Start Here What to Expect From This Board 2 1 Join Our Community Chat Developer Center Member Feature Requests Add-on: Conditional Logic Registration Forms 90 33 Deposits & Partial Payments 78 40 WooCommerce Integration or Shopping Cart Features 75 37 Add-on: Gift Certificates 66 24 Promotions: Add Ticket scope to promotion 63 41 Gravity Forms Integration 54 16 Price modifier add-on 54 25 Pay what you want / Donation option 47 18 Promotions: Volume Discounts 49 29 Allow adding of registrants to existing transactions 43 10 Import/Export Events 45 21 Cancel/reschedule option 38 2 Questions Per Ticket 38 13 Cancel Registration button on My Events page. 35 11 Add-on: Facebook integration 30 19 Advanced reporting add-on 28 13 WP Users Integration: Add an option to hide member only tickets so they are only shown when the user is logged in. 28 5 Add-on: Seating Chart ( Integration) 24 18 Multiple Language Support 25 10 Team registration 22 5 Payment Method: Square ( 22 10 WP User Integration: Admin side registrations: Add AJAXified text field that autofills for existing user accounts 16 7 Create a New Registration for an Existing Contact 14 3 Add-on: Front-end Event Submission & Management 16 7 Allow users to download a PDF version of their tickets directly without using the browser print function. 18 6 Send Out Certificate of Completion for Attendees 14 5 Credit card processing from the EE admin. 14 1 Simple sign-in sheet export 12 1 Limit one registration per event per email address 14 9 Write-in Donations 11 1 EE4 Social Coupon support with bulk upload option 11 10 Add-on: Constant Contact 10 4 WP User Integration: Admin side registrations: Add a toggle for automatically creating a new user account for the registration/attendee 8 3 Ability for primary registrant to purchase multiple tickets, then assign them to attendees later. 8 2 Automatically send notification to event admin after an event sells out 11 3 Add-on: Recommended Events 9 2 Promo Codes – Restrict Use based on number of tickets purchased 7 4 Ability to create "price classes", to change the price in one place and update across all events with that "price class". 8 2 Messages - Create a check to not send out the primary registrant context email *if* the registration only contains one registrant *and* registrant context *is* activated 8 3 Allow users to build custom registration pages using the EE shortcodes. 8 1 Conference with Breakout sessions add-on 7 3 Specific tax rate per country 6 3 Promotion code automation 4 Admin calendar display 6 Ongoing Events 4 7 Desktop Check-in App 7 Add-on: Hubspot Integration 8 1 Payment Gateway: PagSeguro 5 1 Promotions: Admin side input for promotion codes / coupon codes 6 3 Promotions: List of registrations with a specific promotion code 4 1 Add-on: Events Category Accordion Template 4 Freshbooks Integration 3 Category Specific Gateways 3 Promotions: Require x amount of money spent on tickets before allowing promotion code. 4 Add-on: Box Office/Credit Card Reader 6 1 Different templates for listing events 4 2 Ability to export all events as one ical file. 11 1 Xero accounting software integration 9 Sequential Invoice Numbering 5 1 Add-on: Events Calendar Table Template 4 Add-on: Check-in Notifications 5 Promotions: Add a coupon code field to the event details page 3 1 Shopp integration 3 1 Reminder notices for Invoices 3 1 Enhancement to Core: Latitude & Longitude for venues 3 2 Messages - Allow post_meta values to populate the datetime fields within messages. 3 4 Add the full wysiwyg editor to the newsletter message type modal. 2 Change Text Strings 1 4 Add "region" functionality to EE4 as it is in EE3 R&P Pro. 2 1 Add-on: Live Search for Events 1 SMS Registration Confirmation messaging (not just SMS reminders) 4 2 VAT exemption for qualified buyers 2 Add filter to registrations list table to show only primary registrations 1 1 Payment Gateway: 2Checkout 1 Payment Gateway: USA ePay 1 1 Promotions: Add option for Event Espresso 3-style promotions 2 3 Webhooks to listen for events being created, registrations, payments, refunds, payments, messages being sent, etc. 1 Add-on: Stripe payment method that uses stripe.js 4 1 Payment Gateway: WorldPay 2 3 Add-on: Events Vector Maps Template 2 2 Enhancement to Events Calendar: Add a day parameter to the calendar shortcode 1 Payment Method: Purchase Order 2 Hide expired event check-ins from Registrations -> Event Check-in by default. 2 Add-on: Events Date Range Template 2 Add Purchasing Agent functionality to EE Core 1 2 Add shortcode for including ticket image in email. 1 1 Add-on: Physical Tickets 1 Payment Gateway: Moneris 2 2 Exhibitor Product Showcase Gallery 1 Cancellation/reschedule fees 1 Duplicate Event Action on Event List Table 2 1 Using the Forms System for Surveys 1 More video tutorials! LinkedIn Integration 1 Add-on: Aweber Payment Gateway: PaySera Payment Gateway: Payson Payment Gateways: Payment Gateway: MYOB ecommerce 360 support 1 Barcode scanning add-on: Single event scanning page 1 Front-End Vendor/People submission Payment Method: Merchant One Attendee Mover: Copy attendee Support for iOS Wallet integration. 2 Ticket Printing & Mailing Service Integration 1 Badge Printing After Scanning Checkin 2 Salesforce Integration 2 3 Countdown widget (shortcode). 2 1 Support Passing URL Parameters to the Event Registration Pages to Pre-populate registration forms 2 Per-event Time Zones 1 5 Conditional Ticket Selector Copying Configuration to Another Site Zapier Integration 7 2 GoToMeeting Integration 2 1 Hidden Tickets with URL Parameter(s) 2 Autopopulate the ‘Sell until’ date by default to the ‘Event Start’ +/- a configurable offset. 1 1 Mobile apps/REST API: Add a feature to specify custom fields for attendee details displayed in the app. 1 1 SMS Reminders 1 ActiveCampaign Integration 3 2 Turn on/off flash PayU Integration 1 1 WPML Support 4 4 Infusionsoft add-on: Add integration for check-ins and tagging based on check-in data 2 Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking 15 5 Leadpages Integration Manage Double Booking Print All Tickets (or badges) At Once 2 1 Dynamic Pricing or Demand/Time Driven Pricing 1 1 Full Contact Integration Add message type to notify event admins when registrations are edited 1 Bulk Print Tickets 2 1 Event Credits System 2 2 Sofort payment method Processing Refunds via Event Espresso 6 Add support for e-signatures 1 Add date range filter to registrations list table Apple pay via Stripe 2 Add ability to batch download Invoices/Receipts 1 Add Upcoming Events Dashboard Widget Integration with FacetWP Audit trail Multiple venues attached to same event via individual datetimes 1 List Events on Single Venue Page Add the ability to have a waitlist option per datetime 1 1 Messages System: Add a global header/footer template for messengers Message Type: Ticket Sold out email Notification Planned Features Add-on: Attendee Import 26 18 Add-on: Bulk upload of events 23 10 Add-on: Automated Messages 81 36 Add-on: Automated Payment Reminders 12 2 Add-on: Automated Event Followup Messages 19 7 Add payment functionality to the REST API. 6 2 In Progress Add-on: Recurring Events 108 87 Beta Testing Help test the latest features! 1 Add-on: Automated Upcoming Event Reminder to Attendees 22 40 3 Needs Documentation Prepare for EU GDPR Regulations 2 3 Completed Features View the Full Changelog 1 Prepare for WordPress 5.0 & Gutenberg 6 Add-on: Waiting Lists 87 69 1 Beaver Builder Integration 2 Add-on: Omise Payment Gateway (Sponsored) Payment Gateway: Braintree Marketplace (Sponsored) REST API WRITE Endpoints Sep 11 Payment Gateway: PayFort Jun 16 Payment Gateway: Chase Paymentech 2 Jun 16 Add-on: Payment Methods Pro 1 Apr 5 Payment Gateway: First Data Payeezy Mar 24 Payment Gateway: TransFirst Nov 10 Payment Gateway: PayPal Express Oct 27 Add-on: Attendee Mover 58 44 Oct 7 Payment Gateway: CyberSource 1 Sep 14 Payment Gateway: QuickBooks 12 7 Aug 17 Add-on: Flexible Payment Method 6 1 Aug 17 Payment Gateway: Authorizenet AIM eCheck.Net Jul 8 Payment Gateway: MiGS Jul 8 Payment Gateway: iPay88 Jul 8 Event Espresso Core 4.9 Feature for Core: Messages Activity/Queue 10 1 Mobile Apps for scanning tickets 14 14 May 2 Add-on: AffiliateWP Integration 2 Mar 4 Add filter to allow overriding persistent notices to better UX 1 Feb 22 Add filter to allow messages to send to multiple registrants when the same email address is used for all registrations in a group Feb 22 EE4 REST API checkin/checkout endpoints Feb 8 Add filter hook to allow altering the html for member only ticket rows Feb 8 Update reports to use Google Charts Jan 28 Add CSS class to spco-attendee-panel-dv div to allow customizing the style of a registration form based on the ticket’s ID 1 Jan 15 Add the payment method in the registrations overview Jan 13 Put EE4 REST API into EE4 core Jan 4 Update PayPal gateways to use http/1.1 Dec 30 Add Paypal tax settings Dec 30 Track previous Event Status when setting Event to Sold Out Dec 30 Add Payment Due Date shortcode Dec 30 Payment Gateway: PayPal Payflow Pro Dec 1 Payment Gateway: Braintree Dec 1 Add option to reorder the elements of the event details Nov 12 New Messages Shortcode for iCAL Make the Last name field optional Oct 21 Add-on: SMS Reminder Oct 19 Payment Gateway: PayJunction 1 Oct 14 Better mobile support for Event Checkin within the admin Event Espresso Core 4.8 1 Aug 18 Add-on: Promotions and Discounts Aug 17 Enhancement to EE4 WP User Integration: My Events Page Add-on: REST API Jul 20 Add-on: Multiple Event Registration 1 1 Jun 10 Payment Gateway: AuthorizeNet SIM May 20 Payment Gateway: Vanco May 18 Option to not require last name field 1 1 Add-on: People Apr 6 Payment Gateway: Sage Pay (UK) Mar 24 Add-on: WP User Integration Mar 2 Payment Gateway: iDEAL Mollie Feb 26 Add-on: Printable Tickets Feb 18 Payment Gateway: Stripe Feb 5 Add-on: Barcode/Ticket Scanning Feb 18 Payment Method: Infusionsoft 2 3 Per Event Payment Options 2 2