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Whether you’re a team of 2 or 2,000, Trello’s flexible pricing model means you only pay for what you need.

Simplify your onboarding process with Trello

Get everyone engaged and up-to-speed quickly with a visual layout of important resources, dates, to-do’s, and more. Trello’s onboarding templates and work management features make it simple to onboard to a new company, team, or project.

See onboarding progress at-a-glance and easily identify bottlenecks

An image showing an example of an onboarding template

Humanize the welcome experience

Make the onboarding experience feel personalized, while taking advantage of easy-to-use templates. It’s a snap to add rich media, like photos and videos, alongside important documents and reference materials.

Make onboarding a team effort

Assign tasks to owners, so each person knows where they fit in the welcome experience and new teammates know who to reach out to with questions. Conversations can happen within the context of the tasks, right on the Trello board.

An image showing how to assign tasks on a Trello board
An image showing the Calendar view of a Trello board

Stay ahead of roadblocks

See upcoming due dates and the progress of tasks by toggling between views in Timeline, Calendar, Table views, and more. Choose from colorful labels or GIPHY stickers to help quickly identify top priority tasks and pressing due dates in a friendly way.

Set it and forget it

Ever waited for someone to finish something before you could start, only to find out they completed it weeks ago but forget to tell you? Trello automates repeatable processes – from notifying you once an action is performed to tagging owners for the next step – so you never miss a beat.

An image showing how to create automation rules on a Trello board
Trello for Onboarding

Trello works with the tools you love

Trello Power-Ups connect your favorite apps directly to Trello for a single source of truth with zero additional effort. Want more niche features in Trello? You can add those, too. With our gallery of 200+ Power-Ups, building a bespoke onboarding management system is effortless.

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There’s a template for that

Why start from scratch when there’s expertise you can trust? Trello templates get you going quickly with pre-built Trello boards that you can customize for your needs. You’ll also find Trello templates for everything from Team Management to Personal Productivity.

An image showing an example of the New Hire Onboarding template

New Hire Onboarding

From compliance checks to lunch menus, this ready-to-use board provides suggestions for what to include in your new hire onboarding.

An image showing an example of the Customer Onboarding template

Customer Onboarding

This Trello board helps orient new customers to your product and gives you a clear view into their onboarding progress to identify when they might need help.

Join over 2,000,000 teams worldwide that are using Trello to get more done.

Company logos: Visa, Coinbase, John Deere, Zoom, Grand Hyatt and Fender

Join over 2,000,000 teams worldwide that are using Trello to get more done.

Company logos: Visa, Coinbase, John Deere, Zoom, Grand Hyatt and Fender

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