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Whether you’re a team of 2 or 2,000, Trello’s flexible pricing model means you only pay for what you need.

Trello For Government

Trello enables everyone in your agency to organize and collaborate on initiatives and projects in a powerful-yet-easy, secure, and flexible way.

Transform The Way Government Work Is Done

Reduce endless email chains and pointless meetings with a collaboration tool that’s simple to use and accessible from any device, anywhere.

Lot 48 Park Project

To Do
Requisition contractors
Park layout planning
Identify playground equipment
Commission environmental impact study
Neighborhood canvassing
Host public forum
Create preliminary budget
Remove unsanctioned garden
Survey Lot 48

Enterprise-Grade Security And Compliance Features You Can Trust

Easily manage users in real-time and control data and content access content management permissions with just a few clicks. With 99.99% uptime YoY and industry-leading compliance certifications (including FedRAMP-authorized), you can rest assured we’ll meet agency specifications and never leave you hanging.

No-Code Workflow Automation With Butler

Let the robots do the work! Boost productivity by unleashing the power of effortless automation across your entire agency with Butler. Everyone can quickly and easily remove tedious tasks from their to-do lists with:

  • Rule-Based Triggers with Simple No-Code Setup
  • Custom Card & Board Buttons
  • Calendar Commands
  • Organization-Wide Admin Controls

Modernize Your Work, Your Way

Built-in task automation and over 100+ native integrations to top off-the-shelf work tools makes Trello flexible enough for any agency team to use.

Get Inspired

Check out these examples of Trello boards to plan, organize, and collaborate on all types of work—from large projects to weekly team meetings.

An image of a Government Project Template for a Trello board

Exclusive Enterprise Features

Unlimited access to boards, Power-Ups, native task automation via Butler, collections, data exports, and more!

All traffic runs over HTTPS (SSL/TLS), the internet’s most common and trusted communications protocol. Data is backed up hourly and stored at an off-site location. All user data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and intrusion detection measures are in place 24/7.

Automatically enforce SSO upon setup with Atlassian Access, a separate subscription that your organization can enable across all your Atlassian cloud products, starting at $3/month/user.

Rest assured that we’ll handle your sensitive data with the utmost care. Learn more about our security and compliance practices here.

Set access restrictions at both the team and board levels across your entire organization. Specify who can create public, team-visible, and private boards—as well as who can be added to each—and ensure that your teams can collaborate easily, while still keeping sensitive work private.

Prevent file sharing chaos by locking in your preferred file-sharing systems: Only approved file share links can be included on Trello cards. Now if we can only solve the file naming problem...

Get extra control without losing flexibility. Restrict who can be added to your Trello teams by email domain or individual address. Use the Observer status to grant contractors, vendors, and others secure, “read-only” access to specific boards.

Enterprise Admins can control what third-party apps can be integrated with Trello. Get visibility instantly on what Power-Ups are currently in use and set permissions from one central location that cascade down to all teams.

Have a question or concern? Jump to the front of the line and chat with our Trello experts via phone or email.

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Companies of all shapes and sizes use Trello.

Check out some of our customer stories here.

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Trello Enterprise is for businesses with 50 seats or more, so if you are a smaller team you may be a fit for Trello Premium!

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Best-in-class security and centralized administration with Atlassian Access

  • SAML single sign-on
  • Enforced 2FA

Atlassian Access is a separate subscription that your company can enable across all your Atlassian products and starts at $4/month/user. Trello is an Atlassian product.