Investigating ACEO-16446 ⁃ Zone no more walkable after deleting stairs Awaiting Development ACEO-11856 ⁃ New language: Simplified chinese ACEO-14102 ⁃ New language: Brazilian portugese ACEO-11855 ⁃ New language: Russian ACEO-11854 ⁃ New language: Spanish ACEO-11853 ⁃ New language: French ACEO-11852 ⁃ New language: German ACEO-11044 ⁃ Small plant and modular sofa corner variation base sprites not updating correctly In Progress ACEO-10338 ⁃ Rare non-exception issue can cause all persons to stop moving In Review Ready for Experimental Branch Deployed on Experimental Branch ACEO-14850 ⁃ Premature activity evaluation method for when relief items break can cause a NullReferenceException on interaction items and stalled passengers ACEO-14661 ⁃ Aircraft cabin cleaning truck and belt loader truck overlap on Q400 ACEO-14998 ⁃ Flight planner breaks down when planning flights ACEO-14970 ⁃ Security officer can get stuck on rare occasions ACEO-15335 ⁃ Pathfinding error causing agents to get stuck after a few minutes of gameplay ACEO-15379 ⁃ People freeze due to an exception in path caching system ACEO-15424 ⁃ Escalators and stairs are not prioritized by contractors ACEO-15477 ⁃ Exception in contractor pathfinding can in rare cases cause them to get stuck ACEO-15036 ⁃ Incorrect texture property setting causes console spam ACEO-16312 ⁃ Aircraft cabin cleaning fee slider value reloads when closing fees panel ACEO-16377 ⁃ Aircraft can now taxi through de-icing stands (when not in use) allowing for taxiways designs without de-icing stand bypasses ACEO-16393 ⁃ Template tool does not copy rooms ACEO-16428 ⁃ Baggagge overlaps generic scanner when passing through ACEO-14622 ⁃ Security officers can in rare instances become displaced during or after job task completion causing pathfinding errors ACEO-14949 ⁃ Aircraft cannot abort de-icing activity if temperature rises above zero while approaching a de-icing pad ACEO-16404 ⁃ Template tool now generates automatic description images ACEO-15305 ⁃ Wrong localized string in staffing selector on desks ACEO-15337 ⁃ Shop tutorial does not move forward ACEO-15465 ⁃ Staff salaries not showing correct name in budget panel ACEO-16345 ⁃ AM/PM time doesn't work in flight process monitor ACEO-16370 ⁃ Incorrect enabling of stand assign dropdown has let users assign incompatible service vehicles to stands causing various disruptions ACEO-14968 ⁃ Template tool (ability to copy, paste and save a group of objects as a tempalte) ACEO-16403 ⁃ Saved template category panel in build menu not visible ACEO-14543 ⁃ Switching floor causes vehicle animations to reset ACEO-14637 ⁃ Security staff renamed 'security officer' in accordance with industry terminology ACEO-15513 ⁃ Render buffer warning thrown when loading save in game ACEO-14419 ⁃ Aircraft cabin cleaning turnaround procedure does not take deboarding and boarding status into account ACEO-14552 ⁃ Garbage trucks have infinite waste capacity resulting in a seemingly excessive amount of garbage trucks dispatched for waste pickup ACEO-14636 ⁃ Airport staff renamed 'passenger service agent' in accordance with industry terminology ACEO-15486 ⁃ Wrong text in description in runway panel ACEO-16376 ⁃ Missing key for airport staff in job task panel statistics containers ACEO-14541 ⁃ Missing localization key value for de-icing fluid amount ACEO-16373 ⁃ Baggage overlaps scanner when passing through ACEO-16443 ⁃ Missing text in template tool button hover to highlight that alt left button is needed to be clicked in order to copy full rooms ACEO-14539 ⁃ Aircraft sound levels inconsistent when switching from startup to idle ACEO-16442 ⁃ De-icing trucks can in rare instances get stuck after aircraft de-icing completion and empty their tank ACEO-14538 ⁃ Aircraft cabin cleaning truck position for Q400 misaligned ACEO-14635 ⁃ Inactive construction text causing notable performance impact even if object is built ACEO-14806 ⁃ Runway tire marks layered over aircraft on runway ACEO-14898 ⁃ Assigned fuel truck at closed stand can in certain instances get stuck in a loop ACEO-14868 ⁃ Fuel trucks perform a pirouette before exiting fuel depot ACEO-14938 ⁃ Airport fees resets when loading a saved airport ACEO-14942 ⁃ Added temperature modifier value based on airport location to avoid de-icing and cold weather coniditions in countries with traditionally warm climate ACEO-14954 ⁃ Loans can be paid off with insufficient funds ACEO-12734 ⁃ Missing key value for catering job task description ACEO-14951 ⁃ Passengers can in rare instances get stuck in shop while waiting to pay ACEO-15124 ⁃ Security area merge doesn't properly work with escalators and jetway ACEO-15177 ⁃ Passenger service agent enum not updated an still reflects old variable name 'airport staff' ACEO-16387 ⁃ Boarding procedure initiated despite aircraft cabin cleaning not completed ACEO-14536 ⁃ Aircraft information panel missing requested services icons ACEO-14808 ⁃ Jetway not colorable from first floor or above ACEO-14953 ⁃ Construction costs doesn't match description on some objects ACEO-14767 ⁃ Catering food supplier cost value rounded to 0 for lower than one dollar values ACEO-15154 ⁃ Stair truck visible through terminal ACEO-15196 ⁃ Floating income and expense markers stay on screen when game is paused ACEO-14531 ⁃ Waiting positions for service vehicles at medium stands overlap ACEO-15012 ⁃ Stairs do not fill out entire allocated model area ACEO-15155 ⁃ Added rounded taxiway edge lines ACEO-14410 ⁃ Beechcraft 1900D does not activate extra lights on runway at night ACEO-16354 ⁃ Baggage claim areas with no conveyor belt turn built cannot function ACEO-14528 ⁃ Waste depot unloading speed too low ACEO-15202 ⁃ Improved service road texture with rounded corners ACEO-16101 ⁃ De-icing trucks not colorable 1 ACEO-16438 ⁃ Procurement search bar does not exclude other key input ACEO-15192 ⁃ Missing reset methods for new turnaround structures can cause turnaround procedures to stall if initially failed by vehicle ACEO-14547 ⁃ Incorrect requirement for de-icing truck renders it non-purchasable if waste depot not built ACEO-15234 ⁃ Road tunnels now automatically set road type based on connectors ACEO-14456 ⁃ Contractors can in rare cases get teleported to delivery sites without reason ACEO-14508 ⁃ Improved tutorial step completion background color to better accommodate reading experience ACEO-14323 ⁃ Vehicle procurment text size too big ACEO-15260 ⁃ Statistic labels in main and dashboard panel updates their respective values at different times ACEO-14483 ⁃ If an aircraft arrives to a de-icing pad before a de-icing truck, the next occupying de-icing truck will never invoke the de-icing behavior causing a deadlock ACEO-14584 ⁃ Flight monitor missing catering and aircraft cabin cleaning ACEO-15174 ⁃ Failed deliveries are not recognized correctly by the system causing a "delivery block loop" stalling construction material shipments ACEO-14784 ⁃ Parallax effect on road check-point structure ACEO-15927 ⁃ Minor spelling mistake in third tutorial section ACEO-16394 ⁃ Pushback trucks, upon job task completion, disregard roads in an erratic manner ACEO-14480 ⁃ De-icing vapor visible on lower floors ACEO-14128 ⁃ Dashboard and main interaction bag counters do not match ACEO-14928 ⁃ Waste reduction calculation method for waste depots can cause garbage trucks to get stuck ACEO-14397 ⁃ Older saves (saved before Alpha 30) can crash on load due to incorrect serialized item type ACEO-15583 ⁃ Vehicles displaced too far from a road node gets stuck ACEO-16384 ⁃ Locate button does not switch floors automatically if agent is present on different floor than camera ACEO-14577 ⁃ Pushback truck tow bar visible on lower ground floors ACEO-14856 ⁃ Improved error handling for person activity update loops to avoid stalling persons ACEO-16383 ⁃ Vehicle UI container sprites not displaying correctly when vehicles are underground ACEO-14615 ⁃ Missing effect toggle handler on de-icing pad causes it to be un-buildable ACEO-14559 ⁃ Trucks resupplying a certain depot can become stuck in a delivery loop as they do not correctly account for shipment relevancy ACEO-14858 ⁃ Missing distance check for random node fetch in vehicle's roaming method can cause extensive detours in large airports ACEO-14872 ⁃ De-icing fluid depot panel incorrectly displays percentage symbol instead of fluid amount symbol ACEO-15204 ⁃ Vehicle depot containers displays maintenance warning label for all vehicles ACEO-15265 ⁃ De-icing process can get stuck in a loop when reloading game ACEO-16382 ⁃ Taxiway node sign overlaps vehicles ACEO-16388 ⁃ Aircraft cabin cleaning truck rotation not correctly set when loading ACEO-16392 ⁃ Service vehicles can in rare instances not reset their current parking structure after a job has been completed causing idling behavior in an incorrect spot ACEO-14874 ⁃ Service truck renamed 'baggage truck' in accordance with industry terminology ACEO-14939 ⁃ Added conveyor belt escalator direction guide icons ACEO-15134 ⁃ Missing validation for aircraft occupying a de-icing pad can cause de-icing in general to stall ACEO-15040 ⁃ Baggage can get unloaded underneath conveyor belt on baggage bay ACEO-15000 ⁃ Shader culling causes marking lines on flipped texture such as runway entrance and exits to disappear ACEO-15173 ⁃ Default information desk shift too short and can in some airport layouts cause a pile-uo of staff at desk ACEO-14930 ⁃ Contractors can in certain cases stuck when ending up in an inaccessible area ACEO-15272 ⁃ Vehicle workforce statistics containers do not spawn correctly when viewing the vehicle job task panel ACEO-15238 ⁃ Implemented separate path finding system for contractors to avoid stalling other agents during path finding ACEO-15206 ⁃ Employee can be located even if it hasn't spawned causing panel to get stuck at edge of map ACEO-15364 ⁃ Exception can be thrown in new contractor pathfinding causing them to get stuck ACEO-15385 ⁃ Object rotation doesn't work properly ACEO-7605 ⁃ Paying off loans causes remaining interest to get charged ACEO-15431 ⁃ Improved baggage performance rendering Deployed on Default Branch ACEO-13336 ⁃ Vehicles do not recognize inaccessible parking structures on floors above or below self ACEO-14302 ⁃ Bags can get left behind if a passenger gets teleported due to multiple failed path attempts ACEO-14288 ⁃ Persons do not attempt to leave through all viable secure zone exits before throwing path finding error notifications ACEO-14304 ⁃ "More check-in desks required" notification text not informative enough ACEO-14252 ⁃ Passengers only use one desk out of several available when interacting with cafes and shops ACEO-14314 ⁃ Uncaught NullReferenceException in parking space validation check can cause vehicles to stall ACEO-14322 ⁃ Fixed flood lights added to fuel depot structures ACEO-14324 ⁃ Fixed light levels when showing underground floors ACEO-14341 ⁃ Added remaining aircraft to main menu background simulation ACEO-14331 ⁃ Persons do not take walkability status of node when verifying current zone position, in rare cases causing stuck passengers when deboarding ACEO-14336 ⁃ Ground level constructions overlay visible through terminal ACEO-14343 ⁃ Runway entrance light doesn't turn on when switching floor ACEO-14445 ⁃ Persons using urinal can't properly relief themselves ACEO-14465 ⁃ Decreased stairs length ACEO-14461 ⁃ Airport lights toggling always delayed ACEO-14493 ⁃ Security staff in certain cases instantly teleport to transit structure when entering security check-point area due to wall built on checkpoint edge ACEO-14491 ⁃ Investigation UI for person's failed path not visible through various floor configurations ACEO-14506 ⁃ Uncaught deserialization exception on employee resumes can case loading of game to break ACEO-14561 ⁃ Additional logging added to deal with ACEO-10338 ACEO-13937 ⁃ Weather effects visible on below ground floor ACEO-14301 ⁃ Employee tools sometimes visible through floor ACEO-13549 ⁃ Some rotate-on-the-axis shadows not aligning ACEO-14497 ⁃ In-world notification icon too small ACEO-14478 ⁃ Uncaught NullReferenceException in passenger behavior validation method can cause all passengers to stall ACEO-13362 ⁃ Cost is different from object description ACEO-14296 ⁃ Terminals with multiple floors and constructed jetways but with no escalators present invoke strange security-to-stand-transition-node behavior ACEO-14328 ⁃ Specific baggage scanner construction overlay text incorrect ACEO-14563 ⁃ Object selection overlay doesn't show on upper floors ACEO-14038 ⁃ "Can not build below terminal" message appears even if terminal above demolished ACEO-14293 ⁃ Teleported serialized ramp agents cannot move about the terminal ACEO-14045 ⁃ Loading process now "self aware" and detects if problems occurr during loading, prompting user to submit a bug report 1 ACEO-14290 ⁃ One way taxiway layering issue in regards to taxiway signs ACEO-14085 ⁃ Workers build objects on ground level from underground ACEO-14016 ⁃ Fuel truck operating cost incorrect in economy overview ACEO-14139 ⁃ Security staff cannot leave secure area via secure area exit if no security checkpoint is present ACEO-14133 ⁃ Stair truck misalignment for aircraft type E190 ACEO-14132 ⁃ Ensure that second floor terminal foundation has been built befor allowing jetway construction to avoid security checkpoint connection confusion ACEO-14182 ⁃ Jetway cost is being charged even if upgrade fails 1 ACEO-14262 ⁃ Ramp agents cannot access service car stops placed on other floors than ground floor ACEO-14249 ⁃ Aircraft stand light poles visible through terminal ACEO-13991 ⁃ Jetway visible through roof ACEO-14278 ⁃ Rare exception in floor instantiation process can break deserialization process ACEO-14034 ⁃ Bags counter broken ACEO-14307 ⁃ Aircraft visible through terminal overpass roof ACEO-14501 ⁃ Incompatible alpha setting for shader can cause tools to render transparent background on some GPUs ACEO-14052 ⁃ Gate number is not aligned in flight planner ACEO-14306 ⁃ Cannot connect baggage bay across multiple floors ACEO-14140 ⁃ Mipmap setting accidentally disabled on person and asset (baggage, goods) texture sheets ACEO-14215 ⁃ Baggage bay staffing count does not reflect input value do to "minus one" count issue ACEO-14566 ⁃ Lacking requirements dialog panel now reveals what requirements missing when attempting to purchase a product ACEO-14001 ⁃ Upgraded game engine version ACEO-14565 ⁃ Procurement container requirements text clips text ACEO-14030 ⁃ Filtering contracts by type does not work ACEO-14068 ⁃ Selection sizes are incorrect ACEO-13398 ⁃ Queue overlay doesn't show on upper floors ACEO-14042 ⁃ Road tunnel visible through terminal ACEO-14002 ⁃ Attached bug report save file size increased to 20 MB ACEO-14017 ⁃ Incorrect calculated hourly operation cost on stands ACEO-14098 ⁃ Shop prouduct sprites under shelves ACEO-14003 ⁃ Error codes added to failed bug report sending attempts ACEO-14074 ⁃ Language key for hazardous hauler vehicle variation (garbage truck) doesn't exist ACEO-14004 ⁃ Delivery truck incorrectly default to garbage truck sprite ACEO-14065 ⁃ Baggage sometimes visible on wrong floor ACEO-14012 ⁃ Baggage rotates strange in corners while on conveyor belts ACEO-14094 ⁃ Terrain object (trees, rocks) shadows replaced with more efficient shader based solution ACEO-13494 ⁃ Building jetway doesn't cost any money ACEO-14141 ⁃ Updated "the multi-floor update" main menu graphics (new update banner art) ACEO-14295 ⁃ Zone areas existance checking does not always reutrn correct value ACEO-14294 ⁃ Job task transfer location for remote stand service rounds incorrectly overwritten ACEO-4805 ⁃ Terminal floors