Planned for future versions Fix weird bugs when editing HQ missions in the DCS editor : freezes, unresponsive menus, inability to save the mission or to edit unit groups... SEAD missions WW2 aircraft and ground units support CAS missions Patrol (follow flight plan) missions Transit (take off at an airport, land at another) missions CSAR missions Antiship missions Bomber/transport escort missions NATO countries (coalitions with proper units and aircraft) Warsaw pact countries (coalitions with proper units and aircraft) Persian Gulf theater countries (coalitions with proper units and aircraft) "Vehicle strike" missions (like interdiction missions, but with static vehicles and WP directly on top of targets) Persian gulf theater Medivac missions Nevada theater Normandy theater JTAC (smoke & lasing) for static targets Make sure number of targets in interdiction/air-to-ground missions matches the number of aircraft Take off/land from carriers Take off/land from FARPs Vehicles should have a chance to be spawned/patrolling on roads in interdiction missions Improved and more varied briefing descriptions Better target buildings (e.g. instead of a single building, a factory should be made of several production and administrative buildings, some parked cars, etc) Proper weaponry for the time period and country (e.g. no AIM-9X in loadouts and armories in a 1980 mission) Dynamic mission "title picture" according to theater, mission type, player aircraft... Proper livery selection according to aircraft country Flight plan with maps in briefings Support for Viggen data cartridges and Ka-50 ABRIS OPFOR flight groups for PvP missions : player-controlled flight groups taking off from an enemy airfield, whose job is to prevent players from the "good" coalition from completing their mission French localization Additional localizations Next release (Open Beta 2) – In Progress Fix missions not loading properly in multiplayer Fix bug where AI wingmen sometimes won't engage targets Fix player flight groups not being given the proper tasking in DCS briefing Make sure missions feature basket and probe tankers Additional "in air" start location for flight groups Show bullseye coordinates in briefing Spawn tankers and AWACS further from enemy positions Port most of the Lua mission generation logic to the core C# program, for easier debugging. Next Release (Open Beta 2) – Done Fix F-5 player flight groups using the AI aircraft instead of the one from the module Remove Su-25TM from the list of flyable aircraft Fix data storage in embedded archives triggering a warning in some antivirus software Fix bug where CAP/SEAD escort sometimes go away from the mission area after takeoff Distinct "wind" and "cloud cover" parameters instead of a single "weather" settings Option to input custom mission names and/or briefing descriptions instead of the randomly generated ones. Additional "options" settings : enable/disable external views, bird strikes... Improve radio messages so both the pilot request and the answer can be heard Add "print briefing" option Modding : create additional missions, loadouts, etc. with INI files Completed features/content WinForms user interface Core C#/Lua mission generator Dynamic radio message generator using Windows text-to-speech Briefing export to HTML, JPG, PDF Custom JTAC system able to designate, smoke, lase, and radio coordinates of targets Export to MIZ file Load/Save mission template from files Balanced enemy air patrols according to number of friendly aircraft Custom kneeboards with mission briefing Single-player and cooperative missions with player-controlled and AI flight groups Stand-alone radio message generator tool Caucasus theater BDA missions Strike missions Interdiction missions CAP missions Bomber/transport interception missions AFAC missions (designate targets for artillery strikes) Support for all 1960-2010 DCS aircraft and ground units USA (coalition with proper units and aircraft) Russia (coalition with proper units and aircraft) Photo reconnaissance missions Completed bug fixes/improvements