Start Here What to Expect From This Board 1 2 Join Our Community Chat Developer Center Most Requested Features Add-on: Conditional Logic Registration Forms 102 35 Deposits & Partial Payments 82 41 WooCommerce Integration or Shopping Cart Features 80 39 Add-on: Gift Certificates 72 30 Promotions: Add Ticket scope to promotion 68 49 Gravity Forms Integration 54 16 Promotions: Volume Discounts 54 29 Import/Export Events 53 24 Pay what you want / Donation option 50 19 Allow adding of registrants to existing transactions 44 12 Questions Per Ticket 42 14 Cancel/reschedule option 40 3 Cancel Registration button on My Events page. 39 12 Add-on: Facebook integration 33 19 Advanced reporting add-on 30 13 WP Users Integration: Add an option to hide member only tickets so they are only shown when the user is logged in. 28 6 Multiple Language Support 26 10 Add-on: Seating Chart ( Integration) 25 18 Team registration 22 5 Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking 22 9 Allow users to download a PDF version of their tickets directly without using the browser print function. 20 6 Add-on: Front-end Event Submission & Management 17 7 WP User Integration: Admin side registrations: Add AJAXified text field that autofills for existing user accounts 17 7 Limit one registration per event per email address 19 10 Send Out Certificate of Completion for Attendees 17 8 Create a New Registration for an Existing Contact 15 3 Credit card processing from the EE admin. 14 1 Zapier Integration 15 3 Ability to export all events as one ical file. 14 3 Processing Refunds via Event Espresso 12 2 Simple sign-in sheet export 12 3 EE4 Social Coupon support with bulk upload option 12 10 Automatically send notification to event admin after an event sells out 12 3 Write-in Donations 11 1 Add Purchasing Agent functionality to EE Core 2 1 Also Requested User Interface for selecting which columns to include in Registrations CSV Report 4 Add a field for customizing email headers "Reply to" field 1 Add-on: Recommended Events 10 2 Xero accounting software integration 10 1 Add-on: Constant Contact 10 4 Desktop Check-in App 10 1 Allow users to build custom registration pages using the EE shortcodes. 9 1 WP User Integration: Admin side registrations: Add a toggle for automatically creating a new user account for the registration/attendee 9 4 Ability for primary registrant to purchase multiple tickets, then assign them to attendees later. 9 3 Promo Codes – Restrict Use based on number of tickets purchased 9 4 Messages - Create a check to not send out the primary registrant context email *if* the registration only contains one registrant *and* registrant context *is* activated 8 3 Ability to create "price classes", to change the price in one place and update across all events with that "price class". 8 2 Conference with Breakout sessions add-on 8 3 Specific tax rate per country 7 4 Admin calendar display 7 Promotions: Admin side input for promotion codes / coupon codes 6 3 Add-on: Box Office/Credit Card Reader 6 1 Sequential Invoice Numbering 5 1 Promotion code automation 5 Add-on: Check-in Notifications 5 Different templates for listing events 5 2 Add-on: Events Category Accordion Template 5 1 Promotions: Require x amount of money spent on tickets before allowing promotion code. 4 Add-on: Events Calendar Table Template 4 Enhancement to Core: Latitude & Longitude for venues 4 2 Ongoing Events 4 7 SMS Registration Confirmation messaging (not just SMS reminders) 4 2 WPML Support 4 4 Event Credits System 4 2 Promotions: List of registrations with a specific promotion code 4 1 Freshbooks Integration 3 Promotions: Add a coupon code field to the event details page 3 1 Shopp integration 3 1 Messages - Allow post_meta values to populate the datetime fields within messages. 3 4 ActiveCampaign Integration 3 3 Reminder notices for Invoices 3 1 Category Specific Gateways 3 GoToMeeting Integration 2 1 VAT exemption for qualified buyers 2 Promotions: Add option for Event Espresso 3-style promotions 2 3 Hide expired event check-ins from Registrations -> Event Check-in by default. 2 Add-on: Events Vector Maps Template 3 3 Add-on: Events Date Range Template 2 Add the full wysiwyg editor to the newsletter message type modal. 2 Add "region" functionality to EE4 as it is in EE3 R&P Pro. 2 1 Badge Printing After Scanning Checkin 2 Bulk Print Tickets 3 1 Print All Tickets (or badges) At Once 3 2 Infusionsoft add-on: Add integration for check-ins and tagging based on check-in data 2 Duplicate Event Action on Event List Table 2 1 Barcode scanning add-on: Single event scanning page 1 Mobile apps/REST API: Add a feature to specify custom fields for attendee details displayed in the app. 1 1 Autopopulate the ‘Sell until’ date by default to the ‘Event Start’ +/- a configurable offset. 1 1 Add the ability to have a waitlist option per datetime 1 1 Webhooks to listen for events being created, registrations, payments, refunds, payments, messages being sent, etc. 1 Ticket Printing & Mailing Service Integration 1 Enhancement to Events Calendar: Add a day parameter to the calendar shortcode 1 Add message type to notify event admins when registrations are edited 1 Add shortcode for including ticket image in email. 1 1 Support Passing URL Parameters to the Event Registration Pages to Pre-populate registration forms 2 Support for iOS Wallet integration. 2 Add new registration via Ticket (Barcode/Scan) check-in app 1 1 Add ability to batch download Invoices/Receipts 1 Using the Forms System for Surveys 1 Cancellation/reschedule fees 1 Dynamic Pricing or Demand/Time Driven Pricing 1 1 Per-event Time Zones 1 5 Add support for e-signatures 1 Multiple venues attached to same event via individual datetimes 1 SMS Reminders 1 1 Add filter to registrations list table to show only primary registrations 1 1 Exhibitor Product Showcase Gallery 1 Hidden Tickets with URL Parameter(s) 2 Add-on: Physical Tickets 1 ecommerce 360 support 1 Add-on: Live Search for Events 1 LinkedIn Integration 1 Messages System: Add a global header/footer template for messengers List Events on Single Venue Page Conditional Ticket Selector Front-End Vendor/People submission Leadpages Integration Attendee Mover: Copy attendee Copying Configuration to Another Site Turn on/off flash Audit trail Manage Double Booking Full Contact Integration Integration with FacetWP Add Upcoming Events Dashboard Widget Add date range filter to registrations list table More video tutorials! Venue List block Site admin message context Add support for Default Registration Status per ticket Add "Subject" field shortcodes for emails for including event information in Subject line Add option to display Countdown timer New dropdown question type to a list of previously input answers to another question on the same registration form Message Type: Transaction/Registration Summary Checkout: Allow for re-ordering checkout steps Promotions: Add option to hide the promotions code field and instead display a link to toggle display of field A simple export/import function for **everything** EE related 1 1 Planned Features Add-on: Bulk upload of events 28 10 Add-on: Automated Messages 84 37 Add-on: Automated Event Followup Messages 22 7 Add-on: Automated Payment Reminders 13 2 Add payment functionality to the REST API. 6 2 In Progress Add-on: Recurring Events 119 95 Beta Testing Help test the latest features! 1 Available from 3rd Party Developers Payment Gateway: USA ePay 1 1 Price modifier add-on 54 25 Change Text Strings 1 4 Payment Method: Square ( 25 18 Completed Features View the Full Changelog 1 Add-on: Automated Upcoming Event Reminder to Attendees 23 3 45 Add-on: Stripe payment method that uses stripe.js 4 1 Add-on: Attendee Import 28 23 Prepare for WordPress 5.0 & Gutenberg 6 Add-on: Waiting Lists 87 1 69 Beaver Builder Integration 3 Add-on: Omise Payment Gateway (Sponsored) Payment Gateway: Braintree Marketplace (Sponsored) REST API WRITE Endpoints Sep 11 Payment Gateway: PayFort Jun 16 Payment Gateway: Chase Paymentech Jun 16 2 Add-on: Payment Methods Pro Apr 5 1 Payment Gateway: First Data Payeezy Mar 24 Payment Gateway: TransFirst Nov 10 Payment Gateway: PayPal Express Oct 27 Add-on: Attendee Mover 58 Oct 7 44 Payment Gateway: CyberSource 1 Sep 14 Payment Gateway: QuickBooks 12 Aug 17 7 Add-on: Flexible Payment Method 6 Aug 17 1 Payment Gateway: Authorizenet AIM eCheck.Net Jul 8 Payment Gateway: MiGS Jul 8 Payment Gateway: iPay88 Jul 8 Event Espresso Core 4.9 Feature for Core: Messages Activity/Queue 10 1 Mobile Apps for scanning tickets 14 May 2 14 Add-on: AffiliateWP Integration 2 Mar 4 Add filter to allow overriding persistent notices to better UX Feb 22 1 Add filter to allow messages to send to multiple registrants when the same email address is used for all registrations in a group Feb 22 EE4 REST API checkin/checkout endpoints Feb 8 Add filter hook to allow altering the html for member only ticket rows Feb 8 Update reports to use Google Charts Jan 28 Add CSS class to spco-attendee-panel-dv div to allow customizing the style of a registration form based on the ticket’s ID Jan 15 1 Add the payment method in the registrations overview Jan 13 Put EE4 REST API into EE4 core Jan 4 Update PayPal gateways to use http/1.1 Dec 30 Add Paypal tax settings Dec 30 Track previous Event Status when setting Event to Sold Out Dec 30 Add Payment Due Date shortcode Dec 30 Payment Gateway: PayPal Payflow Pro Dec 1 Payment Gateway: Braintree Dec 1 Add option to reorder the elements of the event details Nov 12 New Messages Shortcode for iCAL Make the Last name field optional Oct 21 Add-on: SMS Reminder Oct 19 Payment Gateway: PayJunction Oct 14 1 Better mobile support for Event Checkin within the admin Event Espresso Core 4.8 Aug 18 1 Add-on: Promotions and Discounts Aug 17 Enhancement to EE4 WP User Integration: My Events Page Add-on: REST API Jul 20 Add-on: Multiple Event Registration 1 Jun 10 1 Payment Gateway: AuthorizeNet SIM May 20 Payment Gateway: Vanco May 18 Option to not require last name field 1 1 Add-on: People Apr 6 Payment Gateway: Sage Pay (UK) Mar 24 Add-on: WP User Integration Mar 2 Payment Gateway: iDEAL Mollie Feb 26 Add-on: Printable Tickets Feb 18 Payment Gateway: Stripe Feb 5 Add-on: Barcode/Ticket Scanning Feb 18 Payment Method: Infusionsoft 2 3 Per Event Payment Options 2 2 Salesforce Integration 2 4 Add-on: Hubspot Integration 10 2 Add-on: Aweber 1 Payment Gateways Payment Gateway: PagSeguro 5 1 Apple pay via Stripe 2 Payment Gateway: Moneris 2 2 Sofort payment method Payment Gateway: WorldPay 2 3 Payment Gateway: 2Checkout 1 Payment Method: Purchase Order 2 PayU Integration 1 1 Payment Method: Merchant One Payment Gateway: MYOB Payment Gateways: Payment Gateway: Payson Payment Gateway: PaySera