Needs Feedback Customize Personal News Feed via Linchpin Mobile 2 1 Edit user profile via Linchpin Mobile 2 1 Access Confluence notification center 3 3 1 Upload images (e.g., meeting documentation) to Confluence pages 3 Create simple Confluence pages (plain text, image upload, mentions) 3 Additional security mechanisms for the device app to prevent unauthorized usage 1 3 Linchpin Intranet: Integration of EasyEvents 2 Linchpin Intranet: Integration of AppCenter 2 3 Inline comments 2 Mobile preview for desktop created content 2 6 Direct Confluence links to open in Linchpin Mobile 2 4 Quick filter for microblog topics 1 Use templates for creating new Confluence pages and blogposts 1 Linchpin Intranet: Integration of Navigation Menu Editor Linchpin Intranet: Integration of Language Manager Notification badges for new messages and posts Individual processes supported by the mobile app Location based alerts and communication channel Needs Funding Offline Mode 2 Optimization for Tablet-sized devices 2 Integration of Google Hangouts Integration of Skype-for-Business 2 Integration of MobileIron SDK 1 3 Finnish language support Dutch language support Next Revamped admin area for easier configuration 1 3 In Progress Access control for administration to prevent unauthorized mobile devices from connecting to the instance 2 2 Refine push notifications for news Mobile analytics for Confluence administrator 1 2 Completed Work Improve performance and stability when processing a large number of requests simultaneously Mobile Rendering of Linchpin Teaser macro 2 1 Simplify user onboarding Select and copy text content from Linchpin Mobile to other apps Search optimizations Mobile access to file attachments in news posts Integration of diagram rendering 1 Push notification for new news post in a given news category 1 Linchpin Intranet: Integration of Terms of Use 1 Improved macro support based on Atlassian's new macro API for Mobile Publicly accessible information section Improved rich text editor for creating new posts Access page attachments and download to mobile devices 1 1 Make the product's look customizable (White labeling) Apply your Corporate Design scheme on Linchpin Mobile Linchpin Intranet: Integration of Linchpin Manager Revoke access for single authenticated mobile devices Compatibility with Confluence DataCenter Support for Confluence emoticons Hide-for-Mobile macro that prevents selected contents from being displayed in Linchpin Mobile Compatibility with Confluence 6.7 Core Confluence features (share, watch, favorite) Confluence page tree for exploring pages within a space Confluence space directory for easy and intuitive navigation Stabilize setup process for the Linchpin Mobile Gateway Linchpin Mobile Gateway in your own DMZ Revamping the interface of the mobile app Officially launching the Confluence App in the Altassian Marketplace Official Launch in Apple AppStore for iPhone and iPads Official Launch in Google Playstore for Android Smartphones and Tablets