SSO Info

This article covers enabling and enforcing SSO for Trello Enterprise, including on mobile.

Enabling SSO

Trello currently allows for both IDP-initiated and SP-initiated SSO integrations with any SAML 2.0 SSO identity provider. We have pre-built integrations with:

  • Azure AD
  • Bitium
  • G Suite SAML
  • Okta
  • OneLogin
  • RSA SecurID

And users can set up integrations with any other SAML 2.0 provider they may wish to use—we’ll provide information on what we need for that in our SSO configuration form.

If you already have an IDP that you’re using for SSO, and you know that you want to use SSO with Trello, you can start that process using this form:

Once SSO is enabled, your priority support team will provide you the ACS URL to provide to your IDP.

When SSO is first set up in Trello, it’s set up as a convenience only. This means that users can log in with SSO to Trello, but can also log in using their own Trello username and password.

If you want to set up enforced SSO as a security feature, there’s a second set of steps you’ll need to follow after providing your information in the SSO form above. Your priority support team can provide more information; an outline of the process is provided in this article.

Mobile SSO

Trello offers iOS and Android apps. If your users are using SSO to log in, they will be routed through their IDP once they log in or sign up through their mobile app.

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