Backlog Development process 2 Double techType list in scanner room 2 Seamoth while Swimming Enter / Exit 6 Ladder Implementation 1 Cine Shark Bite Implementation LK Updated PropCannon Bleeder attack implement 2 Stalker Bites 1 LK Small fish turn in place test 3 LK Emperor Looks 2 LK IP Land Death animations Implement Emperor Baby Anims 12/20 3 LK [maybe] Spiky Trap - Anim Assess 1 IP First use upon pickup 6 1 Findable Time Capsules in the world [Rig Archetype] LK tweak schools of fish shader / material 1 SH Refactor custom material editors using Standard Shader template SH Time capsule PDA tab 1 Fabricator UI 1 Make console input ignore F6 Reduce number of categories in the PDA blueprints section Remove compass from vehicle HUD as default Replace Exploder plugin 1 Base pillars 1 UI Polishing 15/31 5 Add Flooding back to Cyclops 1 SH First Use FX 1 SH Fix cyclops and seamoth water splash FX 1 SH Curing food balance Real time commit messages in-game Lukas' feedback and important polish tasks 1 Fix precursor sea dragon references 2 Fix beacon ping jitter 3 Investigate flatbuffers 1 Check lootcube setup 3 Bash animations missing from certain tools 1/7 2 LK Polish south west safe shallows / kelp forest area 2 Add Reefback, Mesmer and possibly Shuttlebug and Spadefish eggs to the world. 1 Shark Bites Cine Implement 1 LK Make thermal vents in world easier to harvest energy from 3 Do not queue oxygen warning Autopause ency entries while PDA queue plays Optimize away SetParent calls Optimize away rotation & position calls Tune algorithm for choosing what to load next to reduce pop-in Find underground props Preconfigure prefab identifiers fix seamoth undocking animations 1 To Do Launch Site Content & Graphics Sea Dragon - Differentiate attack charge pose from attack pose LK Ride Fish Anims / System LK Optimise Kyanite textures. Fix pop in issue at wreck 6 1 JS Check loot slot size 1 Adjust propulsion cannon fragment spawns for better coverage in early mid game. Measure prefab vs static asset 1 1 B81 Upgrade script Check batch2cells Fuzz input files Chase down postprocessing options Investigate fade in for terrain after priority queue Evaluate reprioritization Add checksums to files Use non-alloc GetComponentsInChildren in serializer Make remaining I/O async Handle sound driver issues Add autosave when entering lifepod/ bases/ Cyclops 1 Turn subtitles off for VOs by default Crabsquid EMP effect on exosuit broken ? 1 SH Track down missing lithium ion batteries 1 PDA Font Size assessment for VR/Xbox FX when interacting with Precursor terminal 2 SH Autosave on quit Double check power cell charger 2 Proper model for Stalker teeth 1 optimize BatterySource.UpdateConnectionCallback and PowerRelay.UpdateConnectionCallback 4 1 Optimise mushroom forest 3 1 JS Seadragon Swim Anims 4/6 4 LK Override blame list for testing builds 1 Finalize balance values for food/water/HP/Energy/Recipes, and redraft as necessary. Final playtest & redraft Dec/Jan Terminals/Abandoned PDA changes Address battery exploit in welder Make all torpedo slots accessible with the controller Run through list of bugs and typos (translation database, emails and trello) Seamoth Issues Animator Assessments Particles affected by shadows SH Added ladder climb cinematic for the moonpool. But needs to toggle swimming 3 1 Doing Finish texture polish of north east kelp zone. 2 Scaffold Launch Site 1/4 Fiber_Mesh 3/7 1 1 MV Come up with achievements Ending/Credits Pre-Viz 4/9 LK Loot cube list 53/74 7 MV Improve tree cove lava zone tunnel for cyclops navigation Blast off sequence VFX 5/8 4 SH Fix story and scan issues identified by Tom Better Cinematics for VR 9/12 1 LK Assess Tools Animations 16/20 LK Fix hitching at end of cinematics 7/11 2 Voice Recording w/ Side Studio 5/8 Redraft on Story Critical Areas Time capsules 14/15 1 Activate fade in 1 1 Redraft and rerecord final Sunbeam messages Post Process effects SH TimeCapsule - Anim check player collision after entering a base / sub (should be standing instantly, fix hitches) 1 Implement player jump anims 9 1 Making save load pose update to tools 3 B82: Bugfixes Release B81 Hook up achievements Review priority queue Review storage box fix Write email about creative mode cheats Release B81 hotfix Dive Reel Animations 5/5 5 2 LK Fix NRE in EnergyMixin IP Fix StackOverflowException in FPSInputModule.BubbleEvent IP Additional depth modules for exosuit and cyclops Done B81: Bugfixes JellyShroom cave entrance improvements 2 Fix NRE in FireExtinguisherHolder IP Fix NRE in WaterParkCreature IP Release B80 update. Check thread safety for pools Revisit workbench fragment spawn rate Check databox unlocks trigger encyclopedia tech Check exosuit and exosuit upgrade fragment distribution (unlock timings are off) Expose achievements in StoryGoal system Improve PickupFormat Detect missing translations Clean up platform variants Clean up Creative mode 1 Play audio for encyclopedia entries Make Cyclops shield effective against lava larvae IP Trigger GC on PDA close 1 Convert monologs for recording Add new jellyshroom breadcrumbing PDA text Add new Simon voice lines Redraft trailer voice script Juvenile Leviathan - size and anims 2 LK stalker teeth animation 4/4 4 Implement newer fish holds 3 LK Rocketship - Check Head Clipping 5 LK Check / Modify Exit Sequence for Capsule LK Optimize Tools 19/19 1 LK [27010] Holding Scrap Metal In Hand While Swimming Showing Floating Metal 4/4 11 1 LK Seadragon - Expression Anims 2/3 3 LK Maproom Drone Animations 2 investigate sliding birds Rocketship - Lighting Mockup 1 LK Reefback Roar Anim 1 LK fix Kelp sparkling at night SH Fix exception in VehicleInterface_Terrain IP Fix large fragments spawning inside rooms in bad spots Add missing kelp creature special slots to south kelp area and west kelp area Make text tooltips visible on all fragments Fix exceptions in CellManager IP Fix OnHandHover 2 IP Hook up Cuddle Fish goodbye 1 IP hookd up new copper and gold models 1 1 add missing icons for scanner room scanner room UI polish check drillable gold and copper models Fix NRE in UpgradeConsole IP Fix NRE in CyclopsDecoyLoadingTube IP Fix NRE in BurningChunk IP Propulsion & Repulsion Cannon Anim Refinement 1 LK Fix NRE in uGUI_NavigableControlGrid IP Fix exception in Drillable IP Fix NRE in uGUI_EquipmentSlot IP sound bugs mega list 3/3 1 1 IP Add "errata" to list of languages 2 Fix Emperor Enzyme IP Constructor Use Animation 1 1 IP Hero peeper special ency entries IP Done B79/B80: Bugfixes Sparse Reef polish pass. 1 Polish and other improvements to north west crash zone area 1 Improve Sea Dragon obstacle avoidance 1 Improve Reaper obstacle avoidance 1 Replace Sparse Reef Vent Fix Aurora colliders 3 1 MV Improve Reefback obstacle avoidance 3 Crash Zone Trench Polish Pass Find non-kinematic non-buoyant entities Add story trigger for fixing lifepod Remove code for achievements 1 Fix NRE in Base.CanSetLadder IP Move rebreather unlock from creepvinepiece pickup to double tank pickup Rework drillables spawn distribution Balance raw fish to encourage cooking. Spawn a breakable resource in safe shallows 5 Convert LWECell to PrefabIdentifier 5 1 Add Exosuit depth upgrade module to vehicle workstation unlock Replace databoxes with scott t's spawner system Move 2 relics to gun interior Lock Workbench recipes and add into data entries in the world 8 1 Fix clean wreck prefab entity cell levels Move diamond to earlier in world. Remove eco event system 3 IP Fix NRE in MaterialExtensions IP Precursor Material updates 106/106 Fix NRE in VFXOverlayMaterial IP Fix NRE in BaseFiltrationMachineGeometry IP Fix NRE in ExosuitTorpedoArm IP Fix NRE in crash fish IP Fix exception in QuickSlots 1 IP Fix NRE in ExploderObject 4 IP Add WaitForX instructions to coroutine utls End Cine - Camera Shake Aim Cinematics 1 Fabricators Optimize Rig 6/6 Lifepod - Intro VR friendly 3 LK Fix head position for cinematics 4/4 Reefback Roar 1 Piping Peepers 4 3 Trigger goal for databox Convert all transform scaling to collider size Switch map room to LOD2 Fix NRE in ClipMapManager IP Make fragment scan progress 100% reliable 1 Improve infected creature scanning Flash red at 20% 1 Add intro tooltip for 1-5 hotkeys 1 1 Prevent picking up non-empty storage 1 Reduce storage box size 1 Jitter on PDA text/icons holding it far from 0,0,0 / UI Optimizations 15 4 1 Fix NRE in Pickupable.GetTechType IP Fix NRE in resource tracker 2 IP Fix NRE in PlayerCinematicController IP Fix NRE in DamageSystem.RadiusDamage IP Fix NRE in OxygenManager 1 IP Full Alpha Redraft based on playtest and recorded issues 3/3 CHBClive 1 1 Redraft Survivor Dialogs Move Precursor_LavaCastleBase_ThermalPlant2 terminal from lava zone base thermal plant room to adjacent room Implement collider offset test Fix NRE in CyclopsSonarDisplay IP Fix NRE in LargeWorldEntity IP Additional signs in aurora 1 1 Fix NRE in uGUI_SceneIntro IP Fix NRE in ReaperMeleeAttack IP Fix NRE in EcoRegionPool IP Fix NRE in uGUI_BuilderMenu IP Fix NRE in ExosuitClawArm IP Fix NRE in Plantable IP Hook up exo sit animation 3 1 Rocket overview 8/8 2 1 Seaglide Pass 2 2 Add additional scannable water filtration machines to some wrecks 1 Add table coral to Sparse Reef Done: B78 Cutefish LiveMixin optimization Make all I/O non-blocking 2/2 1 Emperor Juvenile Anims 20/20 2 LK Remove current Remove generic biome eggs and unknown eggs 1 Increase constructor fragment chance 5 Make triplanar projected plates in safe shallows immune to propulsion cannon. Add stillsuit, dive suit and vehicle modification station databoxes Replace large aquarium fragments with databoxes 2 Evaluate mushroom forest performance and prioritise optimisations 3/3 Check moonpool fragment spawn likelihood player head tilt on lifepod first use GhostLevi Death anim player waterparkhatch cinematic rocket lever cine 2 Remove database update buttons Disable analytics when using cheats Add SIG-less terrain shader variants SH Gun disabling FX SH Sync Sonar wireframe with the darkening wave SH Reduce Crash Fish damage vs Seamoth IP Remove the exterior lock on the lifepod floor hatch that is on it before the first use hatch animation has played. IP Request community translation assistance 5/5 2 4 Remove achievements 1 2 Fix ClipMaps pump timeout Credit Sequence Optimize EntitySlotsPlaceholder 2 2 Fix screenshot manager performance 3 Increase collider size on world PDAs 1 1 Enter sitting Prawn from walking position. 6 Find disabled LOD groups 1 Remove clutter from fabricator 2 Fix NRE in build bot beam points 2 IP Fix NRE in map scanner room 1 IP Fix NRE in ResourceTracker 1 IP Fix NRE in Geyser 1 IP Fix NRE in Seaglide 2 IP Fix NRE in PlayerDistanceTracker 1 IP Fix intro voice stuff for Tom 5