Backlog Development process 2 Try to find repro steps for LD playmode crashes. 2 Implement newer fish holds 3 LK Check / Modify Exit Sequence for Capsule LK Making save load pose update to tools 2 Sea Dragon - Differentiate attack charge pose from attack pose LK Cine Shark Bite Implementation LK Stalker Bites 1 LK Juvenile Leviathan - size and anims 1 LK Small fish turn in place test 3 LK Land Death animations Implement Updated PropCannon Bleeder attack implement 2 Seadragon Swim Anims 4/6 4 LK Piping Peepers 3 3 Ride Fish Anims / System LK Reefback Roar Anim 1 LK [maybe] Spiky Trap - Anim Assess 1 IP [Rig Archetype] LK Seadragon - Expression Anims 2/3 3 LK Reaper spawns in creature slots with near cell level. JS tweak schools of fish shader / material 1 SH Track down missing lithium ion batteries Refactor custom material editors using Standard Shader template SH fix Kelp sparkling at night SH Make console input ignore F6 Rocket overview 6/9 1 Curing food balance Add Cyclops trademark notice where Unknown Worlds copyright is Real time commit messages in-game Implement localScale test Implement collider offset test Publish prefab assertions Preconfigure prefab identifiers Make global root loading async Lukas' feedback and important polish tasks Fix precursor sea dragon references 2 Fix beacon ping jitter 1 Scanner room should find precursor tech 4 player head tilt on lifepod first use To Do Sparse Reef polish pass. Make UseCorrectCasingRule ignore interface names in explicit implementation Fix NRE in Seaglide 1 Lock Workbench recipes and add into data entries in the world 8 1 Emperor Baby Anims LK Ladder Implementation LK Credit Sequence new constructor cinematics IP Add autosave when entering lifepod/ bases/ Cyclops Fix NRE in build bot beam points 1 Fix NRE in resource tracker 1 Fix NRE in map scanner room Write tool to export tech tree Turn subtitles off for VOs by default Fix exception in SaveBatchCompiledCache Fix exception in FMODUnity 1 Remove database update buttons Tune algorithm for choosing what to load next to reduce pop-in Mar 16 Fix exception in CompactOctree Fix NRE in ProtobufSerializer Fix ResourceTracker Fix NRE in ExploderObject 2 SH Fix exception in CompactOctree Fix NRE in Geyser Fix cyclops and seamoth water splash FX SH Crabsquid EMP effect on exosuit broken ? SH Fix exception in LargeWorldStreamer Fix NRE in PlayerDistanceTracker Base pillars Fix OnHandHover Double techType list in scanner room PDA Font Size assessment for VR/Xbox FX when interacting with Precursor terminal SH First Use FX SH Implement player jump anims 9 IP Investigate flatbuffers 1 Surface water splash FX for Seamoth and Exo SH Seamoth while Swimming Enter / Exit 2 Bash animations missing from certain tools 1/7 1 LK Shark Bites Cine Implement LK Lifepod - Intro VR friendly LK Flash red at 20% Add intro tooltip for 1-5 hotkeys 1 Trigger first use animations on pick up Check lootcube setup 2 Improve infected creature scanning Autosave on quit Check loot slot size 1 Make triplanar projected plates in safe shallows immune to propulsion cannon. Remove current Add Flooding back to Cyclops 1 SH Double check power cell charger 1 Prevent picking up non-empty storage Reduce storage box size Teleporter activation goal trigger Seaglide Pass 2 Bake terrain 1 Make VoiceNotifications assets Set up new solar panel fragment models, add to world. Check reaper positions with new leash range gizmo Fix intro voice stuff for Tom 4 Make thermal vents in world easier to harvest energy from Fix diff tool to ignore EOL Find logic depending on GameObject name Gun disabling FX SH Findable Time Capsules in the world Find underground props Bake all batches Emperor VO Draft & Emp dialog around the aquarium? Voice Recording Final playtest & redraft September/October Fix screenshot manager performance 2 Remove eco event system IP Add SIG-less terrain shader variants SH Add Reefback, Mesmer and possibly Shuttlebug and Spadefish eggs to the world. uGUI_CanvasScaler in screenspace Remove duplicate entities Sync Sonar wireframe with the darkening wave SH Replace Exploder plugin 1 Finish texture polish of north east kelp zone. Polish south west safe shallows / kelp forest area Doing Come up with achievements Mountains > LZ path detail pass. 2/7 ILZ Lost River Tunnel Entrance Precursor Material updates 21/106 LiveMixin optimization Read Radical Candor 2 Ending/Credits Pre-Viz 4/9 LK Loot cube list 53/74 7 MV Add precursor architecture and lighting to lost river base chamber entranceway to draw players' attention Emperor Juvenile Anims 16/20 LK Remove clutter from fabricator 1 Find disabled LOD groups Make all I/O non-blocking 1/2 1 Enter sitting Prawn from walking position. 2 optimize BatterySource.UpdateConnectionCallback and PowerRelay.UpdateConnectionCallback First use upon pickup 1 Thermometer and Thermal Reactor changes 4/4 Improve tree cove lava zone tunnel for cyclops navigation Time capsules Time capsule PDA tab UI Polishing 11/32 5 Base - Hatch Enter / Exit Implementation 26/26 3 Remove generic biome eggs and unknown eggs 1 Implement B77 upgrade script Full Alpha Redraft based on playtest and recorded issues Done: B77 Ghost Revive performance testing Add emissive and more lights to improve Blood Kelp deep trench navigation. Emperor Aquarium Sea Crowns and Cables Cute Fish Come / Stay Animation 2 LK Prison anims, round 2 4 LK Make equipment easily swapable Fix item icon drag snap broken [Polish] Anim Smoothing 1/1 LK Drag items to drop from PDA Crash Zone Mesa's 1 Fix elapsed time precision issue 3 Ghost Tree - slots spawning incorrectly. Gravsphere_damaged 6/6 1 1 MV Power Transmitter 8/8 1 2 MV submarine_engine_console_01_wide 7/7 1 1 MV New PDA UI 35/35 Investigate lightmaps in Prison. Fix Plastic 0 byte files tweak cyclops thermal charge module 1 check out why posters arent placeable inside cyclops Gun Deactivation 6/6 SH PRAWN - sit setup 12 1 known databoxes should be in open state when loaded in to avoid confusion fix cyclops fabricator modules not showing properly fix prison entrance ramp lights ignore player in exosuit 1 Implement Gendarme window Get Unity engineering help and/or source code access 1 Gun Exterior power down Sea Dragon Roar 2/2 1 3 Assess Roar Trigger Script 2 Reaper Roar Anim 2/2 4 3 Reefback Call 2/2 3 Ghost Leviathan Roar 2/2 1 3 Stalker (Snout Shark) Roar 2/2 3 Hook up FMOD asset script to "roars" 10/10 River Prowler Roar 2/2 3 Bone Shark Roar 2/2 4 Gasopod Call 2/2 1 5 Lava Lizard Roar 2/2 3 Sand Shark Roar 2/2 1 3 Gun Deactivate 1 Enzyme Interaction 7 LK SH GhostLeviathan FX & shader 1 SH Make emperor babies leave sooner IP Add EnzymeCureBall cinematic support 1 IP Ghost Leviathan in Void IP Find logic depending on GameObject tag Add ghost leviathans Open ocean creature spawns Enzyme recipe plant spawning in teleporter destination biomes 11/11 Add juvenile sea emperors to world Clean up craft tree 14/15 Implement scatterer sound event hooks Fix batch entity duplication bug 1 Double check jumper translations 1 Ghost Leviathan Ency entries Playtest the game Write up playtest notes Find baked duplicates in batch cells 1 TrailManager optimization 2/2 Get Xbox up-to-date with the PC 13/13 1 Done: B76 Prison Aquarium & Antechamber - Second Pass 15/15 2 Fix the "Lookout Beau" 1 Investigate Lava Temperatures 1 Prison antechamber lighting Antechamber Side Rooms 101/101 Koosh Zone Teleporter Crag Field Teleport Make rebreather and radiation helmet same size 1 descent_trashcan_01 5/5 1 descent_bar_table_01 6/6 1 biodome_lab_counter_01 6/6 1 Prison Aquarium - Lighting and Terrain 20/20 2 1 map_room fragments 4/4 1 1 submarine_fabricator_03 5/5 1 Snacks 5/5 1 fragments 5/5 1 1 High_Capacity_tank 6/6 1 generic_vending_coffee_01 4/5 1 Make secondary function lights free Simplify reactor rod 2 Add Cyclops thermal reactor Increase base power numbers by factor 5 7/7 1 hook up 3 precursor artefact looping sounds 1 Precursor Column 12 2 Raw_materials 20/20 5 Add gloves to Reinforced Dive Suit 1 New UI - Stage 3 11/11 1 Implement computer terminal cine Emperor - Skin fixes check out relics Check death anim with knife 4 Pod - First Time Exits Anims 1 swap rocket ship monitor geo when ready Dead Baby Cracked Opened Egg 2 Player_view_timeCap anim implementationismations 2 Rocketship keyboard rig/animation Seadragon - Neck anim 8/8 2 Implement Decoy anims update to leviathan baby export pose LK Tool floating in front of player during death animation 1 LK Terminal Cinematic 8 1 precursor_crystal_pyramid split to pieces 3/3 1 1 Fix waterproof locker hitboxes 1 update cyclops ladder climb cinematic to exit left 3 LK Improve flares 1 Improve supply crate handling 1 Emperor VO v5 Redraft emperor (v4) to take out game references and try something different. Update narrative design doc for endgame implementation details Change koosh bush name 1 Add decoy tech ency entry Cut back start of game PDA VO Crash powder > Cave powder Improve rebreather tooltip Reaper skeleton scans lost river Full story redraft 10/10 Add emperor telepathic dialog for triggering earlier in the game Redraft endgame narrative design and PDA Improve Scanner tooltip Sort escape ship radio blueprint Improve medkit fabricator tooltip 1 Fix goal unlock upgrading Implement prefab placeholder tracker Tie floodlights to bases Remove concept of durability Make drillable resources identifyable 1 Make stalker teeth trackable Fix physics issues with crash fish and nests IP Implement safe zone around lifepod IP Make scanner room fragment findable earlier 1 Precursor Prison 52/53 Make Stalkers flee sooner IP Add more fragments to SafeShallows 1 Fix dark spots on terrain in safe shallows 1 Thermal reactor databox Change moonpool teleporter to require crystal. Add peeper vents to world 6/6 Add lifepodrandom escape pod to crag field Improve Crash Home coverage in safe shallows. 2 Remove dummy fire extinguishers from damaged escape pods. Prison Upper lab (emperor) lighting Make crash nests always contain crash powder Aquarium exit teleporter destination 2/2 Implement terminals and location based VOs for prison Make crash eggs spawn outside nests Piperoom lighting Revisit cargo room 1 Add scannable pipes to piperoom Hook up relic ency entries. Add debris to force player out of exo/seamoth in lost river base Fix fragment spawn rates Remove magnesium 1 Prevent picking creepvine if inventory is full IP Drop items on death IP Reduce number of creepvine seeds required for crafting 1 IP Infected Creatures behaviour IP Friendly Predators in Prison Aquarium IP Infection in base aquariums IP Implement hero peepers 9/9 IP Add "Double Tank" (Not the final name) 1 Write tool to export story tree Verify story triggers Kill UnityYAMLMerge Make radiation spread slower Make Aurora explode later Unify AssertNotNull Whitelist voiceovers 2 Find duplicate entries in collections Ghost Forest Cache Allow exo to go through precursor teleporters 1 Fix precursor teleporter warp to angle. 1 1 Write normal map resolution tool Fix Cyclops power efficiency module 1 Cyclops Silent Running pass 2 13/14 Reduce cyclops engine power consumption by factor 2 Improve build times 5 Fix Subroot 1 Aquarium Sequence FX SH Done: B75 Silent Running Fix red blood to keep ESRB E10 1 SH UI Fixes 2/2 New HUD - Depth/Compass Indicator 8/8 1 1 Set ILZ Corridor temperature to 50°C. New HUD - Quickslots 18/18 1 Fade checkbox to reduce pop-in 1 1 Fix code diff fake changes 2 1 Switch to Jenkins Pipelines 1 cyclops_damaged 6/6 1 MV submarine_hologram_projector 4/4 1 Translation improvements Time capsule meeting with Lukas and Cory 1 Investigate terrain seam fix 2 Jan 19 New HUD Indicators 5/5 1 1 Cleanup mouse up / mouse down interactions behaviour 1 Lavacastle base teleporter changes Check gun LOD performance Finalize last of story uncertainty (some spoilers inside) 1 Add standard events Test for duplicates in english.json Force Unity 5.4.4f1 Fix 4GB resource limit issue Double check sea emp basic animations 1 LK Time Capsule - Rig 18/18 2 1 LK Seadragon - fix tentacles Decoy Anims 4/4 3 Relic - Unity Anim 1 Ghost Leviathan 2 Moonpool Fabricator - Rig Update Bleeder Anim Improvement 9/9 7 LK Seadragon - Check SKin Tool equips timing updates 33/33 10 1 LK Rocket Door anims Cyclops Fabricator Rig Rocket ship Main CPU terminal animations 1 add Equip animations to Constructor and GravSphere 2/2 LK Cyclops Outer Hatch - Tighten Animations 1 LK Stalker Rig Update - bite_target 1 Rigging Checklist Cyclops hatch setup 1 LK Update Propulsion Bleeder Anims 1 Check Male_rig 2 1 fix collisions for destoyed cyclops Implement Oculus Fish (not vr) :) fast swims 2 FIX: Enter Cyclops anim doesn't end Neutral 1 LK Implement Crash Fish (warning anim) 2 Rig Ghost Leviathan 4 1 Double check basic creature animations 22/39 11 LK Creature Balance and Polish 7/7 IP Sea Dragon Polish IP Cyclops explosion FX 1 SH Cyclops fire - smoke - screen FX 1 SH Cyclops shield FX 3 SH FX pass on new drillables SH Write decoy and rendezvous PDA texts Review emperor VO Exo Power Cell drain too light (players can go all the way to ILZ and back with Juice to spare) Player progression should drive Player infectedAmount 6 1 Cyclops Evasion 1 Fix automatic motor mode issue when using teleporters Done: B74 Prison without Aquarium (February 21st) precursor_gun_moon_pool room 9/9 1 MV Grassy Plats Polish and Cave Polish Voxel cleanup around the world rocketLever animation implement Paintover for possible southern crash zone polish. 1 1 Fix LWE IsNewBorn 21/21 1 IP Make quickslots bindable with drag and drop 17/17 1 Lava Larva - Check animations 1 Creature Eggs setup and animation 12/12 2 LK Emperor leviathan prison platform animation 2 LK dataBox - player datachip draw anim 1 Implement latest PrecDroid anims 1 animate player rocketship cpu Dive improvements 3 Implement Bleeder anims (solo and player view) 2 Emp Platform Interaction 1 LK Ending sequence animation 2 LK Precursor_lab_warper_parts 5/5 1 1 MV Add Data Downloads text for Skeleton Cave and Lab Cache Ghost_Leviathan 4/4 1 Slice Aurora interior into rooms 2/2 1 MV Prison Exterior Lighting PDA blueprint categories mockup for Slava 1 New survival HUD design decision 2 1 Add drillable nickel (bone field lakes) in exo recipes Make Blood Kelp Precursor Cache more visible. Fix Skeleton Cave Bugs 2/2 Dunes Thermal Vents Lost River Canyon Zone Polish 2 Plastic SSL replication issues 1 New build process using Jenkins Pipelines and Groovy 2 1 New Peeper bot commands Translations: new admins and current admins audit 4 Translation app: new features After checkin hook zip issue 1 MX records check (mail config) 1 Integrate Gendarme 1 Hook up any missing translations Missing translations for all posters 1 Fix SCB/SCO Make coffee machine scannable/buildable instead of pickupable/placeable IP Fix NRE in Pickupable 1 Add NuclearReactorFragment to PDAScanner for legacy support 2 1 Implement new bleeder Implement Floater Small (solo and player view) 1 Shuttle update Update fish hold anims Oculus(fish) Hold animations Creatures_eggs_13 - 16 9/9 4 Lost River Canyon - New Route / Skeleton Area / Lab Cache / Polish 3/3 3 AirBadder Anim 1 self scanning 7/7 1 Feb 3 Fix NRE in icon grid 3 Feb 1 Make locked blueprints visible (grayed out) in Blueprints PDA tab and Builder Tool menu 2/2 Jan 31 Add IslandsPDAPaal to PDAEncyclopedia for legacy support 1 Profile CS 43914 Move Gendarme forward Prevent hierarchical entity slots Fix PrefabPlaceholderGroup Fix Aurora prefab setup 1 Infection Reveal Hookup mini world for scanner room 10/11 3 2 Extract blockType stats Convert goal data CSVs to assets colliders":true for all levels 1 Fix vehicle storage duplication Investigate missing/duplicate wrecks 1 Make scanner room more useful 1 Feb 16 Precursor_Interior_Damage_Props 5/5 1 1 MV Vending_machine 5/5 1 Fix voxel editing Fix exception in ItemsContainer 2 Jan 26 Fix NRE in ItemsContainer Jan 26 Lava Castle Smoke FX 1 SH reduce UBERparticles shader memory footprint SH Improve particles lighting in bases 1 SH Fix black props in Cyclops after Load 1 SH Fix NRE in VFXSchoolFish 1 SH Fix NRE in BubblePopper 1 SH Fix NRE in VFXSunbeam SH Precursor crystal drilling FX SH Precursor Teleporter activation FX SH Infection sequence FX SH fix volumetric when deconstructing a spotlight 2 SH Add early game PDA VO SFX Lost River additional story Redraft Emperor with way fewer words Redraft and implement prison artifact texts 1 Radio Pass 4/4 Generate precursor artifact ideas for prison 1 precursor Droid - improve body poses Hoverfish - Iron Pose 3 IP Bleeder Prefab Update 1 IP Check Baby Egg Rocket Lever Implement Lost River Precursor base 28/28 Add data canisters to world Merge oli's castle smoker branch. Refactor wreck slots for loot pass part 1 Loot balance adjustments for aerogel and fragments Investigate performance degradation with saved games 1 Fix Hitbox for Lava Larva IP Fix NRE in LookAtPlayer IP Rocket Ship Animations and Implementation 6 Implement player dive dir Fix SpineEel 3 1 IP Ion crystal first use 3