Finished Things Wonder behavior 2/2 Move pathfinding logic to server only Spawn Manager 4/4 Dedicated server support Authoritative player controller Item backend stuff 2/2 duality steam thing local object avoidance Multithreaded pathfinding local zombie avoidance Target behavior Custom A* baked navmesh placeholder player controller until auth server one is finished embed trello board In Review Player Tweaks 2/2 Phin's work agenda thingy Bug: Player pauses as ground/jump detection after landing is not good New net code Restructuring net code 5/6 Visual Improvements 4/5 fix loose arm on my epic gamur chair Devlog Set V1 1/8 Loot tables 1/2 Extra confidential duality thing 2.0 Neil's current worky stuff Humany model stuff 3/8 1 Animations 1/8 ragdoll Vehicle Controller Multiplayer Singleplayer Sync player animations Server settings 1/7 Voice/Text chat Faction/party system Udp session token for client credentials Restructure local player context Zombies Flocking behavior can fall over if shoved smart enough to be dumb and not go around clear chain link fences Stop / attack distance Zombie Attacking Behavior 1/2 Map Building models V1 Basic land mass City road layout World streaming Munitions factory Oil refinery cool base locations Radio broadcast location Player Crosshair editor Jumping Moving Alt look Add camera response / bounce slightly down to the pause right after you land from falling / jumping Game Farming 2/7 Dynamic navmesh cutting for buildables and moving things Skill tree RCG-100 Skin editor Binds menu Base building and upkeep Inventory Vehicles Power system Weather Radio/coms Recoil pattern editor flare gun? Public stuff n things 2d walljump tutorial 2d slope movement tutorial channel trailer tech demo with zombies