Requested Work Problem with Existing Report Consolidated Contract Close Out Worksheet Backlog (approved requests) Kronos/COMPASS Supervisor Comparison Alert Report Feb 24 J In Progress Kronos Upgrade Communication Plan EAM - Admin Workstream J EAM - Space Workstream J Time and Labor Project Request to Move Multiple Vendor Coordinator Reports to Other Folders 1 Apr 14 J EAM Data Migration J Move Bob K's report to prod 1/4 May 31 User Testing MDOC, Issue Request, and Part Adhoc Report Request 1 Feb 12 J Elevator Cost Dataset Jun 30 Being Deployed Done [!E] Develop BOM Equipment Parts List Report 4 Feb 16 J Adding Use Codes to Custodial App 5/5 Jan 8 J COMPASS - JRE Upgrade 6/6 1 Jun 30 Energy Management Open Activities Report Change Request Sep 22 J Problem with Existing Report monthly generator run-time J Update to Steam Invoice Report Apr 20 J Archive Custodial QA Completion Status 3/3 J Adhoc Data Request For Facility Roles App Apr 14 J Turn Over Drupal Support 7/7 J Problem with Existing Report Equipment Analysis 2 Mar 31 J Kronos Upgrade - Training Jan 27 Kronos tips and tricks document Jan 13 Kronos Upgrade to v8 17/17 2 1 Feb 20 Modify RPZ Test Data Report Mar 1 J COMPASS Security Review & Clean-up 1 Feb 28 J Update BSST Org Chart J Update Custodial Application View Code for Classroom PMs in St Paul 6/6 1 Feb 28 J Add Max Vacation Time to Leave Tracking Report 4/4 1 Jan 31 J Customer Equipment Work Orders with FM Accounts 3 Jan 27 J Modify Custodial Projects PM Work Order Ticket Report J Modification to Stocked Inventory in Satellite Report 1 Dec 22 J On-Going U Construction Employee Information for U Market 4/5 1 Jan 13 J Set-up/Configure New Energy Management Satellite Warehouse 2/2 Dec 15 J Kronos Issue - Missing Hours (Case 00668241) 1 1 COMPASS tips and tricks document 3/3 Dec 8 J Modification to Existing Report Steam Invoice Nov 30 J Modification to Meter Allocation Data Validation Report Nov 30 J Modification of Stocked Inventory in Satellite Report Dec 2 J Creation of Custodial Universe / Data-set 6/6 Energy Management Open Activities Report Modification J Sightlines Reporting Monthly Generator Run-Time Report Modification J Updates to Fairview Electronic File Report J Shortcut Addition J Report Audit Info 2/2 1 Upgrade of Business Objects (Web Reporting) 13/13 J Work Order Time Card comments J Update to Header of COMPASS Self Service 5/5 J Equipment / PM Projection Universe (phase 2) - Object Naming and Descriptions 2/2 J