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Whether you’re a team of 2 or 2,000, Trello’s flexible pricing model means you only pay for what you need.

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Save time and make it matter: Run better meetings with Trello

Bring your team together, plan an agenda, and make meetings more actionable. Trello brings you shared focus and transparency so you can focus on planning for action, getting work done and celebrating successes.

How to organize productive team meetings with Trello

An illustration showing an example of a Trello board used for a meeting agenda

Trello makes meetings easy to follow, empowering all participants to give input

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Modernize your meetings

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a team retrospective, a 1:1, a daily stand-up, or a large cross functional team. Teams of any size and in any place can use Trello to manage all of the ways they meet together.

An illustration showing a Trello card used for a meeting agenda

Get a productive plan in place, fast

The tools for effective meetings are all here: Use a board to collect topics, build an agenda, and take notes. Assign owners and due dates to follow-up tasks. Add a checklist to mark what’s been done. Structure once and use it for every meeting after.

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Automate and power on

Save time and make your board the control panel for every meeting with automation. Use it to handle repetitive tasks: creating agenda cards, adding team members, tracking due dates.

Trello for Meetings

Trello + your favorite tools

Trello has 200+ integrations with the tools you know and love. Integrate the tools your team already uses with Trello to keep your work organized and in one place. Try a Trello Power-Up to connect all of your team’s (other) favorite apps to your boards.

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No need to start from scratch. Use one of our customizable templates.

Jumpstart your board with a well-proven template designed by our team. Customize it for yours.

An image showing a Remote Team Meetings template

Remote Team Meetings

Made by Trello for open meeting structures designed to share the spotlight, keep cards moving and get more done.

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An illustration showing an example of a Trello board used for project management

1:1 Meeting Agenda

Make your standing two-person meeting a breeze by adding topics, sharing content in advance, and tracking follow ups.

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Join over 2,000,000 teams worldwide who are using Trello to get more done.

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