Customize Boards and Workflows

Trello is as colorful and flexible as you need it to be, so let your imagination run wild.

The best part about Trello is that it’s anything you need it to be. You can structure your boards and lists in a way that makes sense to you. Depending on the project, you can have different list names for each of your boards. The possibilities are endless!

List Names

Trello works for you, no matter how you work. It’s pretty straightforward: drag and drop cards through lists to fit where they are in the process. This is a simple way to keep everything organized. Plus it feels great when you start piling up a big “Done” list. You’ve accomplished a lot!

As your projects get bigger, or more complex, you can add as many lists as you need. For example if you’re planning a party at your house, your lists might look something like this:

Party planning lists

Or, if you’re managing a project with your team at work, they might look something like this:

Business project lists

Check out these sample boards for more inspiration.

Power Ups

Power-Ups turn Trello boards into living applications. Through adaptable features and integrations, Power-Ups help teams use Trello to meet their unique business needs. Every team can enable one free Power-Up on a team board, and Business Class teams can enable unlimited Power-Ups. You can find Power-Ups in the sidebar menu, on the right side of your board.

Power Ups are extra features you can enable on your board for free!

Labels and Search

You can categorize your cards with a fine toothed comb. Add color coded labels with names to easily distinguish different types of cards. It is also possible to put colorless labels on a card, which means they function like keywords, or tagged search items.

Add labels to easily distinguish different types of cards.

Search is really advanced on a Trello board. When you need to quickly find something, type it in the search bar on the top left. You can even save a search, if it’s something you find yourself searching often.

When you search for these tags or labels, your board will filter out to only show the cards with those labels. Never lose anything, again.

Customize The Look Of Your Boards

Board Background Colors - Your Trello board comes with a default Trello blue background. If you go to the sidebar on the right hand side, you can click “Menu,” and then “Change Background.” Voila! There are 5 additional background colors from which to choose. Because we don’t think you should always be “feeling blue.”

Even More Customization With Trello Gold - You can add custom backgrounds, including the ability to upload your own personal images as backgrounds. These can really add that personal touch to a board. For this feature, you need to have Trello Gold, which allows for more exciting features. Learn more about Trello Gold here.

You may also be interested in Business Class, which includes Trello Gold functionality. Learn more about business class here.

The point is, there are a million ways to structure a Trello board, just like there are a million ways to use Trello.

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