Create A Board

Work smarter with your very own Trello board.


Boards are where projects get organized, information is shared, and great work happens. They give everyone a shared perspective on the work getting done and what still needs to get done. Boards are made up of lists and cards. Lists often represent a workflow or process. Cards, which often represent tasks, move across these lists to completion.

Creating a great board is easy! Let's break it down:

Create A Board

  1. From the team’s Boards tab, click “Create new board” or click the plus button (+) in the Trello header directly to the left of your name, and select “Create Board.”
  2. Name the board for whatever you are working on. (Remember: It can be anything from organizing an event or managing a blog, to tracking sales leads or planning that much needed vacation.)

#TrelloTips: Check out our Inspiration page and Team Playbooks for board workflow ideas and examples.

Add Lists

  1. Click "Add a list" to add your first list to your board, such as "To Do." List names can be as simple as steps like “To Do,” “Doing,” and “Done” or as detailed as needed for the work you are doing.
  2. Add as many lists to your board as you need to build out a workflow.

#TrelloTips: Experiment with additional lists on your board, or for using lists as repositories to hold information. Trello is infinitely flexible, so you can customize lists to the workflow that fits your team best.

Add Cards

  1. Add cards for each task that needs to be completed by clicking “Add A Card” in the first list. Keep card titles short to make it easier to scan and see the status of each card on the board.
  2. So that everyone has a clear understanding of what needs to get done, click on cards to add more information such as:
    • Due dates
    • Descriptions
    • Checklists
    • Attachments
    • Comments

#TrelloTips: Easily add cards to a board in bulk from a list or spreadsheet by copying the list and pasting it into a new Trello card. Trello will automatically turn each line-separated item into a new card, and you can kiss those old tools goodbye.

Invite Members

Invite members to your board so that they can be assigned to tasks and collaborate on your board. Click “Invite” in the board’s menu and select members of your team to add to your board, or invite members by their email address or name.

Get an easy-to-share invite link to your board at the bottom of the Invite menu. Drop the special link in a chat room or email and anyone with the link will be able to join your board and start collaborating.

#TrelloTips:Add members to cards by dragging their avatar from the Members section of the menu onto Trello cards so that everyone knows what to do when they open the board.

A Note On Board Privacy & Visibility:

  1. Trello boards have three privacy settings: Private, Team Visible, and Public:

    Who can see it? Great for...
    Private People you invite for HR boards with sensitive information
    Team Visible Members of your team for collaborating with colleagues
    Public Anyone for product roadmaps or volunteer groups
  2. Change the visibility of a board by clicking the current visibility status to the right of a board’s name.

  3. Boards in teams make it easier for everyone you work with to collaborate together. For boards that shouldn’t be in a team at all, click the team name, then "Change Team," and set the board’s team to None.

Way to go! Your first board is all setup and ready for action.

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