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Whether you’re a team of 2 or 2,000, Trello’s flexible pricing model means you only pay for what you need.

Trello as an Editorial Calendar: The go-to command center for your team’s content curation, revisions, handoff, and publishing.

Some of the most influential and widespread media and content organizations use Trello to manage workflows across contributors, teams, and stories. Your team can too.

How to set up an Editorial Calendar in Trello

Turn sparks of inspiration into incredible publications with Trello

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Whatever you need for your content development process

Use Trello as a whiteboard to generate ideas, a workspace to coordinate with contributors and editors, or a calendar to manage what’s due and when. To get started, simply create a board and add some ideas. Lay out the details with descriptions or attachments.

Meeting agenda

Workflows proven by leading digital newsmakers

Use labels to identify content pillars, SEO keywords, or writing themes. Create custom fields to track team roles, illustrations, and more. Use automation to create advanced checklists, set due dates, and send alerts or requests to stakeholders and partners.

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Views from the top

Timeline view helps your content team stay ahead of deadlines and see what’s coming down the pipeline. Dashboard view shows important project data like key milestones for publication to help everyone stay on track. Visualize content cycles with Calendar view.

Some views are only available with a Premium or Enterprise plan

Trello for Editorial Calendars

Trello + your favorite tools

Trello has 200+ integrations with the tools you know and love. Integrate the tools your team already uses with Trello to keep your work organized and in one place. Try a Trello Power-Up to connect all of your team’s (other) favorite apps to your boards.

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No need to start from scratch. Use one of our customizable templates.

Jumpstart your board with a well-proven template designed by our team. Customize it for yours.

Using editorial calendar

Editorial Calendar

Seamlessly coordinate content creation, editing, and production with internal and external authors, while keeping an eye on the publishing calendar and distribution strategy.

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Blog content schedule

Blog Content Schedule

Build a scheduled pipeline for all upcoming content for your blog. Plan content, assign to authors, and manage the editing and publishing of a post.

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Join over 2,000,000 teams worldwide that are using Trello to get more done.

Company logos: Visa, Coinbase, John Deere, Zoom, Grand Hyatt and Fender

Join over 2,000,000 teams worldwide that are using Trello to get more done.

Company logos: Visa, Coinbase, John Deere, Zoom, Grand Hyatt and Fender

Tips & Tricks (from the pros) to help you edit with ease

Read the Trello blog to find ways to improve efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

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