To do add water tanks/saloon seats coat inside with epoxy add floatation foam paint inside Trailer Keel 1 boat power supply 1 electric motor sea cocks batteries 1 rudders Doing add bow wooden block Done add doublers/fiberglass for keel structure add fillets on the inside everywhere remove ceiling Mar 30 organize widening workshop door 6 move to new workshop Mar 29 paint hull with primer Feb 3 build/organize setup to turn hull Mar 10 build stands Mar 5 call transport company Mar 3 measure area, figure out how to get the boat out organize moving to new workshop 2 add fiberglass Jan 20 buy paint/coat 2 gloves, duct tape fair hull Jan 13 find new workshop 2 install radius plywood fiber mats for hull 1 epoxy, fast hardener buy plywood install hull panels epoxy filler finish dinghy 11/11 1.5mm drills 406 epoxy filler install sheer clamps install tangent doublers buy cups buy small brushes install stringers buy hardwood block for bow 1 buy wood for radius chine buy more epoxy 1 set up bulkheads on building stocks buy timber/bolts for building stocks 7/8 4 4 set up building stocks 16mm bit, extension cord buy wood for stringers etc. 1 assemble bulkheads round off inner bulkhead edges install workshop ceiling 4/4 3 9 buy stapler buy 50mm glass tape turn hull Mar 26 plastic cups, brushes buy adjustable square fast hardener buy oars heating system for the workshop 6 buy 10m extension cord pen 2 more lights buy additional sander for edges, small areas buy small foam rollers, brushes buy more top coat white denatured alcohol new gloves small foam rollers, foam brushes 9V batteries, charger sand paper "rack" buy circular saw epoxy, filler brushes sand paper Level 1 vacuum adapters Buy vacuum bags epoxy gloves Buy 2 5m extension cords subwoofer cable 1st aid kit Build workshop table 2nd shelf Water tank Buy boat kit Tripod Lights Ropes to hang the lights CF card reader Gopro Cage 9V Batteries Longsleeve Screwdriver (lights) Lav microphone Lockable cabinet Clamps 1 Dowels Toilet paper Sawhorses Router