - lessons/correct Tests - hibernate card without progress Tests - hibernate card with progress Tests - demote to 0 Tests - demote to X decks - getoverviewcounts publish - update publish - publish general - lessons decks - getdeckdata decks - delete decks - update Cards - add to lessons Cards -hibernate Tests - Mark Lesson correct with manual lesson Test - Search cards level 0 2019-04-07 Kanji Dictionary Flashcards reorder random -> get item wrong -> same item again reorder - asc/desc reversed 2019-04-03 Reordering review items Banner/notifications for patch notes rank up/down notif level 0 Release 31-03-2019 Add tags @ dictionary cards Unlimited lessons -> do lesson -> disable unlimited lessons -> revert lessonpool to daily amount Scroll to top @ input focus during reviews/lessons Local Icons Keydown enter iOS - gavia If/Or logic with fields added later on - default to false - hine Wipe values after generating custom dictionary card dictionary - disable button during generation call .dark not being applied upon card flip srs levels @ rank up/down 06-03-2019 set absolute height of wrapper - fix the jumping text @ keyboard popup clickedanswer class for clickcards clicked ID mobile keyboard popup resize during lessons/reviews quick edit -> rank down notification 03-03-2019 Optimize search calls fix split regex - atani Click anywhere to remove notification - Mitch 20-02-2019 Self-Study cards dictionary instant search with url parameters cookie for leeches collapse parantheses + commas fail as answers Incorrect review count @ notifications - JP 13-02-2019 highlighting changes - feedbacks srs counts show per level svg/clickcard points - acm {{enteredanswer}} field Release 10-02-2019 feedback system - proposals table view feedback system - proposal detail view add flip non-input layouts to default layouts feedback system - show new feedback count @ deck dashboard flip buttons setting for decks (anki style buttons for input cards) Leeches hibernating cards during lessons, pressing “enter” to flip the next card hibernates the card instead of flipping it. - Sora community decks - updating with wrong templates/layouts if default template prevent hotkey input during quick edit & propose changes quick edit popup doesnt show fields - sloa deck in folder not being shown - Check the query - Radish Release 06-02-2019 fix the new regex for parantheses add kitsun links to the topbar of the forums show 'searching' indicator and results count @ dictionary page async reviews feedback system - popup during lessons/reviews Dictionary - Create Advanced Flashcards public description community decks not parsing html tags Release 30-01-2019 export -> reimport for card mangement change default templates for dictionary cards feedback system - proposing changes return false on mousedown audio element. Prevent losing focus on input revamp the default layouts rank up/down not showing with filtered siblings service worker fix tags with spaces @ advanced import Release 13-01-2019 Accept answers inside parenthesis as well {{rest:fieldname}} field type rank up/rank down appears on every item for filtered sibling session 'the website has been updated in the background' notification - JP csv import - tags not importing -acm csv import - empty extra card Rounding of deck % is different on the decks page katakana converts "n" to hiragana upon enter Release 09-01-2019 add icons to subcategories in store sidemenu placeholder text for input search bar styling @ store - jp add .dark class to card wrappers deck wrapper ratio is off sidemenu mediaquery is being overwritten fix android page height for lessons/reviews Change color of back button for folder deck view Release 06-01-2019 hibernate on all cards screen - jp Format the manual trial acc info @ pricing - landing page Field for displaying the first value of a comma separated list Field to display user synonyms or notes layout whitelist additions for svg - acm debounce the layout textarea events OPEN BETA banner on landing page Finish up dark theme 13XX-76X resolution styling Release 26-12-2018 Search for cards in all decks disable animations - deck setting more info button doesnt contain img - schriller height not correct during quiz Release 23-12-2018 Landing page privacy & terms page checkbox for terms of use @ registration hide nextreview info when card is hibernated Home item in sidebar - community centre addclass isnt working kitsun-click - click while input is there shouldnt do anything update layouts of n5/n4 decks wanikani tag styling @ dictionary More info isnt hidden during reviews Unsticky searchbar community centre Release 19-12-2018 implement landing feedback - seanblue Store Design overhaul v2.0 sidemenu cuts off @small monitors duplicate 'parts of speech' values login screen ios height bug (cant scroll to other inputs when keyboard pops up) buttons get cut off @ android (& iphone?) Release 16-12-2018 Dictionary - Create default flashcards new scrollbar look Jisho search -> add as flashcard Notifications are off (might be counting hibernated items) buttons without scrolling @ lessons/reviews Release 06-12-2018 Create a visual status for manually added lessons display current deck on 'edit card' and 'cards' pages active state doesnt stay @ drag button display next review date on 'edit card' page default = 1 @ 'hungry for more' popup Reorder toggle inside folders publishing -> $set category @ clientside (reactivity is lost..) prevent negative values in 'hungry for more' popup forums portrait on mobile is off newly added fields arent parsed @ lesson quiz lightning mode ignores synonyms hibernating cards doesnt toggle the status @table Add duplicate manual lesson still increases the reserve 'more information' button is broken during lessons fix wrong cardvalue in JLPT Deck - acm Release 28-11-2018 layout filtering for community decks... flipcards marked as wrong on results screen ignored wrong answers still show up as wrong @ results Release 25-11-2018 add card to lesson pile Change synonym field (act like tags) Change color of edit button when there is a note or synonym rewrite hibernation to be a boolean instead of date-based user synonyms/notes during lessons Saving sibling synonyms overrides current synonyms results page has wrong results.. again synonyms dont always get saved 21-11-2018 delay when answered wrong (not default delay) make addcard tutorial wait until all layouts are loaded.. deactivate -> reactive deck doesnt round up hours touch swipe works on desktop.. results screen filtered siblings - radish Release 18-11-2018 clickbuttons should auto advance to next card upon click - acm Mobile - swipe left for previous lesson double enter -> skips cards (set small timer?) {{addclass:fieldname}} layout field (styling for elements) counter is broken results page is broken - nath Hibernated status not showing correctly - sirati97 correctclick not being added to backside - acm Tags + no hibernated = nonmatching results Release 23-10-2018 fix tutorial css whitelist svg tags rank up / down notifications play for every review async sessionwrong++ or -- synoynms button increase drag threshold class 'correctclick' not added at all times results page incorrect Release 21-10-2018 notifications after submit review / lesson / back / front dependent styling {{click:fieldname}} layout field (multiple choice) Tour with steps for first time use First time use Popup -> Comm centre or personal deck Tutorials (Videos/Tour/Wizard/Help pages/tooltips) Notifications - ignore inactive deck reviews sso groups not working.. % bar in decks overview Cards page - non-hibernated cards filtering -> doesnt show unlearned cards N4 Deck has wrong layouts for kana cards get item wrong in first review session -> get item right in second session = rank down but displays 'correct' on results page - Nath nath layout bug Folders show inside other folders Store searchbar has wrong margin styling @ live Release 17-10-2018 Forums Discourse - Addgroups @ sso sign in login with username search by hibernation status add voting plugin to forums renew certificate redirect to discourse after kitsun login (if not logged in yet) back button doesnt work in new tab (perhaps get navigation stack & check if > 1) user synonyms -> update for current session add spellcheck field to foreign default cards wrap up - returning layouts in review -> 500 could not mark correct Release 14-10-2018 Store styling overhaul redirect to dashboard if reviews == 0 Wrap up button in reviews community deck sample cards bug - jpr discourse logout @ normal logout flip cards hotkeys not working anymore inactive deck not showing in overview - jpr Release 10-10-2018 SSO Discourse {{list:fieldname}} field type -> makes a list with a list item per comma separated value discourse logout color highlighting field browser notifications - updated website extra notif notifications - prevent asking permission more than once per session quick edit on smaller screens has 1 column hibernating last lesson -> no end popup Release 08-10-2018 revert removal of 'switchedsides' on enter (lightning mode) hibernating last item (out of 2??) stops lessons - JPR 'more time' breaks quiz.. again remove placeholders from deck detail page in comm centre type='text' for inputs (auto capitalization) quick edit - media buttons break layout 07-10-2018 'label' element & 'for' attribute whitelist Lesson count is incorrect at first view of the day more time not working correctly again autoplay in firefox android / linux / ? autocapitalize in japanese input hibernated item during lessons is still showing up in lessons after reload - JPR mobile lag -> clicking next twice -> backside info is now at the front Field Types - IF/OR syntax Field Types - Kanji Field Types - Kana Field Types - Furigana Field Types - Styling Card Types - With Input Special Functionality - Converting input to kanji upon enter Field Types - Basic Card Types - Without Input Cards - Basic Components Field Types - Frontside Cards - Siblings Add card - Index field General Functionality - Filter Siblings & Filter Delay General Functionality - User Notes & User Synonyms Layouts - Display Field Card Values - IMG / AUDIO Community Decks - Pushing an update Review Functionality - Lightning Mode General Functionality - Demote card / Remove progress General Functionality - Active/Inactive Cards - Mass management Decks - Folders Dashboard - Progress bar Dashboard - Timeline General - CTRL+S Hotkeys Add Card - Setting default template/layouts Community Decks - Restrictions Community Decks - Getting a deck Community Decks - Publishing your deck General functionality - Lesson Reserves General functionality - Hierarchy (templates -> layouts etc) General functionality - Typos General functionality - SRS System General actions - Unlock more lessons General actions - Awaken General actions - Hibernation Review actions - Hotkeys Review actions - Ignore Review actions - Quick Edit Review actions - Nap Field Types - Input Release 02-10-2018 Decks Styling - Folder causes grid gaps Cards overview - See if the area around the checkbox can become non-clickable Height on .title causes text @ folder back button to cut off change all saves to updates remove user from 'currentUsers' of all corresponding community deck cards when deleting a community deck back to folder button on deck dashboard sometimes appears while it shouldnt - jpr load more button displays after going back to the all cards view cards overview - japanese font doesnt appear correctly - Seanblue cards overview - all actions show up for community deck cards after navigating from and back the card edit page Release 30-09-2018 Advanced Search Functionality - Search by SRS Level Advanced Search Functionality - Search by value make a button to navigate back (to folder) Advanced Search Functionality - Search by tag split parentId/level to userdata for community decks? (allow folders in 'my community decks') Enable folders in 'all' view display current srs level @ edit card page rank down notification animation should go DOWN check if F1-12 keys can be excluded from the input (for audio playback) Quick edit - Upload image/audio buttons Quick Editting cards during lessons results in a wrong quiz section deckoverview - .title{ height: 30px } stop lesson pool from building up when there's no cards left Release 26-09-2018 lesson/review pagination Change folder styling folder edit stopped working drag disabled on folder pages links have no special styling in the community deck descriptions Release 23-09-2018 Rich text editing for community deck descriptions notifications - resubscribe when needed display cards per community deck Lessons/Reviews pagination OR loading all layouts per Deck, rather than per Card notifications - Desktop browsers notifications - service worker notifications - save subscription details in database notifications - Android notifications - run a task every X minutes -> check all notif documents per user -> count reviews -> send notification if needed notifications - make notif document upon lessondone & reviewdone deck progress rounding badly with hibernated cards constant scrollbar - Radish rating 0 @ aria deck stacked timeline height timeline - having a large number of reviews in day 3 will cause the other days to display small bars (doesnt scale per day) - radish rank up/down notification animation still doesnt work. Release 16-09-2018 Community Decks - Review Functionality skip hibernated / awakened cards upon mass hibernation/awakening asset caching problems.. review rank up/down notification slide up animation doesnt work / make bigger lessons -> quiz (cycling?) wrong amount autocapitalization on jp input change "draggable" Release 12-09-2018 Change signup functionality -> instantly activated switch paranthesis / comma parsing change session cookie to use rolling (recalculate time from last login) Make a drag checkbox - toggle it to drag decks instead of scrolling (prevents dragging decks by accident on mobile) katakana field type give a little notification upon rank up or down during reviews Adjust default layout animations Layouts loader keeps spinning before selecting a template hibernating all cards during lessons still triggers a quiz update help section -> user synonyms/notes -> sibling specific add card - layouts dont reset if there is no default set. lessons -> more time -> stuck in loop - JPR enter should be unbound while synonyms/notes popup is active disable next button during load (if load takes long, and having lightning mode on, it skips cards when spamming the button) Release 30-08-2018 Cookie for user synonyms/note button "to lessons" button should also show the lock popup once pressed Quick edit shows blank screen after save Edit tags in quick edit sometimes the lock does not show up when lessons are at 0 add limit to lessons/reviews being fetched user synonyms button - keeps dragging after opening the popup Release 26-08-2018 Results - Srs colors are wrong Reviews - Wrong answer & Filter siblings = reset layouts done & lower rank Community Decks - User Notes Community Decks - User Synonyms Community Decks - User Defined SRS Intervals & Scatter percentage & filter siblings & filter delay Release 22-08-2018 results page - SRS Colours dont work if/or doesnt display well on community deck detail page quiz popup - give option to stay @ lessons Quick edit - editing on backside does not rebind well Visually Change the filter buttons Quick edit - disabe input when popup is shown results page - Displayfield doesnt work for some cards - Hinekidori Release 21-08-2018 quick edit a card's values during lessons/reviews (with a popup) deck reorder position flips out upon first scroll Community Decks - Sorting on Newest / Oldest / Most popular Merge all deck pages, add filtering options on top (community, personal, lessons, reviews) show total users per deck deck reordering split for published decks, community decks and own decks timeline merges reviews NOW with reviews at closest halfhour interval, making it seem like there are more reviews than there currently are (the rest unlocks at that interval). - JPR pressing enter @ reset password submit doesnt submit but clears the form cards without certain template fields show the backhtml instead of fronthtml Release 19-08-2018 add audio field to default templates/layouts Edit card -> update cache (if coming from all cards page) Expand button for layouts auto increase index field when saving a new card and wiping values remove all progress for a card (demote to level 0) Add button 'go to deck' after adding the community deck All cards page - tags dont show up at grid view prevent publishing an already published deck FilterSiblings random layout being picked can already be done card with 6 fields -> add field to template (7th) -> 7th field is not being replaced during reviews/lessons (do replacement based on template fields) Filter hibernated cards in the progress bar Lightning mode - Check if the delay can be removed make a "show more" function for the backside of the kitsun decks / default decks (which are open during lessons) in order to hide information (it spoils the sibling card) prevent reload of layout thumbs (after getting default set), if current template is the same as the template selected before saving all cards - make select box in table view bigger remember scroll position after going back from the cards edit page Press R to play audio, ESC to ignore answer (adjustable in user settings) {{spellcheck:fieldname}} field to disable fuzzy matching Release 13-08-2018 OVERHAUL PUBLISHING FLOW - ONLY 2 DECKS!! Community Decks - Make a show more "deck button" Community Decks - Update Functionality show "no decks found" if no decks when searching auto renew certificate settings img src='{{fieldname}}' prevents layout thumbnails from loading having a non-number index field value during anki import, breaks the import set level to 0 during publish for both community and reference decks! disallow input after hitting enter (until card is flipped or next card is shown) remove <p> wrapper for furigana/kana etc fields Focus stays on hibernate action during lessons/reviews (so pressing enter hibernates new cards as well) Audio in community deck card samples change JLPT layouts display field to JP Release 29-07-2018 Storefront - Category page register new user as a kitsun deck user upon account activation Remove community deck (by user not author) disable deletion of original media after publishing Deck publishing settings Storefront - Search page & Search query general idea (see description of this item) Release 22-07-2018 Storefront - Overview page Storefront - Details page Storefront - Import deck deck (in overview) shows all lessons when "lessons per day" is set to 0 import advanced csv items not using layout displayfields? - Mitch bug default layout line height styling issues with long sentences folders are not clickable on mobile - reproducible in desktop chrome remove items from results session when starting a new review/lesson session fix "to know" in the JLPT decks set deck to inactive, counts are 0, timeline doesnt load 1 IE - remove input styling (X over the next button) remove margin from furigana/kanji/kana <p> tags Release 16-07-2018 special page/query for community decks publishing system --> create copy of deck with author property Copy media/deck/cards/layouts/templates under "public" user make a separate tab for community decks & separate tab for "my published decks" (temporarily) make kitsun deck default for all existing users check indexes for queries disable all editting actions for imported community decks Release 12-07-2018 Split userdata from card documents to progress documents userdata conversion @ live servers add following properties to deck documents: add referenceId to template/layout documents Split deck userdata to new database document type move the lightning mode icon to the counts box enter does not work on backside during lessons - windupbird disable unlimited lessons until lesson batching is built in demote error says "undefined" awakening a card doesnt remove the hibernation icon @ table view parantheses not being replaced - mitch bug ruby tag multiline - rysing bug gravatar lowercase fix {}<-- fullwidth not working for kanji and kana fields error notification showing X amount of times @ cards page when trying to hibernate/awaken etc Release 08-07-2018 Manual demote card X levels action Hide sidebar during reviews/lessons table view action - awaken cards trim data being sent @ cards(/decks?) page Lightning mode @ reviews Mobile - Card / Deck overview re-styling keep siblings close to eachother during randomization of reviews gravatar integration for user avatars Table view action - Change tags for all selected cards Table view action - Change layouts for all selected cards Let user define hotkeys for non-input card reviews/lessons Duplicate template feature hibernated cards are not showing up as hibernated in the table view cookies not persisting empty timeline - radish bug Release 04-07-2018 Filter siblings - Pick random layout per card Fix advanced csv/txt import advanced csv/txt import - Tags advanced csv/txt import - Index advanced csv/txt import - Ask if file has headers? change sidebar - Sign out is not always visible Show a loading animation while generating the layout thumbnails Edit card preview broke review -> answer wrong -> ignore answer -> answer right -> card does not get added to the results page in the end fix IE/Edge/Safari(?) thumbnails -> use regular dropdown disable styling editing for default template change styling field name to "shared template styling" Release 01-07-2018 dragging (reordering) of decks change layout of existing card.. furigana can be added with fullwidth{}instead of [] as well custom CSV import (select templates/layouts) create new pictogram set & add to build settings Edit/Add Card Page - Thumbnail per layout clickable instead of a dropdown selection ignore parantheses and content inside during answer validation Shared styling per template Hide all advanced settings/pages by default Deck setting: Filter all siblings in session nap also filters all siblings from the session Go back a lesson stopped working filter empty tags during anki import Adjust sidebar firefox - rendered font isnt correct Reviews hang and sometimes never load 1 Reviews sometimes get stuck: display field stopped working? Feedback changes Release 24-06-2018 always get linked (i.e. reading layout + meaning layout) cards in same sessions and can't continue until both are done show all layouts of siblings in card detail screen create siblings during import CSV/TXT Import & Tangoristo export friendly Link "sibling" cards to eachother timeline - change icon timeline - selection range box is too high (above the grid) timeline - toggle to different icon on click Release 20-06-2018 set cards view preference in cookies whitelist summary/details HTML tags new -> old ordering (reversed chronologically) Vacation mode Timeline chart overhaul 1 backside audio autoplay Create Deck - layout bugs Reviews/Lessons reorder the buttons of the popup, change "Go back" to "Leave" Release 18-06-2018 checkbox for unlimited instead of 0 = unlimited Add a jp-> reading layout add card preview parse content change layout page layout. Styling/HTML box resizing Switch field order of default templates rounding bug in timeline Hinekidori bug - Reviews done flashes last card (without styling) when done after finishing a batch of lessons, the first card input will shake and not continue typo - address on settings page Release 13-06-2018 ListObjects isnt working Delete uploaded files upon deck deletion! multiple JP readings not working (seanblue example) enter doesnt work with popups anki import - decks without media still have issues styling not appending (card container v-if) anki import - tags split by whitespace delete folder should delete every linked deck in it && update delete confirmation description to match folder instead of deck Release 10-06-2018 Scatter % for intervals make result items link to the card change font for JP characters make delete confirmation buttons red Parent decks mustache if or syntax (# / ,^ /) ctrl+s on all "add/edit" pages #combinedanswers div for allowing combination of fields as answer in type field Change activation email anki import - parentdeck = create folder input focus @ backside preventing scroll unparent decks by dragging into "Back" item furigana bug iphone 8 - input width is off next button click area needs to be bigger audio autoplay in reviews cards page (table view?) sometimes wont load next cards unlimited lessons dont work change back button placement on "all cards page" auto focus input @ start of reviews Release 06-06-2018 img upload @ layout Data Caching hide index field if deck order setting != index Tooltip toggle @ usersettings Edit layout action @lessons/reviews Get item wrong -> put back in session until answered right "Lost password" page/function check if media is required @ imports enter does a submit after review popup (keyup event isnt removed correctly) Change login message behavior new decks have a blank tag @ creation fix index field values during advanced anki import Release 03-06-2018 Static Index field for cards card "Sleep" action at reviews & lessons bring back card from hibernation action @ cards page randomized reviews show icon @ card screen indicating hibernation random ordering method Change style of number input Hibernate functionality @ card page edit card button @ reviews & lessons Management tools (select multiple items and give option to delete or copy) Change anki import index to .value Change "skip" pagination to use something else (CreatedOn?) due to performance issues with skip() Array field indexing gives error @ live 1 enter should add tag @ tag inputs auto capitalization off for jp input - remove "to hiragana" change the selected display field upon load bugfix Preview @ add card screen 10k deck import failure make a template -> make a card -> add fields to template -> edit card: new fields are not there. Link IDs and check with template check template id @ edit card from anki deck (.id = '0') Release 30-05-2018 right click / middleclick doesnt work on links read autoplay setting from deckInfo Clear preview/layouts upon template selection @ layouts & disable fields until template selection is done Enter -> search Found security checks Add gap to search button Remember search upon going back Make cursor pointer in table Add back button to all cards page Add a card always opens at bottom of page (reset scroll on navigation) Furigana breaks on numbers Give logout button some margin or bottom of sidebar to separate from normal actions Remember last viewtype upon going back Change SRSLevels (last two are off) Index Field shake upon pressing enter (or english characters in a jp field) with a blank field preview @ edit card Ordering methods Select a "Display field" @ layouts (this will be the field that will be shown @ cards overview & results pages Tooltips / help buttons Release 27-05-2018 Update the default layouts based on feedback Update import status @ batching media/cards! anki deck import SRSLevels are not always filled up & should be minimum of 1h Add Card - focus next field upon pressing tab (instead of audio/img btns) input blocks the nextbutton on ios make default templates/layouts visible from userId 0. Read only Reviews/Lessons - add some top margin & move buttons to bottom change activation and "update" backend functions. Input still reacting to "enter" after All lessons done popup default not being set after saving (the very first time). after navigation/refresh it works as it should Client side caching (no refresh forcing) invalidation 1 ctrl+s to save layout round reviews to hours Autoplay audio Search tools Table view for cards/decks Release 23-05-2018 Counters @ reviews/lessons Make a general class for succes or wrong (for input based cards) in order to show specific elements Copy layout option save cardvalues with the "template field Id" corresponding to the template field. -> Get fieldnames from template during reviews/lessons (instead of card value fields) Fix grammar layout (grammar-point && type-ja) only build up reserve if there is at least one lesson done already. remove review top bar Hitting save will empty the templates/layouts even though there's a default set. ignore button z-index {{Kanji:fieldname}} strips out all kana (not just furigana) total cards count under description @ decks overview page Allow <br> tags in user values convert to kanji (and ignore brackets) @ type-ja Default Layout/Template selection per deck syntax highlighting @ layouts Release 21-05-2018 Change SRSLevel names Create Starting templates / layouts Fix colours @ chart auto convert first capital letter to hiragana instead of katakana when on mobile. Check for linked layouts upon template deletion lessons are being shown to user (at lessons page) even though there are no lessons left to do for today. link layouts to templates during anki import lock icon click -> unlock more lessons option Replace 0 @ lessons with a lock icon if user has done all lessons already Add version number @ settings page Approximate string matching (allow typos) Pagination for decks/cards/lessons/reviews link layouts under templates Release 18-05-2018 Character limit @ deckname/deckdescription Hover feedback / cursor pointer Kickback 2 levels for guru+, 1 for apprentice Progress bar NaN Lower default lessons per day create "to lessons" & "to reviews" buttons Ignore answer @ input reviews {{kana:fieldname}}{{kanji:fieldname}} support Redesign topbar (remove it) @ reviews / lessons Top margin on success/error notification lessons total counter never decreases input field values have to be compared after lowercase conversion Selection of multiple layouts @ card -> save new card per layout New Card - Save card flow Back buttons @ Add/Edit pages