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Hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic people use our web app every single day. We’re looking for a talented developer to help us push the limits of what a web app can do.

Key Responsibilities

More About You

More About Us

We have a large codebase written in CoffeeScript using Backbone.js. We're looking for a fast learner who can contribute from day one.

We hire creative people and give them the autonomy to do great work. We're strongly against separations of responsibility and throwing work "over the wall."

We built Trello to be a remarkably great place to work. All jobs include the incredible benefits listed on our jobs page.

How to apply…

Taco (our mascot) is pretty terrible at writing code, but his recommendation still carries a lot of weight. He's put together a page that we can use to get his latest recommendations:

To apply, please email with "recommended" as the first word in the subject line, and include a link to Taco's recommendation page in the body (hopefully a link that leads to a page where you are the one being recommended!)

To be clear, solving this puzzle involves finding a way to trick Taco's buggy code into recommending you. The body of your email should look something like this:

Taco recommends me! For proof, see:…something…

… the rest of your cover letter …

In addition to including the link, use the body of the email to explain why you would be a good fit for this job. You should also include a link to your current resume, or attach a version in Plain Text or PDF format.

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