Administrative volunteering Want to help with writing, planning, programming, and other more organizational tasks? check bellow cuz this is where you'll find our asks! Translation: all of the surplace website into French Web & writing: help write new pages for Surplace web site Help on the business side of Surplace 2 AM Surplace Finance and fundraising 1 MISC Finish preparing the Trello for onboarding 1/6 6 Cryptonewsly 1 1 virtual choir video production AELAQ wordpress ACTRA Montreal directory Register Surplace with COCO montreal Register Surplace on Montreal media company, successful channels. Registration du enterprise 1 Complete / Publish jiva: citizenship 1 1 emilie f. test shots. 3 2 EF D BACKLOG ----------------> December / January Photo Headshots for Arianna at Notman House 5 5 BM Local Soup Local Power 1 Dec 17 Surplace logo mark 3 1 PPT design contract 3 2 podcasting workshop 7 5 K writing meetups and podcast Oct/Nov 2017 Archive Elsewhere - Theatre video for applications 1 2 little video for Ians paper project Nov 27 marie dimanche 3D sculpt 1 1 Women Between Arts 1 1 Marsina grnscrn test shots 1 dance instruction video for Rameez 3 5 BM JoshuaBlum interview 7 3 CK Dead ends: didn't get or apply to the gig rocky horror picture show video 1 QPIRG web redesign 2 1 K Beer label, illustrator 1 1 Nov 11 audio rec for politics and care meeting Bell digital content grant 1 Demo November 12 on racism 1 paid - build a web scraper 1