Trello keeps everything in one place, for everyone to access. No more spelunking through complex email chains.

In Trello, it’s really easy to work with others. Whether it’s a co-worker, a spouse, or some friends, coordinating is streamlined inside a Trello board. You can view all correspondence on one card. That’s right: never get lost in an annoying email chain again. Yeah, you’re welcome.

Adding Members

Adding members to the board allows everyone to visually see each phase of the project: what needs work, what tasks they're responsible for, and what’s done!

To add members, click the sidebar menu on the right hand side and you’ll see a section towards the top called “Members.” Click the “Add Members” button and enter their name (if they’re on Trello) or their email address (if they’re new to Trello).

Drag the member's picture from the menu and drop it onto the card.

In addition to adding members to a board, you can also add them to a specific card. This means they will receive alerts when there is activity on the card. Now everyone knows what is going on.


Easily carry on a detailed discussion without anything ever getting lost in an email chain. On the card back many people can comment, make updates, and collaborate. All of their comments are logged with timestamps, so they are always there for reference.

You can also @ mention someone on a card back so that person gets an alert. You can manage your settings to receive Trello alerts instantly, periodically, or never. We don’t believe in email spam.

Easily carry on a detailed discussion without anything ever getting lost in an email chain.

Add Attachments

Add attachments so everyone can see examples. We are integrated with Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and OneDrive, or you can just upload files straight from your computer. Trello works well with the tools that you are already using.

Attach files from your favorite online services, or even straight from your computer.

Trello Reminds You… When You Want

Trello offers a whole suite of notification options with the goal of making sure you never forget or miss out on a single thing. Set due dates to get 24 hour notifications before a task is due, and the notification will show up in your phone, email, and on Trello. When a colleague comments on a card and tags you, you’ll also be notified so you can respond in due time.

Oh and don’t worry, Trello also gives you the option of turning off notifications so you aren’t alerted when you don’t need to be, like, say, when you’re sipping margaritas on the beach. We know, it’s a tough life.

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