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Larger Attachments

Are 10 megabyte card attachments just not big enough? With Trello Gold, you can upload files up to 250 megabytes in size.


You can change your background to one of the six basic colors to help you easily categorize and distinguish your boards. With Trello Gold, you get access to nine premium backgrounds , plus the ability to upload your own backgrounds.


Trello gives you a dozen stickers to more visually express yourself. With Trello Gold, you get access to extra, premium sticker packs. Like a pack with Taco, our spokes-husky. And a pack featuring Pete the Computer, a friendly computer. If that’s not enough, you can upload your own stickers.

Custom Emoji

Sometimes a speaks louder than words. That’s why Trello has over 800 emoji to use in comments, checklist items, descriptions, and elsewhere. If you can’t find the perfect emoji to express yourself, you can upload your own emoji with Trello Gold.

Business Class

Are you looking to get Trello Gold for all the members in your organization? You’ll get that with Business Class, plus extra administrative controls and team super powers.

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Trello Gold is a way to support the tool you love and use every day while getting extra bits of fun and functionality. Of course, you can still use Trello for free and enjoy unlimited boards, organizations, cards, and no usage restrictions, with or without Trello Gold.

Want to get Trello Gold for free? For every new member you get to join Trello, we’ll give you a month of Trello Gold for free for up to 12 months.

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