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Trello offers a whole suite of advanced tools that allow you to get more in-depth (and more fun) with your goals.

Creating A Team

Let's say you've been using Trello with your marketing team, and now the sales and product teams want to start making boards. It's probably a good time to create a team so that everyone in your company can stay organized under one umbrella.

Teams are all about making it easier for a team of people to share and collaborate on multiple boards. Members of the team are then able to join boards within the team, making it super convenient to view and participate in everything that's going on. There's no limit to the number of teams you can create with your Trello account.

Onboarding Your Team

Your co-workers got a taste of Trello and now they're clamoring to learn everything. We get it: Trello is awesome. As much as you would love to help them, you're very busy getting things done. So we’ve created a short video called “Getting Started With Trello” that you can pass along to those folks, which should answer all of their questions.

Share this video with your team: Getting Started With Trello

Trello Gold

Perhaps you’ve been invited to a board and have noticed that it has a super sweet background that makes your blue background look like last year’s model. That, my friend, is Trello Gold. Trello Gold gives you a bunch of additional functionality and features that will take your boards to the next level.

With Trello Gold you get three Power-Ups per board custom backgrounds, stickers and emoji, 250 MB attachments, and saved searches. Best of all, you can get Trello Gold for free by inviting new users to collaborate with you. Learn more about Trello Gold here. Learn more about Trello Gold

Business Class for Teams

We understand that when it comes to project management, it’s not all fun and games. That’s why we created Business Class for teams that require additional administrative controls and permissions. With a Business Class team, you can take total control of all of your boards and data. We also include Trello Gold for all team members. Learn more about Business Class here. Learn more about Business Class

Trello Enterprise

Are you loving Trello but want even more than what Business Class can offer? Then Trello Enterprise is the solution for you. Not only do we include all of the Business Class features for your teams, but we also have additional enterprise level features like phone support, simplified billing via invoice, a dedicated account manager, the ability to manage multiple teams, user volume pricing, and more. To see if Trello Enterprise is right for your company go here. Learn more about Enterprise

Help and Support

Need some help or are you looking for some more in-depth information about specific Trello features? Check out our help documentation here.

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