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Automate by Zapier

The Automate by Zapier Power-Up allows you to harness the power of workflow automation tool Zapier without ever leaving your Trello board. Build codeless integrations (aka Zaps) that automatically connect Trello to 750+ other business tools.

Card Snooze

The Card Snooze Power-Up allows you to snooze (archive) a card until a certain time, when it will be restored to the board.


The Droplr Power-Up allows you to easily attach screenshots, screen recordings, GIFs, and files to cards, or create entirely new cards directly from a Droplr link.

JIRA Cloud

The JIRA Cloud Power-up let’s you easily connect Trello cards to JIRA issues so you can see real-time progress at a glance on a card and automatically link card information back from an issue. Plus, you can create a new JIRA issue directly from a Trello card. In other words, everyone can live in the tool where they are most efficient, productive, and happy.

Bitbucket Cloud

Connect Bitbucket Cloud and Trello to help your product team plan and track work. The Bitbucket Power-up allows your team to attach branches, commits and pull requests to cards, and populates with real-time status updates. When you are ready to move from Trello to Bitbucket create a branch directly from a card. Now you're coding.

Confluence Cloud

Get your team on the same page with the Confluence Cloud Power-Up. Teams can attach Confluence pages to Trello cards to manage content, strategy, and ideas right from their boards. If you’re working in a card that needs deep content simply spin up a Confluence page directly from the card and get writing.


The CloudApp Power-Up lets you attach screen recordings, GIFs, annotated screenshots, and files to cards and create a preview of the documents right on the card itself. This Power-Up will enable a CloudApp button on cards, allowing you to quickly attach the perfect content.


With the RealtimeBoard Power-Up you can easily attach and create new RealtimeBoard boards without having to leave Trello, see which boards have been updated and who is currently online.


The Moxtra Power-up connects all of your tasks and conversations. Launch chats and start live meetings in Moxtra right from Trello. Send Trello cards to Moxtra conversations, and create Moxtra tasks from Trello and share them with your Moxtra contacts.


The Unito Power-Up connects your JIRA, Asana, GitHub, Wrike, and Trello accounts with a 2-way sync so that any card, comment, or attachment in Trello is copied over to issues, tasks, comments, and attachments in the synced app--and vice versa. Collaborate automatically with team members no matter what tool you love.

Google Drive

The Google Drive Power-Up shows updated information for files and folders attached to cards. By enabling this Power-Up, you’ll also be able to create and automatically attach new Drive files right to a card.


Enable the Slack Power-Up to send a Trello card directly to a Slack channel or direct message. You’ll also be able to set a reminder in Slack straight from a Trello card and associate a Slack channel with a board. Want to reference a conversation in Slack on a Trello card? Just drag the relevant conversation over and drop it onto the Trello card.


The Dropbox Power-Up allows you to attach files and folders to cards. The documents get updated in real time right on the card. You’ll also be able to see a preview of the documents right on the card back.

Custom Fields

Customize Trello cards with additional data fields and visual card badges.


With the Evernote Power-Up you can attach notes right to your Trello cards. Attached notes will update automatically when you make edits. You’ll be able to access and attach your Evernote notes directly from the card back.


Enable the GitHub Power-Up to attach branches, commits, issues and pull requests directly to cards. You’ll be able to see the status of pull requests right on the front of cards. You can also associate one or more repositories with a board. They will appear as persistent links in the board header.


Skip the “Which video link are we using?” confusion and enable the Google Hangouts Power-Up. This will create a persistent video chat link in the board header with a unique room per board.


With the Zendesk Power-Up, you can attach Zendesk tickets and views to Trello cards. Attach tickets to see quick summaries relevant to a card. Attach views to see high-level stats and summaries without jumping back and forth between tools.


The Elegantt Power-Up automatically generates progress bars in a Gantt chart, providing a convenient roadmap neatly tucked away within your Trello board.


Time tracking right in Trello, at last! If you need to know how much time you and your team have spent on individual tasks, enable the Harvest Power-Up. You'll be able to track time directly from Trello cards, saving you valuable steps (and time!) in your workflows.


Attach Mailchimp templates and campaigns directly onto cards with the Mailchimp Power-Up. You can plan your whole campaign in Trello without going between the two. Updated templates and campaigns will automatically display changes.


The Salesforce Power-Up shows information about cases, contacts, leads, and opportunities attached to a card. You’ll be able to create custom sales pipelines using Trello with information straight from Salesforce. See which Salesforce editions qualify.


With the Box Power-Up you’ll see updated information and previews for any Box files or folders attached to a card. When you enable this Power-Up, you’ll see a “Box” button on the card back that makes it easy to find the relevant files or folder.


The SurveyMonkey Power-Up allows you to attach surveys to Trello cards. Members of the board can then respond without ever leaving Trello. Once responses have been collected, the creator can see a breakdown right on the card back or jump to deeper analysis within SurveyMonkey.


Enable the Appear.in Power-Up to have a unique and permanent link to a video chat room on each board. Joining a video conversation now only takes clicking a link on your board.


By linking a Trello board to the Corrello Power-Up, you can view that board’s information in the form of burndown charts and cumulative flow diagrams. Project managers can easily see the status of a project, as well as a timeline for when it will be finished.


Hop onto a video call right from a Trello board by using the join.me Power-Up. Other members can easily join the conference as well by clicking on a button at the top of the Trello board.


The Screenful Power-Up brings you visual dashboards and automated status reports that you can share with your team. Use with any of your devices, or set up as an auto-rotating slideshow on a big screen.

Help Scout

Enable the Help Scout Power-Up to attach conversations right onto cards. Once enabled, just click on the “Help Scout” button on the card back to find the relevant conversation.


The GIPHY Power-Up lets you search from the world's largest library of animated GIFs, then attach them to cards. This Power-Up will add a GIPHY button to the card back, allowing you to quickly search for and attach the perfect GIF.

Card Repeater

Create copies of Trello cards automatically at set intervals for repeated tasks.

Burndown for Trello

The Burndown for Trello Power-Up lets you view burndown charts for your sprint, as well as several other useful agile tools (burn up charts, burndown by user, burndown by label, etc.). The Power-Up is compatible with the Scrum for Trello task estimates system.


The Intercom Power-Up helps your team add context to the feature requests and issues you're tracking in Trello. Quickly find and attach conversations, users and companies from Intercom directly to cards for easy reference.


Enable Publicate on your Trello cards and see a quick preview of any attached publications. You can also jump right into the Editor mode from the card back. This way, your curated content can exist within a Trello workflow.


The FogBugz Power-Up allows you to attach a list of cases to a Trello card and see previews of each case on the card back. This makes it easy for members of your team to track all cases in a visual workflow, regardless of whether those cases are assigned to them.


The Pipedrive Power-Up automatically creates Trello cards containing deal and contact information when you start, close, or move a deal to a selected stage in your sales pipeline.


The Marker Power-Up allows you to easily browse and attach screenshots to your Trello cards. Create bug reports and share visual feedback with your team, all without leaving Trello.


The Includer Power-Up allows you to discuss a list of Trello cards, ideas, or files in an organized way. Get feedback and brainstorm with your team, and attach the output to Trello cards.

Package Tracker

Enable the Package Tracker Power-Up and you’ll be able to attach tracking numbers right on Trello cards. The shipping status and expected delivery date is displayed on the front of cards, so you can immediately see when there’s a delay. This works with FedEx, UPS, USPS, LaserShip and more.


Enable the Calendar Power-Up to visualize cards with due dates on a calendar right in Trello. You can change due dates by dragging cards onto different dates directly in calendar mode and view cards on a weekly or monthly format.

Card Aging

With the Card Aging Power-Up enabled you’ll be able to see which cards haven’t gotten any attention lately. In Regular mode cards will begin to become more transparent and fade as time goes on and they haven’t been updated. In Pirate mode cards will tear, yellow, and crack like an old pirate map. This Power-Up highlights inactive cards so boards can stay relevant and updated.


Enable the voting Power-Up so members of your board can vote on cards. When enabled, a “Vote” button will appear on card backs allowing you to get the input you need in order to prioritize tasks. You’ll be able to see who has voted for a card and you can always change permissions to allow public voting.

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