Power-Up Productivity

Turn your boards into a productivity powerhouse.

Power-Up Your Productivity

By now you understand the Trello landscape: boards, lists, and cards. It’s all quite simple, but underneath the hood Trello has a lot more power than you may have realized. Let’s take a look at the Power-Ups, integrations, and developer platform that are going to get you a lot more bang for your productivity buck.


Power-Ups turn Trello boards into living applications through additional features and integrations that are adaptable to your unique business needs. Enabling Power-Ups on boards allows you to bring important information and insight from the apps you rely on every day right into your team’s Trello workflow.

Listen, we know Trello isn’t the only app your team is using to get things done (what?!). Bring apps and services like Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, Salesforce, and more into your Trello boards to keep all your data located and accessible in one place. In a glance you are able to keep up to date on all the work getting done across every app. Power-Ups can be used to customize cards, add automation, or get a new perspective on boards with capabilities such as Custom Fields, Card Repeater, Calendar, and more.

To enable Power-Ups on boards, simply click the Power-Ups button in the board’s sidebar and click “Enable” next to a Power-Up you would like to add to the board. Once a Power-Up is enabled click the gear icon next to the enable button to edit its settings and link any accounts from the apps you are integrating with the Trello board.

Quick note: Every board can have one Power-Up enabled for free, and Business Class and Enterprise team members can enable unlimited Power-Ups on their boards.

Enable A Power Play

Teams are using Power-Ups to turn Trello boards into the ultimate app for getting things done. A lightweight CRM for startup sales teams, an email-free content management system, a bug tracking (and squashing) powerhouse, and more.

Here’s a quick look at just a few different ways your department can get more done with Power-Ups.

Marketing Editorial Calendar

  • Start an article outline in Evernote and attach it to a card to pitch the idea.
  • Create a new Google Doc from Google Drive directly from Trello and compose the article.
  • Set a due date for publishing and visualize the pipeline with the Calendar.
  • Attach a Drive folder to the card so everyone can access the image assets for the post.

Sales CRM Pipeline

  • Attach Salesforce leads and opportunities to cards to quickly access important information.
  • Create Custom Fields for requests, quotes, and additional data points.
  • Securely manage and share contracts and documents with Dropbox.
  • Keep track of scheduled meetings and calls with the Calendar.

Agile Development

  • Attach Zendesk tickets to feature requests and prioritize the backlog.
  • Easily access and track code changes with GitHub.
  • Visualize sprint progress dashboards with Screenful.
  • Have a dedicated join.me room for daily standups.

Check out more ways marketing, sales, developers, PMs, HR, and support can customize their boards with Power-Ups in our team playbooks.

Integrations And Extensions

Customize your Trello experience even further with browser extensions, add-ons, and connectors made by both the Trello team and third party developers.

For instance, use the Zapier and IFTTT connectors to automate your workflow between your favorite apps or within Trello itself. For instance, use Zapier to automatically create Trello cards from new Typeform entries, Gmail emails, or Evernote notes, so that you can put your mind to more important things. Use IFTTT to create new Trello cards when items are added to Google Calendar, or when you take a photo you can have it automatically attach to a Trello card. The sky’s the limit, and you can create custom automations for whatever you like!

Browser extensions let you tweak Trello to create a more personalized experience when using Trello in the browser. Agile developers and project managers can add card counts, estimation points, and more with Plus for Trello. Create new cards directly from Chrome without having to go to Trello with our very own Chrome extension. And, for the checklist lovers in the house, install Next Step for Trello to see the next items in a card’s checklist without having to open the card.

See all of the different integrations and extensions available for Trello.

Develop On Trello

Want to build a Power-Up for your team, a custom feature, or a cool browser extension? Fear not: Trello has an open platform that any developer can build upon. Learn all about the Trello API, Power-Ups platform, and check out some easily remixable Power-Up samples at developers.trello.com. It has everything you need to get started developing on the Trello platform.

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