Investigating ACEO-9936 ⁃ Re-implement pooling system for persons and baggage to avoid AddComponent spikes ACEO-10695 ⁃ Enforce check-in desks to prioritize the most delayed flight ACEO-11122 ⁃ Aircraft on approach appear under or at same level as taxiing aircraft 1 ACEO-11589 ⁃ Passengers do not at all times recognized closed bathrooms properly ACEO-11629 ⁃ Recurring flights are incorrectly displayed or planned ACEO-11625 ⁃ Flights remain in patterns of closed runway causing demolishing of that runway impossible ACEO-11831 ⁃ Performance issue when constructing small gate seating ACEO-11912 ⁃ Newly purchased fuel trucks can in rare instances get stuck after a few rounds of refueling 1 ACEO-12003 ⁃ Certain airlines being ignored by auto scheduler ACEO-11998 ⁃ Aircraft stuck in queue ACEO-11987 ⁃ Aircraft not always using designated taxiway paths Awaiting Development ACEO-10338 ⁃ Rare non-exception issue can cause all persons to stop moving 3 ACEO-4816 ⁃ Elevators ACEO-12078 ⁃ Improved contract system In Progress ACEO-4817 ⁃ Roof rendering when viewing above top floor In Review ACEO-4815 ⁃ Stairs and escalators ACEO-4813 ⁃ Multi-floor construction simulation ACEO-4814 ⁃ Multi-floor path-finding ACEO-4811 ⁃ Multi-floor rendering depending on shown floor level ACEO-4812 ⁃ Multi-floor building Ready for Experimental Branch ACEO-12076 ⁃ Larger variety of ramp agent operator dummy sprites for vehicles with exposed driver position ACEO-12075 ⁃ Catering turnaround simulation ACEO-12074 ⁃ Catering businesses ACEO-12073 ⁃ Catering depot ACEO-12072 ⁃ Catering truck Deployed on Experimental Branch ACEO-10294 ⁃ Minor queueing issues relating to boarding and deboarding processes for remote stands Deployed on Default Branch ACEO-9134 ⁃ Terrain texture shader rendering GPU bottleneck causes high CPU load ACEO-9709 ⁃ FPS limited to 100 in start menu to lower CPU load ACEO-9775 ⁃ Enable passengers to find seating if no check-in desk has been booked for a certain flight ACEO-9817 ⁃ Multiple vehicles parking at once on a specific service vehicle parking lot can override their assigned lots ACEO-9761 ⁃ Memory leak in thread causing high CPU usage ACEO-9952 ⁃ Increased pixel count light setting for "fantastic" quality level to reduce light source clipping ACEO-9986 ⁃ Changed name of "light pole" to "street light" ACEO-9992 ⁃ Walls built across a secure zone dividing it does not updates its internal secure area number causing path-finding issues ACEO-9769 ⁃ Specific scanner does not set correct icon until after it has been placed ACEO-10089 ⁃ Added season color variations to trees ACEO-10104 ⁃ Embraer 170 implemented for airlines Allure, Air Strada, SkyFly, Zoom and Wildcat Air ACEO-10193 ⁃ Mirrored Nordic logo on BAe 146 ACEO-10288 ⁃ Car service stop is not zoned as staff by default ACEO-10336 ⁃ Enable ramp agents and service cars waiting for transfer action completion to abort if stalled ACEO-10414 ⁃ Takeoff ambiance sound cuts abruptly when aircraft is removed ACEO-10469 ⁃ Improved placement of stand equipment ACEO-10668 ⁃ Uncaught null reference exception on order validation system can cause construction material not to be delivered ACEO-10694 ⁃ Enable job task agents to remember a job task they recently failed to avoid immdeiate claim-fail loops ACEO-11353 ⁃ Uncaught null reference exception in remote stand service car job ordering can cause job task dispatchment to stall ACEO-11608 ⁃ Ambient sounds paused and unpaused by all time speed settings ACEO-11730 ⁃ Poor loop implementation can cause belt loader and stair truck to stall during turnaround job task process ACEO-11878 ⁃ Various minor interactive tutorial panel bug and visual fixes ACEO-9950 ⁃ Building trees after previously demolising an object can throw a null reference exception disrupting the build process ACEO-10071 ⁃ HR Director applicants do not regenerate after being rejected ACEO-10220 ⁃ Uncaught null reference exception can cause ramp agents to stall at remote stands ACEO-10337 ⁃ Person "walk around" behavior can in certain cases cause serious performance degradation 1 ACEO-10413 ⁃ Terminal ambiance sound not playing correctly ACEO-10473 ⁃ Re-implemented shopping bag with matching business colors ACEO-10630 ⁃ Unable to extend runway ACEO-10475 ⁃ Current queue point index mismatch can cause static queues to stall ACEO-11112 ⁃ Exit markings incorrect on A319 and A321 ACEO-10464 ⁃ Setting first object name on build adds two extra spaces ACEO-11877 ⁃ Fuel depot does not connect correctly with roads when constructed ACEO-9949 ⁃ Airside shuttle bus stop not zoned as secure by default ACEO-10333 ⁃ Overhauled airport delivery system 3 ACEO-10415 ⁃ Aircraft does not spoil up engines when entering runway ACEO-10651 ⁃ Runway cannot be opened if ATC tower is not built 1 ACEO-11049 ⁃ Fuel trucks attempting to refuel at an unbuilt fuel depot do not continue to park action instead ACEO-11150 ⁃ Aircraft E170 and E190 startup wait is too long ACEO-10566 ⁃ Room secure zone status incorrectly determined due to missing calculation method 1 ACEO-11050 ⁃ Rare none-existent fuel truck bug can cause parking lot spaces to be incorrectly occupied ACEO-9953 ⁃ Trees are dark for a brief second upon construction before getting refresehd ACEO-9985 ⁃ Employee panel filter tick does not update when switching between applicants and staff ACEO-10078 ⁃ Rare issue can cause aircraft to get stuck during pushback process due to serialization bug ACEO-8562 ⁃ When enable refueling, an error message is displayed even if the criteria are met ACEO-10488 ⁃ Plane taking wide turns when park ACEO-10689 ⁃ Invisible service truck can stuck at cargo bay causing baggage loading disruption 1 ACEO-11144 ⁃ Incorrect interaction point occupation checking method can cause security checkpoints to deadlock as unstaffed ACEO-9884 ⁃ Vehicle Warning Lights not showing during day ACEO-10399 ⁃ Uncaught exception in baggage simulation causes remote boarding to stop ACEO-8614 ⁃ Fuel truck refill from depot is slow ACEO-10576 ⁃ Planes stop landing due to uncaught exception ACEO-11140 ⁃ Stand can loose connection to security checkpoint if wall is placed too close to boarding point. ACEO-10320 ⁃ Incorrect distance measurement and uncaught null reference exception on stand model door finder can cause completed boardings not to depart ACEO-11088 ⁃ Missing content check on order queue length can cause contractors to stall when constructing ACEO-11128 ⁃ Incorrect distance checking variable can cause static queues to stall ACEO-10072 ⁃ Adapted ATC rules to ensure that the latest commercial flight get landing priority over new commercial flights and GA 1 ACEO-10348 ⁃ Uncaught exception in service vehicle flight status check can cause vehicle movement to stall ACEO-11086 ⁃ Incorrect default state of construction validation bool causes strange scatter-like construction patterns ACEO-10241 ⁃ Persons attempt to interact with closed rooms ACEO-10235 ⁃ Contractor bus dispatchment can get stuck in a loop when contractors try to leave a world via secondly built contractor offload site ACEO-10122 ⁃ On/off icon appears briefly in lower world corner ACEO-10231 ⁃ Delivery system can in rare instances not initiate deliveries correctly (fuel, construction material) ACEO-10412 ⁃ Queuing persons do not distribute correctly between desks when waiting for static queue entry 1 ACEO-10624 ⁃ Baggage left behind on airside bus stop ACEO-9616 ⁃ Passengers can in some cases fail to claim baggage and stall at baggage claim areas ACEO-10422 ⁃ Texture-less CEO spawned on first load of new airport ACEO-9613 ⁃ Passengers in many cases can get stuck on remote stands or airside shuttle bus stops ACEO-10091 ⁃ Uncaught exception halts deboarding of passengers ACEO-10205 ⁃ Stand display does not indicate whether a stand is connected to a runway or not ACEO-10183 ⁃ Incorrect destroy method for removed agents can cause baggage loading and unloading issues ACEO-10315 ⁃ Uncaught rare exception in ATC when spawning flights can cause flight arrival to stall ACEO-9582 ⁃ Passengers can on rare occasions get stuck when leaving a resting item for boarding ACEO-9754 ⁃ Exception thrown when having too many un-built structures with text on ACEO-10253 ⁃ Job task for shuttling ramp agents from remote stands only verify via stand and job task type (and not flight) which can cause stranded ramp agents ACEO-10270 ⁃ Uncaught exception in movement system can cause all persons in an airport to randomly stall ACEO-10330 ⁃ Enable job task agents to discover, and break current activity, if a new job task has been assigned to them while moving about the airport ACEO-11306 ⁃ Ensure remote boarding does not start before remote deboarding is completed ACEO-11330 ⁃ Incorrect distance value check for occupying vehicles at service car stops can cause vehicles to stall ACEO-11422 ⁃ Incorrect error counter for vehicle overtaking system can cause deadlocks ACEO-11535 ⁃ Missing serialization of attempted target position for fetching security check-points causes persons to ignore certain check-points upon load ACEO-11593 ⁃ Vehicle trailers do no occupy nodes ACEO-11718 ⁃ Double negation of measurement variable cause persons not to distribute correctly between security check-points ACEO-11775 ⁃ Contractors immediately rush to staff room when placed and then revert back to contractor offload site ACEO-11782 ⁃ Various minor visual construciton and building polishing ACEO-11857 ⁃ Fuel depots do not display fuel type image correctly in build panel ACEO-11895 ⁃ Added try catch for subscribed time oberserves to avoid time from stalling if an exception is thrown during update ACEO-11916 ⁃ Inadequate update sequence in pushback truck controller can in rare instances cause aircraft pushback to stall ACEO-9435 ⁃ Aircraft taxiway occupation waiting is excessive causing delays ACEO-10342 ⁃ Environment ground textures do not blend correctly ACEO-10439 ⁃ Job task system does not properly distribute job tasks to most suitable agents ACEO-11442 ⁃ Service vehicles can in certain instances deadlock when overtaking ACEO-11592 ⁃ Service vehicles attempting to park at parking objects with already assigned vehicle of same type does not clear their assignment ACEO-11774 ⁃ Construction object wireframe layering on top of contractors ACEO-10332 ⁃ Uncaught null reference exception when attempting to fetch secutiy check-point for a flight that does not exist can stall passenger ACEO-11773 ⁃ Stand runway connection message does not update when changing accepted aircraft type toggles ACEO-10135 ⁃ Airside shuttle buses can get stuck in a loop if containing onboard passengers for a job where a flight has already departed ACEO-10346 ⁃ Unloading baggage count gets set as zero when service truck park ACEO-11772 ⁃ Employee job task progress bar not showing ACEO-10351 ⁃ Flight planner scheduled day 1 causes exception with DateTime counting ACEO-11771 ⁃ Construction earth patches dissappear during construciton phase ACEO-10185 ⁃ Prefab issue casues remote stand bus stop not to be automatically zoned as secure ACEO-10191 ⁃ Airside shuttle bus can in certain cases deboard everyone but one passenger onboard ACEO-10249 ⁃ Internal pausing method for agents boarding vehicles do not update rendering and position correctly causing lower corner flashing 1 ACEO-9178 ⁃ Stand names get incorrectly sorted flight planner (for example 1 & 12) ACEO-9370 ⁃ Heavy performance degradation on nearest node call for baggage reaching end of line ACEO-9665 ⁃ Passengers not able to complete a certain activity can in rare cases get teleported to airside shuttle bus stops 2 ACEO-4465 ⁃ Added clear all notifications button 1 ACEO-9662 ⁃ Missing dismissal call for aviation trucks when failing to deliver can cause them to get stuck in a roaming loop ACEO-8808 ⁃ Ramp agents in many cases can get stuck on remote stands or service car stops ACEO-9776 ⁃ Enable passengers to walk around aimlessly within a certain distance as a wait activity if no other desired activity is executable ACEO-9800 ⁃ Persons can not utilize benches ACEO-9806 ⁃ Enable passengers to interact with information desks ACEO-9920 ⁃ Wrong material on E190 stabilizer ACEO-9625 ⁃ Interaction point occupation verification method incorrectly clears due to using wrong positioning comparison ACEO-9813 ⁃ Persons with the walking around activity can stall ACEO-9885 ⁃ Z-fighting during seasons transition ACEO-9933 ⁃ Dash Q400 props doesn't always spin ACEO-9720 ⁃ Auto scheduler overlapping flights ACEO-9973 ⁃ Bulldozer tool can in rare instances get stuck ACEO-9988 ⁃ Rare issue with overlay getting stuck on screen when building rooms ACEO-9755 ⁃ Aircraft still can get scheduled on wrong stand size ACEO-9906 ⁃ Completed flights not updated when flight planner is active ACEO-8602 ⁃ Can not cancel airline contract even when all flights are cancelled ACEO-9710 ⁃ Day of week does not update properly in main panel ACEO-8741 ⁃ Total employees counter does not update in dashboard panel ACEO-9804 ⁃ Slightly reduced fuel truck operation price ACEO-9821 ⁃ Rare exception when cancelling several contracts ACEO-10002 ⁃ Z-fighting between trees when placed close to each other ACEO-9820 ⁃ Implemented Embraer 190 with airlines Tulip, Swiftly, Nordic, Goose and Forrest ACEO-10001 ⁃ Q400 props spawn as turned off ACEO-9822 ⁃ Exception thrown when pressing enter during contract cancelling ACEO-10000 ⁃ Exception thrown when disabling passengers causing a noticeable drop in FPS ACEO-9763 ⁃ Baggage doesn't get picked up if security checkpoints closes after a passenger has dropped its bag on the belt ACEO-9856 ⁃ Out of bounds exception can occur when vehicles attempt to bypass other vehicles ACEO-9848 ⁃ Incorrect clearing method in internal list can cause data objects such as vehicles and flights to disappear ACEO-10010 ⁃ Persons queueing in static queue cut in line when loading ACEO-10005 ⁃ Reroute 50 bags does not complete in tutorial ACEO-7087 ⁃ Notify player of not being allowed to construct separate service vehicle areas when two different vehicle check-points cannot be reached by each-other 1 ACEO-10014 ⁃ Room now repeats placement after build ACEO-10016 ⁃ Rock shadow too far away from object ACEO-10098 ⁃ Faulty airside shuttle bus activity determination can cause roaming loop ACEO-10257 ⁃ Pushback trucks can sometimes not be correctly dispatched ACEO-10477 ⁃ Passengers select random secure zone exits causing long distance paths ACEO-10015 ⁃ Vehicles shuttling onboard persons will immediately abort a job task and seek to deboard those persons if a path-finding request fails ACEO-9997 ⁃ Passengers get de-serialized and activated on bottom corner if saved while being transited in a vehicle (such as airside shuttle bus or service car) ACEO-8588 ⁃ Persons interacting with a disk placed one tile from a wall end up walking through that wall and getting displaced ACEO-10441 ⁃ Small boarding desk and small cafe cashier gets changed to larger versions when saving and reloading ACEO-10471 ⁃ Janitors and service technicians do not select job task based on distance efficiently ACEO-10692 ⁃ Adjust employee job task object occupation cancellation threshold from 240 to 60 in-game minutes ACEO-9866 ⁃ Airside shuttle bus and service car incorrectly returns assigned job task if work is disrupted while carrying onboard persons ACEO-10038 ⁃ Updated wall and window texture ACEO-10095 ⁃ Baggage loading can get stuck if both unloading and loading service truck enter stand at the same time ACEO-10449 ⁃ Incorrect variable usage in job task dispatch system can cause all airport work to halt ACEO-10478 ⁃ Enable the "airport closed" as notification persistent ACEO-10701 ⁃ Tutorial page not loading when using right tabs ACEO-9718 ⁃ Newly procured service trucks doesn't spawn trailers if they go directly to baggage bay ACEO-10421 ⁃ Warning lights on stair trucks are flashing when parked ACEO-10040 ⁃ Person cars are not spawned for passenger drop-off (only buses) ACEO-10035 ⁃ Flight auto planner can stop working ACEO-10048 ⁃ Interaction item point occupation does not work properly when deserializing causing persons to override each-other ACEO-10042 ⁃ Detached flaps on ATR ACEO-10707 ⁃ Jetway not conecting to ATR42 ACEO-10760 ⁃ Added 25 new sound effects ACEO-10955 ⁃ Bulldozing terminal foundation returns incorrect funds value ACEO-10018 ⁃ Asset type text incorrect on bag tag ACEO-10049 ⁃ Minor performance and stability improvements to couroutine execution ACEO-10099 ⁃ When writing save game name, keys strokes can trigger game shortcuts ACEO-10755 ⁃ Selling a vehicle doesn't refresh the vehicle list ACEO-10759 ⁃ Added full-length soundtrack ACEO-10836 ⁃ ATR 42 tail sprite rendering incorrect ACEO-10858 ⁃ Missing livery on Havana CRJ 700 aircraft ACEO-10875 ⁃ APU sound effect doesn't properly reduce volume with distance 1 ACEO-10974 ⁃ Typo in cargo scanner (II) description ACEO-8997 ⁃ Insufficient information on why stands without security connection doesn't show up in flight planner ACEO-10941 ⁃ Fuel depot tank extensions overflow UI ACEO-11024 ⁃ Very rare out of bounds exception on construction material order system can cause system to stall ACEO-11043 ⁃ Contractors will fall back on a random construction order if the nearest one is not reachable 1 ACEO-11060 ⁃ Reduced path deviation generation for running persons and contractors ACEO-10770 ⁃ Consolidated several sprite sheets for aircraft ACEO-10679 ⁃ Service truck carts can on rare occasions be left on parking spots ACEO-10851 ⁃ Main menu aircraft missing sprites ACEO-10824 ⁃ Added MDK (mod kit) for Q400, E170 and E190 ACEO-10895 ⁃ Broken livery on Q400 aircraft ACEO-10949 ⁃ Havana A320 missing livery ACEO-8793 ⁃ Terminal doors visible for remote stands ACEO-10429 ⁃ When deserializing empty fuel depot or truck will disable fueling service ACEO-11042 ⁃ Incorrect delivery site null reference check for delivery vehicles can cause stalling ACEO-11201 ⁃ Secret GA aircraft added (requires paved runway and stand) ACEO-11313 ⁃ Various remote stand stability improvements ACEO-11380 ⁃ Gameplay settings panel in main menu does not load correctly ACEO-10772 ⁃ Long loading times for environmental objects due to performance bug ACEO-10863 ⁃ Default building and demolishing drag and place is now set to "click-hold-release" (previous "click-release-click" can be enabled on via "alternative dragging" toggle in gameplay menu) ACEO-10947 ⁃ Dash 8 Q400 fuselage sprite flipped ACEO-9890 ⁃ Uncaught exception in job tasks panel sorting can cause its update sequence to stop funcitoning ACEO-11040 ⁃ Double CEOs can have been serialized on older saves ACEO-11200 ⁃ Added two additional liveries to Beechcraft Baron 58 ACEO-10156 ⁃ Flight status and weather panel stay open when management panel is opened ACEO-10872 ⁃ Rare uncaught exception in aircraft taxi causing aircraft to get stuck ACEO-11138 ⁃ Aviation fuel supply truck does not leave the airport after completing its delivery ACEO-11199 ⁃ Piper Cherokee added ACEO-10930 ⁃ Uncaught exception causes fuel truck to stop refueling ACEO-10550 ⁃ Airport lighting doesn't always turn on or off in time ACEO-10876 ⁃ Planes spawned via debug panel can get stuck in bottom left corner (warning message will now appear when trying to spawn unscheduled flights (not recommended!)) ACEO-11154 ⁃ Service round and fuel sets as green color in turnaround progress monitor if not requested ACEO-11015 ⁃ Ground equipment overlap stair truck for E170 aircraft ACEO-11157 ⁃ Gate door doesn't set as secure if zone has previously been cleared ACEO-10687 ⁃ Australia regions are incorrect in airport database ACEO-11047 ⁃ Vehicles with shipments for delivery sites behind a vehicle checkpoint will attempt to enter via that delivery site's nearest vehicle checkpoint ACEO-10460 ⁃ Aircraft sometimes does not leave when all passengers are boarded ACEO-10243 ⁃ Security areas connect with diagonal neighbors causing two separate security areas to merge, which can cause passenger to get stuck in the wrong terminal ACEO-11123 ⁃ Fight planner auto-planning feature does not respect time separation for remote stands ACEO-11052 ⁃ Airbus A321 added for Tulip, SkyFly and Penguin ACEO-11057 ⁃ Cafe counter tops now colorable ACEO-11440 ⁃ Ramp agent transfer from stand by service car job task is immediately cancelled when the flight's turnaround is complete ACEO-11416 ⁃ Lacking saftey check for ramp agent turnaround service can cause aircraft to deadlock during turnaround ACEO-11195 ⁃ Legacy arriving passenger behavior can cause stalling when attempting to leave a secure zone ACEO-11591 ⁃ Ramp agents can break out of stand service round on remote stand causing stranded ramp agents ACEO-11176 ⁃ Onboard persons text in vehicle panel displayed for irrelevant vehicles ACEO-11587 ⁃ Persons leaving the airport do not account for transit structure availability causing delayed activity execution if a certain object type is not available ACEO-11586 ⁃ If no available transit structure exist in the world, despawned transportation vehicles can deadlock if not having already visited such a structure ACEO-11448 ⁃ Ramp agent job task generation for baggage bays are duplicated ACEO-11120 ⁃ Contractors incorrectly claim path issue problem when not able to find construction material ACEO-11196 ⁃ Service vehicle overtaking system does not function properly ACEO-11235 ⁃ Runway connection error displayed if stand doesn't accept commercial or GA ACEO-11297 ⁃ Rare exception on rescheduling flights can cause planes to not land ACEO-10998 ⁃ Persons attempting to distribute evenly across queues do not consider number of static queuers ACEO-11357 ⁃ Vehicles can deadlock when there is no possibility to overtake ACEO-11307 ⁃ Added red taxiway icon to runway entrances/exits not properly connected to the taxiway system ACEO-11371 ⁃ Ramp agents abort service round due to un-safe saftey check ACEO-11378 ⁃ Added "reset ramp agent" button to debug panel to reduce save breaking caused by previous remote stand bugs ACEO-11379 ⁃ Rendering issue for MacBooks with Open GL version lower than 4.0 ACEO-11712 ⁃ Second tier conveyor belt scanner gets overridden with organics type on deserialization 1 ACEO-11780 ⁃ Medium stands are loaded as small on older saves ACEO-11792 ⁃ Uncaught array out of bounds exception when updating tutorial panel can cause time to stall ACEO-11794 ⁃ "Trucks" misspelled in tutorial panel ACEO-11638 ⁃ Rooms invoke "power on" sound effect when opening or closing ACEO-11797 ⁃ Management panel tutorial container step lacks rich text setting causing formatting text to be visible ACEO-11805 ⁃ Management panel operations tab not scrollable ACEO-11826 ⁃ "Received" misspelled in tutorial panel ACEO-11900 ⁃ Missing null reference method in service car boarding method can cause ramp agents to stall when returning from remote stand ACEO-11913 ⁃ Missing bool check in remote stand job task verification method can cause transfer job to duplicate ACEO-11819 ⁃ Incorrect verification method for ramp agent transfer can cause ramp agent service round job task to be cancelled and ramp agents to stall ACEO-11901 ⁃ Structure lights and effects enabled at night despite being deactivated 2 ACEO-11963 ⁃ Item activation toggling caused by parent room activation status spawns excessive audio effects ACEO-11817 ⁃ Sold service vehicles can in rare instances not correctly terminate or reset current job tasks causing turnaround stalls ACEO-11816 ⁃ Uncaught null reference exception in job task panel sorting list ACEO-12014 ⁃ Persons aborting an activity while queuing for a desk does not reduce its queue count number correctly causing poor queue distribution balance ACEO-11890 ⁃ Missing job task completion check for ramp agents can cause service cars to stall when picking up for remote stand transfer ACEO-12013 ⁃ Deserialized baggage bays generate duplicate job tasks ACEO-11811 ⁃ Interactive tutorial panel step completion section lacks rich text setting causing formatting text to be visible ACEO-11839 ⁃ Incorrectly reversed queue counters can cause queue distribution to not work optimally ACEO-11871 ⁃ New aircraft added: Piper J3-Cub ACEO-12001 ⁃ Path usage when leaving seats can cause get nearest node method to displace persons 3 ACEO-11989 ⁃ Hard coded requirement of at least three onboarded ramp agents per remote service car can cause remote stand transfer process to stall 1 ACEO-12187 ⁃ New employee tool sprite added ACEO-12267 ⁃ Better exception logging for coroutine execution to uncover issue with ACEO-10338 ACEO-12219 ⁃ Cost for expanding airport added to funds after completing the regional airport phase ACEO-12050 ⁃ Various spelling mistakes in tutorial ACEO-11969 ⁃ Minor typo in tutorial step text ACEO-12033 ⁃ Enable the job task dispatching system to automatically detect and mark suitable job tasks as prioritized ACEO-12034 ⁃ Remote stand job tasks for flights that are delayed past 00:00 of the same day get incorrectly generated starting time causing further delays ACEO-11882 ⁃ Boarding process can in rare instances stall despite all departing passengers havingboarded ACEO-12047 ⁃ Issue with prioritized job task dispatchment can cause double job task retrieval and overall process mayhem ACEO-12056 ⁃ Incorrect variable can cause ramp agents on remote stands to complete before being transferred back by a service car ACEO-12113 ⁃ Missing failed activity analysis update call when persons rest can cause delaying behavior when checking-in or boarding ACEO-12128 ⁃ Added pictures to the remote stand tutorial section ACEO-12071 ⁃ Duplicate parked vehicles containers can sometimes be generated when displaying a parking object panel