Upgrading New Teams

How to create a new team for Trello Enterprise.

Creating Enterprise Teams

To upgrade to Enterprise, you’ll need to create a team in Trello, and move your boards into that team. The first step is to make the team:

  1. Follow these steps to create a team.
  2. Add yourself and any other employees who need Enterprise features to the team as team members using these instructions.
  3. Move the boards you want to use over to that team.
  4. Once all boards are moved, go to https://www.trello.com/me.
  5. Click on the team name.
  6. Copy the URL (it will be formatted as https://www.trello.com/yourteamname).
  7. Send that URL to the support team and ask them to upgrade the team.

Learn About Teams

It can be helpful to think of teams as folders that boards fit into. The team is how we know what features apply to what boards, and is a helpful way to control access to board content.

If you’re not familiar with teams, we recommend starting with this article to learn more.

Not seeing Enterprise features on your board?

If your board doesn’t have access to Enterprise features, the first thing we want to check is whether it’s part of an Enterprise team.

This article walks through how to move your board into a team. Move the board to a team that’s been upgraded to Enterprise, and it should start showing Enterprise features to team members.

If it doesn’t, email support with the board URL and they can help you with accessing those features on the board.

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