Organizing Your Project With Trello

Whether you're gearing up for your next big project, or planning your next vacation, Trello's here to help.

Trello is Visual

Millions of people around the world use Trello to organize their work and personal lives. Why? Because it’s intuitive, fun, and insanely easy to use.

Picture a project outlined with sticky notes on a whiteboard, being moved from column to column. Trello is the digital way to achieve the same workflow, minus the sticky stuff wearing off.

Trello makes it easy to visualize a project from top to bottom. Looking at the progression of cards on a board gives you a top level overview of a project’s progress, while each card lays out a portion of the work. You also have the ability to communicate with team members or family right on a card, making your email inbox emptier in the process. Who doesn’t love seeing Inbox (0)?

Trello Is For Everyone, All At Once

Trello boards can have as many members as you need. Whether you’re making a big presentation with your team at work, or you’re planning a potluck dinner with friends, it’s super easy to loop everyone in.

If there’s important information, add a member to the card. Members can comment back and forth, and start a discussion with multiple people by simply @ mentioning them. You can also add attachments and links to the card so everything you need is in one place.

Trello Is Flexible

Trello is flexible enough to fit into any workflow. Simply structure your board according to how you’d like to work, play, and plan. A work board may look completely different than a vacation planning board, and that’s totally fine. Having all of your projects in one place, on any device, and in real time is part of the reason why Trello works for so many people.

Use Trello At Work

Trello helps companies of all sizes manage everything from large sales teams, to website redesigns, to editorial calendars, to anything in between. If something needs to get done with a team, Trello can be the one to remind everyone what to do and when it needs to be done.

If you’re looking for advanced features, like admin permissions for boards, check out Trello Business Class. If more than 100 people are using Trello for your company, check out Trello Enterprise. Learn more about Business Class

Use Trello At Home

Ever wanted to get down a fitness plan, keep recipes in one place, or get your kids to do their homework? How about a free, easy tool to plan vacations, weddings, or that upcoming househunt?

Trello can do all of these things for you and your family. The same great features that keep you on track at work can help you achieve your goals and reduce your stress levels at home.

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