On the Roadmap Improve email functionality to near-native-email client level. Add ability to pull from Salesforce Email templates. (Due to support requirements, will be limited to BW Business edition) Add ability to easily create Invoice under Salesforce Account's Parent Account. BW Professional edition and up. Retrieve Payment URL and add to Email sent from Salesforce. (BW Professional) Create Read Only and Full Permission Sets, with easy toggle to control who can read BW Data and who can create Invoices Major Changes / Features Being Considered Re-architect BW Xero so that Xero Contact has an optional, rather than required lookup to SF Account. Will speed initial setup and improve granular control of matching Xero Contacts to SF Accounts, including adding the ability to review new incoming Xero Contacts before auto-creating SF Accounts. (All BW Editions) Create Journal Entries in Xero, allowing for deferred revenue. Optionally create series of Journal Entries, allowing revenue to be scheduled over multiple periods. Draw schedule from either Opportunity Product Schedules or custom fields. (BW Business and Enterprise) Create Expenses in Xero, allowing custom objects to be pushed to Xero and those expenses possibly included in an Invoice. Enhance ability to integrate with Chargent. Typical scenario - Salesforce User bills clients credit card, then creates Xero Invoice and auto-applies full or partial payment based on client payment. (BW Pro or Business) Enhance Batch Invoice creation to auto-email PDF Invoice to customer using SF Email Template and link to pay. (Batch is on BW Business) Client Requests Being Considered Increase security so New Invoice creation page can have discrete columns locked as read only. (BW Business) Send email from Xero, rather than from Salesforce (Not currently possible, as Xero has not allowed this in their API).