Backlog Development process 2 Optimise Kyanite textures. 1 Double techType list in scanner room 2 Seadragon Swim Anims 4 4/6 LK Seamoth while Swimming Enter / Exit 6 Hatching Enzyme Use Cinematic 1 LK Ride Fish Anims / System LK Cine Shark Bite Implementation LK Updated PropCannon Bleeder attack implement 2 Stalker Bites 1 LK Small fish turn in place test 3 LK Emperor Looks 2 LK IP Land Death animations Implement Emperor Baby Anims 3 12/20 LK Base Ladder animations 1 First use upon pickup 1 6 Findable Time Capsules in the world [Rig Archetype] LK tweak schools of fish shader / material 1 SH Time capsule PDA tab 1 Fabricator UI 1 Make console input ignore F6 Reduce number of categories in the PDA blueprints section Replace Exploder plugin 1 Base ghost pillars 1 UI Polishing 5 16/30 Curing food balance Real time commit messages in-game Fix beacon ping jitter 3 Investigate flatbuffers 1 Check lootcube setup 3 Bash animations missing from certain tools 2 1/7 LK Add Reefback, Mesmer and possibly Shuttlebug and Spadefish eggs to the world. 1 Address battery exploit in welder Polish south west safe shallows / kelp forest area 2 Generate water surface slots Optimise mushroom forest 1 3 Shark Bites Cine Implement 1 LK Make thermal vents in world easier to harvest energy from 3 Autosave on quit 1 Make SaveToTemporaryStorage fully async Handle sound driver issues Autopause ency entries while PDA queue plays Prevent starting from main scene Check empty split pass in LD mode Optimize away SetParent calls Optimize away rotation & position calls Tune algorithm for choosing what to load next to reduce pop-in Find underground props Preconfigure prefab identifiers Override blame list for testing builds 1 Replace ProtobufSerializer Replace Voxeland Release world editor Add autosave when entering lifepod/ bases/ Cyclops 3 Add mod support 1 To Do Fix default initialization of object pools Implement object pool reporting Investigate CreatureDeath subscriber Review LocklessQueueSPMC Re-enable Gendarme Double check clipmaps test Double check rigidbody test Fix pop in issue at wreck 6 1 Adjust propulsion cannon fragment spawns for better coverage in early mid game. Upgrade FMOD Measure prefab vs static asset 1 1 Fix time capsule preflight check Fuzz input files Clamp view distance based on quality settings 2 Crabsquid EMP effect on exosuit broken ? 1 SH Track down missing lithium ion batteries 1 PDA Font Size assessment for VR/Xbox FX when interacting with Precursor terminal 2 SH Double check power cell charger 2 Proper model for Stalker teeth 1 SS Animator Assessments Making save load pose update to tools 3 Particles affected by shadows SH Adjust wreck spawns for supplies Simplify mod support branch 1 SB Add PDA message when taking photos 1 SB [57637] Prison Ion Crystal has wrong name in game 1 3 Review /main/jonas-LocalizeTimeCapsuleUI 1 IP Fix mystery collider 3 2 Time Capsule screen UI rework 1 10/11 Clean post processing manager code 1 SH Digitally sign executable Test slow streaming Test slow physics Address xbox streaming issue 1 Add command line options 2 Evaluate reprioritization Make remaining I/O async Add checksums to files Handle missing sound card Optimize more contracts 1 Fix octree compiler issue Double check animated LODs Optimize GetEnclosingAtmosphereVolume Optimize away Invoke calls 1 Optimize uGUI_BuilderMenu.LateUpdate Fix PS4 clipmap settings Fix scene lighting setup Check avatar optimization 1 Fix hatch_02 2 Fix floating_storage_cube_fp 1 Fix air bladder normal 1 Fix NRE in CraftData 1 Fix egg 15 1 Fix ArmsController 1 Fix Terraformer 1 Delete PositionConstraint 1 Check icon rects 2 Detect inconsistent LOD naming 1 Delete Rocket_GreyStandin 1 Fix calculated normals 1 1 Fix 65k vertex warning 1 Fix Cyclops bay 1 Fix self-intersection Fix split animations Check localization of deconstruction blockers 1 Doing Fiber_Mesh 1 1 3/7 MV Ending/Credits Pre-Viz 4/9 LK Loot cube list 7 53/74 SS MV Improve tree cove lava zone tunnel for cyclops navigation Better Cinematics for VR 1 9/12 LK Time capsules 1 14/15 Update Sky' spherical harmonics on import instead of OnInspector SH [maybe] Spiky Trap - Anim Assess 1 IP Force non-skinned mesh for cooked/cured fish Clean up changes since repository split Done B85: Maintenance Review LocklessStack Remove BoundedObjectPool Done B84: Maintenance Turn subtitles off for VOs by default 3 Add Flooding back to Cyclops 1 SH Release B85(?) Clear build folder before build 1 Optimize away underground voxels Update cache server Disable Gendarme Optimize away unnecessary serialization 1 Introduce batch object cache Disable cancel play mode Optimize BehaviorUpdateManager Optimize Sandshark Update 1 Port Matomo Show loading screen while respawning Try alternative memory layout Use non-alloc GetComponentsInChildren in serializer Fix NRE near LostRiver skull 1 Done B83: Bugfixes Launch Site Content & Graphics 7/7 Finish Grassy Plats polish Increase batch rings for high quality Check pool budget on CS 59420 1 Split oxygen warning 1 Fix meta files for Tom's PSDs [MergeRequest] branch /main/shel-tweaksAndFixes2 1 Review updated fbx files for Louis (cs 59548) 1 Check OnlyInEditor 1 Localize time capsule interface 1 Remove Early Access disclaimer 1 3 Review /main/jonas-FixTerrainVertices 1 Fix terrain vertices 1 Terminals/Abandoned PDA changes Chase down postprocessing options Chase down time capsules 1 7/7 Add additional popup images from Cory Finalise recipes Done B82: Bugfixes Scaffold Launch Site 4/4 Remove old ugly Crash Zone Trench Boulders. Finish texture polish of north east kelp zone. 2 Additional scans 1 Fix story and scan issues identified by Tom Post Process effects SH Fix cyclops and seamoth water splash FX 1 SH Release B81 Hook up achievements Review priority queue Remove nuclear waste disposal prop from safe shallows. Review storage box fix Remove watermark 1 Write email about creative mode cheats Release B81 hotfix Review 58016 Swap No/Yes buttons in confirmation dialog Check batch2cells Make multiple torpedo slots accessible with the controller 2 Activate fade in 1 1 Final playtest Re-record voice over for trailer Add alternative clues for lifepod signals Full review of all text in advance of text lock 4th Jan Finalize balance values for food/water/HP/Energy/Recipes, and redraft as necessary. 1 Redraft on Story Critical Areas 3/3 Fix line breaks in encyclopedia Detect concurrent use of Protobufserializer Sea Dragon - Differentiate attack charge pose from attack pose 2 LK Fix NRE in EnergyMixin IP Fix StackOverflowException in FPSInputModule.BubbleEvent IP exosuit arms penetrating through cyclops when docked fix seamoth undocking animations 1 Additional depth modules for exosuit and cyclops Run through list of bugs and typos (translation database, emails and trello) Fix precursor sea dragon references 2 Voice Recording w/ Side Studio 8/8 Redraft and rerecord final Sunbeam messages Review mod support branch 1 Raycast into octrees for big creatures Polish AvoidObstacles IP check player collision after entering a base / sub (should be standing instantly, fix hitches) 1 First Use FX 2 SH Added ladder climb cinematic for the moonpool. But needs to toggle swimming 1 3 Replace signals with clues for lifepods 4, 6 and 7 optimize BatterySource.UpdateConnectionCallback and PowerRelay.UpdateConnectionCallback 1 5 Remove compass from vehicle HUD as default 1 Branch out temp folder 1 Remove Quit to Desktop button Double check time capsule spawn rate 1 Update chinese translation for Quit button Double check terrain fading settings Done B81: Bugfixes JellyShroom cave entrance improvements 2 Fix NRE in FireExtinguisherHolder IP Fix NRE in WaterParkCreature IP Blast off sequence VFX 4 5/8 SH Release B80 update. Check thread safety for pools Revisit workbench fragment spawn rate Check loot slot size 1 Make final decision about sulphur (lost river and lava zone) Lukas' feedback and important polish tasks 1 Adjust drillables spawn rate in tree cove Check databox unlocks trigger encyclopedia tech Check exosuit and exosuit upgrade fragment distribution (unlock timings are off) Expose achievements in StoryGoal system Improve PickupFormat Detect missing translations Clean up platform variants Clean up Creative mode 1 Play audio for encyclopedia entries Make Cyclops shield effective against lava larvae IP Trigger GC on PDA close 1 Convert monologs for recording Add new jellyshroom breadcrumbing PDA text Add new Simon voice lines Redraft trailer voice script Seamoth Issues 5 Juvenile Leviathan - size and anims 2 LK Fix hitching at end of cinematics 2 12/12 Implement player jump anims 1 9 Dive Reel Animations 2 5 5/5 LK Assess Tools Animations 16/20 LK TimeCapsule - Anim stalker teeth animation 4 4/4 Implement newer fish holds 3 LK Rocketship - Check Head Clipping 5 LK Check / Modify Exit Sequence for Capsule LK Optimize Tools 1 19/19 LK [27010] Holding Scrap Metal In Hand While Swimming Showing Floating Metal 1 11 4/4 LK Seadragon - Expression Anims 3 2/3 LK Maproom Drone Animations 2 investigate sliding birds Rocketship - Lighting Mockup 1 LK Reefback Roar Anim 1 LK fix Kelp sparkling at night SH Refactor custom material editors using Standard Shader template SH Fix exception in VehicleInterface_Terrain IP Fix large fragments spawning inside rooms in bad spots Add missing kelp creature special slots to south kelp area and west kelp area Make text tooltips visible on all fragments Fix exceptions in CellManager IP Fix OnHandHover 2 IP Hook up Cuddle Fish goodbye 1 IP hookd up new copper and gold models 1 1 add missing icons for scanner room scanner room UI polish check drillable gold and copper models Fix NRE in UpgradeConsole IP Fix NRE in CyclopsDecoyLoadingTube IP Fix NRE in BurningChunk IP Propulsion & Repulsion Cannon Anim Refinement 1 LK Fix NRE in uGUI_NavigableControlGrid IP Fix exception in Drillable IP Fix NRE in uGUI_EquipmentSlot IP sound bugs mega list 1 1 3/3 IP Post checkin messages in Builder room Add "errata" to list of languages 2 Come up with achievements Fix Emperor Enzyme IP Constructor Use Animation 1 1 IP Hero peeper special ency entries IP B81 Upgrade script