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Whether you’re a team of 2 or 2,000, Trello’s flexible pricing model means you only pay for what you need.

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Trello for Information Technology (IT)

Information technology teams manage all kinds of technology, ranging from laptops, to servers, to business-critical software applications. Trello’s customizable system for managing projects takes queues from “intake” to “done” in record time, so your teams stay on time and on budget.

Manage all your IT requests in one place

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More projects, ~~more~~ no problem

From design to support to software asset management, today’s IT teams are covering a sprawling variety of work. Trello helps you manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services to customers efficiently and on time, with enterprise-grade security

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Intake made easy

Whether your customers use email, Slack, or another tool to ask for help, Trello makes it easy to collect all requests in one place. Customizable labels make for easy triage and tracking. Free Trello Power-Ups like Dashcards keep an eye on the numbers in your queue and alert you if things need your attention.

Image showing timeline, table and dashboard views

Align business priorities

Whether you’re managing one or hundreds of moving parts, Trello can help tame the chaos. Trello’s Timeline, Table, and Dashboard views provide visibility and reporting across your organization's work, so you see the status of all work in progress, all at once.

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Move work forward, auto-magically

Trello automates repeatable tasks, so you can focus on solving the real problems. Keep communication flowing with teammates and clients no matter where they are, by automating comments on Trello cards and messages in Slack once actions are taken.

Trello for Information Technology

Keep the tools you love

Trello Power-Ups connect your favorite apps directly to Trello for a single source of truth with zero additional effort. Want more niche features in Trello? You can add those too. With our gallery of 200+ Power-Ups, building a bespoke IT project management system is effortless.

There’s a template for that

Why start from scratch when there’s expertise that you can trust? Trello templates get you going quickly with a pre-built Trello board that you can customize for your needs. In addition to IT templates, you’ll also find a Trello board for everything from Team Management to Personal Productivity.

Screenshot of a Trello board reading "Work request and intake process"

Work request and intake process

This board details the Google Forms, automation rules, and Trello Power-Ups that optimize the way that you manage stakeholder requests.

Screenshot of a Trello board reading "Support Ticket Management"

Support ticket management

Funnel email requests directly to your Trello board for an easy way to manage incoming IT requests without clogging your inbox.

Join over 2,000,000 teams worldwide that are using Trello to get more done.

Company logos: Visa, Coinbase, John Deere, Zoom, Grand Hyatt and Fender

Join over 2,000,000 teams worldwide that are using Trello to get more done.

Company logos: Visa, Coinbase, John Deere, Zoom, Grand Hyatt and Fender

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