Features/Thoughts Private todo-list for signed in users 1 Add Redux Form to application Research rich text editor & save Backlog Resubmit for PH May 3 Upgrade CRA to 3.0 Admin Page - Bell Icon for notifications May 31 Create a comment form within a comment Add ability write shares on other's profile Create a reddit post Product Hunt strategy implementation. 1 Implement a graphic art design for front page to show what debut does 2 Add ability to upload cover image 1 Refactor logic to store user information and move to redux Selected for Development Fix blockstack apps display. Does not show full May 10 Fetching user following feeds is slow 1 May 10 Open Graph Image when creating post and comments May 17 Current Work File image reducer when uploading 2 May 10 On Hold/Pending PR Completed Incentivize debut users via tasks Apr 29 TryMyUI Fixes Research open node Delete Edit Functionality for both comments and moments Apr 19 Add notifications for mentions 1 Apr 19 Activity Feed - Comments Notification May 31 Add ability to add friends Search functionality for users similar to blockstack explorer Add ability to add profile image, default to profile if non exists Mar 8 Phase I Follower/Followee - Remove Following of users and replace with Following and Followee Mar 15 Add search functionality on user search Disable Follow/Unfollow Button when submitting API request Server side need to transfer profile image urls Add better notifier for old browsers Pagination on the followers/following of users Clean-up UI on editing a form for both share and comment Activity Feed - Moments Mar 22 Add icon for navbar Admin Page - Show user following and followers Mar 22 Landing Page Mar 29 Create a comment form within share Post Page - Add ability to direct view a post Mar 22 Admin - Display 3 random users people can view Mar 22 Delete Comments after deleting a shared moment Fix sorting when viewing current profile Make scrollable Shares in the admin page Mar 22 User Intro Form - Reoptimize 1 Mar 29 Upgrade radiks-server to v0.1.9 Create sample for react-bulma-components icons not working Mar 25 Add Emotion CSS in JS Phase III Shares - Add realtime updates User intro and following json putFile. Replace with radiks modeling Revamp the explore cards to enforce a cleaner look 1 Add likes/dislike for a Share moment 2 1 Apr 30 Phase II Shares - Exploration of debutDapp users Keep profile sticky in public profile Apr 30 Add a disclaimer on the following cards that it's in Alpha version Add emoji ability on client side forms 1 Apr 30 Create a loader component similar to that of facebook Feb 22 AL Add ability to follow and unfollow Blockstack Users 2 Feb 8 AL Create and refactor the follow button 1 1 Feb 15 AL Refactor Admin and Username Page 2 Feb 22 AL Clean up the main page 1 1 Feb 22 AL Implement the Radiks User model to generate list of users 1 Feb 22 AL Move Dapps json from firebase to Radiks 1 Feb 22 AL Create a blockstack forum post Feb 26 Implement user design page when moments are added 1 Feb 28 AL Create a twitter account Feb 8 Add some helper utility text + onboarding for new user Feb 26 Phase I Shares - Add ability to share moments with users on profile 2 1 Feb 26 AL Users are able to sign-in without a username Feb 26 Can not log user's in with safari Add Pagination ability for list of users Loading issues on shares when clicking my page Redirect User if not signed up to debut 1 Add a disclaimer on the app intro that it is in alpha phase Add a Help//Issues on navbar section Image for twitter logo and banner Refactor following to use Radiks modeling 1