Feedback You can add your proposals not written here and feedback in comments of the card If you press Alt+F4, while Historage window is in focus, program will be closed rather than skype chat window, that are surprisingly but reasoned. Language reference – Manual Features closing an everything not connected with chat in Historage window, e.g. user icon, time, date. Like * Reply MacOS versions Mobile–Desktop Real-time Synchronization Change the window title color to system color To create a button “Uninstall” in Windows application bar Chosen files and messages are in separate tab To save special window size for each contact To save contact state individual for each of them option to disable the splash screen display messages not still present in the actual conversations window support MFA to SAVE conversations to a text file or something as well (or instead) to enter a date and scroll directly to the messages starting on that date Backlog Send pictures and attachments the search across all conversation with any of my contacts (in compare to outlook where I can search within the entire folder that stores all my conversations) Сonferences history History cloud storage service (to sync between different user devices) Limit as a “Delete a history upwards N weeks” selection 1 to display the date together with each message’s timestamp Add to Historage App a new feature to show multiply user conversations. ver 1.17, November 10 2018 Add a new feature – Quick messages Fixed the functionality of sending feedback by email Changes to support the new license policy: only one license is required for all users of the same PC Made a minor performance fix ver 1.16, 27 OCT 2017 Bug fixed Enhanced synchronization with Outlook for new language packs (in addition to English and German) Ver. 23 AUG 2017 Synchronization button Bug fixed Ver., 10 JULY 2017 Language settings AutoUpdate settings Bug fixed Ver., 14 JUNE 2017 Enhanced synchronization with Exchange. The option to select the synchronization period is added. Setting window (Synchronization with Exchange tabs, License Information tab, About tab) Bug fixed Ver., 05 MAY 2017 Added: Full history is now available Fixed: scroll bug Fixed: new messages first Added: AutoUpdate Fixed: History search Ver. 06 APR 2017 Bug of saving tables in the history fixed Version for Microsoft Store: Ver., 03 APR 17 Search bug fixed Ver., 31 MARCH 2017 Resize not only by moving corner arrow Corrected links displaying in the history Corrected work with O365 Elimination of spontaneous Skype for Business window appearance on the background of all programs Corrected displaying of large messages Fixed problems with program start for users without administrative rights Ver. Elimination of message duplication while reconnecting under different accounts Fixed behavior of the Historage button during calls Modified search design