How to Leave Your Old Tools

Making the switch to Trello.

Now that you’ve seen the light and a better way for you team to work together with Trello, it’s time to help your team make the switch over from their old tools. Whether you’ve been trying to collaborate with email, spreadsheets, or post-it notes, getting buy-in and changing work styles is no small feat.

Here are a few tips to help you make the move.

Start Small Then Scale

While Trello can be used to organize literally any of life’s projects, when introducing people to a new tool it’s best to start small and then scale up from there. We know you are excited, and rather than diving in and creating boards for everything, pick a single project to help transition your team.

Ideally, the project should be something that has a concrete goal that is achievable in a few weeks. This way, everyone on the board will be able to get involved, collaborate in real time, and see results fast. Some ideas might be planning a social media campaign, building a website, or planning an event. You get the idea.

If You Build It They Will Come

With your project in mind, create your first Trello board with clarity and simplicity in mind. For instance, when adding lists to the board, think about how your team works and put a process in place that makes sense to them.

Make work seem less overwhelming by taking that big project and breaking it down into manageable bite-sized cards. Also, keep card titles short and to-the-point so that people know what a card is about in a glance. Save all of the details for the card’s description and checklists.

There are also plenty of ways to make your board warm and welcoming to new users. For example, pick a photo board background that your team will love, or just pick one with cute puppies, because everyone loves puppies, Add stickers and emoji to cards to give them a more fun, visual meaning.

Finally, make sure to check out the Collaboration article in this Guide for even more ways to be the Trello board leader you’ve always dreamed of being!

Share The Benefits

It’s the big day! Your new Trello board is all setup, and it’s time to share it with the team. But instead of just dropping a board in their laps and telling them you expect to see results tomorrow, help your team make the transition to Trello with a brief training.

Set up a brown bag lunch (or video chat if your team is remote) to introduce Trello, go over your board, and explain how it’s going to take productivity to the next level. In fact, we’ve even created this handy slide deck to help you out. Or, point them to some helpful webinars.

There might be some initial resistance, so let your team know why you think it’s a good idea to switch to a tool that is meant for seamless collaboration, especially if you are using tools like email, spreadsheets, or post-it notes.

For instance, if your team is all about email, highlight these benefits:

  • See who’s doing what in Trello, instead of digging through an endless email chain.
  • Avoid the communication pitfalls of someone forgetting to hit "reply all."
  • Or, simply help your team achieve the dream of inbox zero.

#TrelloTips:Help the email addicted make the transition to Trello with features like Email to Board or the Trello add-in for Outlook.

Perhaps they are spreadsheet enthusiasts. Try mentioning:

  • Trello brings another dimension to tasks with descriptions, checklists, comments, and more.
  • Keep all your attachments (even spreadsheets) for a task accessible in a click with Trello, because who knows what you are doing to keep tasks together at this point.
  • Plus, you can integrate all of your favorite apps with Trello.
  • It’s easy to move cards around and update priorities.
  • And if you’re still sending files around, say goodbye to “FinalV2.DEFINITELYFINAL.xlsx”

Or, if your team is stuck on sticky notes:

  • Trello cards never lose their stickiness and never get lost.
  • Unlike sticky notes, Trello is always available for everyone no matter where they are with our mobile apps.
  • And, sticky notes don’t come with notification reminders built in.
  • No more trips to the store, because Trello cards never run out!

Good luck and get ready, because with a little dedication and perseverance you are about to become the new office hero!

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