Team Administration

Quick tips for keeping your team organized and on the same page.

Team Administration

With your team created, members invited, boards added, and collaboration in full swing, it’s time to take a moment and go over a few ways you can better administer your team.

(Don’t have a team yet? Check out our Getting Started article to quickly get your team up and running in Trello.)

Team Visibility

From your team page, click the “Settings” tab where you can set your team visibility.

Team visibility is about whether your team will be indexed by search engines or visible to people outside of the team. Visibility can be set to public or private. Before you freak out, this does not mean that your private or team visible boards will be suddenly visible to the public. Don’t worry!

However, let’s say you plan on creating a lot of awesome public boards like a product roadmap, a user community board, or resource board for awesome information about your team or business. In those cases, having a publicly visible team might be right for you since it will provide a dedicated place for your users, customers, and fans to go to check out your public boards.

Be A Slack(er)

If your team uses Slack then we recommend linking your Trello and Slack teams to foster seamless collaboration between the two apps. With your Slack and Trello teams linked, members of your Slack team can join your Trello team and get things done without any roadblocks.

Linking your Trello and Slack teams also allows your teams to create and edit Trello cards, assign teammates, and add comments and due dates directly from Slack channels without having to switch apps. This is great for when an impromptu brainstorm session flares up and you want to create some action items in Trello.

You can also set alerts for updates from Trello boards in specified Slack channels, and get key insights and interact with Trello boards and cards that are linked in Slack. Even better: the Trello app for Slack is totally free!

#TrelloTips: Business Class team admins can choose whether any member of a linked Slack team can join the team or if Slack team members should only be invited manually.

Add Another Admin (Or Three)

Admins are the only team members that can add and remove members from a team and change the settings, which means it’s important to have someone available to make necessary changes. This is why we recommend having a couple of extra members on your team be granted admin status, in case you (the team creator) are out for parental leave, vacation, or stuck in a meeting when action needs to happen.

To make another member of your team an admin, click the “Members” tab on your team page, then next to a team member’s name click “Normal” and change it to “Admin.”

Get On Brand

It’s really easy to make your team your own, and make it feel like home. First, add a logo to your team by clicking the blank image area next to your team’s name and uploading a file. Not only will this spruce up your team page, but the logo will also appear on all of your team’s boards. Lookin’ good!

Also, it’s probably a good idea to customize your team profile. Click “Edit Team Profile” where you can change your team name, the short name (which is in the URL for your team), as well as add a website link and team description.

There are two ways to approach the team description, depending on if your team is public or private. If you created a publicly viewable team then it might be a good idea to add more information about your team, support or sales contact information, or what the different public boards mean.

For private teams it might be nice to highlight the internal contacts for team admins for Trello related questions, and highlight the boards that every team member should be checking out. For instance, boards for a company overview, employee manual, all-hands meetings or high level department boards for resources and requests.

Member Management

When it comes to managing the members of your team, remember that there is no limit to the number of members you can have in your team. We recommend adding everyone that is going to be collaborating. To add new members to your team click the “Members” tab and add members from the left-hand section of the members page.

When setting up your team, remember that it’s common for members to have already been using Trello for team-related projects independently. For this reason, it’s a good idea to remind your team members to associate their previously created boards with the team. This makes collaboration easier for everyone, and keeps everything organized and in one place.

If someone needs to be removed from the team, click “Remove” next to their name. Please note that this will only remove them from the team and they must still be removed from boards they are on individually. Business Class teams can remove team members from the team and their associated boards all at once.

Go Big With Business Class

For teams that want to supercharge their Trello experience with additional security and administrative features, check out Business Class.

  • Restrict team memberships by domain, making sure only people with email addresses that come from specified domains can be added to the team.
  • Set board creation restrictions for who can create public, team visible, and private boards so that your super secret project isn’t accidentally made public.
  • Restrict the ability to invite guests to boards if you want to keep it only in the family.
  • Deactivate team members from all team boards in a single click, and more!

Did we also mention unlimited Power-Ups on your team member’s boards? They’ll love that! Learn more about Business Class.

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